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[ Read Online A Deeper Blue (Rules of Possession Book 2) (English Edition) ↠´ littérature chinoise PDF ] by S.E Harmon ¼ Ah, the curse of reading fast This is one of those books that you can t put down and when it ends you still want It s super hot, really funny and it has a dog named Waffles in it I loved this book just as much as the first one.
Kelly and Blue are just so great together and they have crazy chemistry I love that even when Kelly is trying to hold back a bit for pure self preservation and Blue feels guilty for them hiding their relationships there s no doubt that they totally love each other and are so good together.
And the ending Let s just say that it s them in a nutshell and it s perfect.
I read both of these books in one day each They were unputdownable Yes that s a word now cause I saved it on my iPhone speech prediction It s one of my favorite MM tropes Two boys grow up in each other s back pockets and are best friends One boy grows into a man knowing all this time he loves his best friend as than just a best friend They have shared everything about their lives even down to their families I love the back and forth banter and the silly inside jokes and gentle, loving teasing that they give each other even as two grown men who are supposedly just best friends This is a side of a male you don t usually get to read about the soft, sweet, vulnerable, gentle, loving side And this is why I m so in love with This book was everything I could hope for, this couple does what it takes to make it work, when you find that special someone it is all that matters This story is told with the laughter, the snark and the heat I love with this author She is an auto buy for me and one I always know will leave me with not wanting to have the book end Thank you for another amazing story.

I was pleasantly surprised when this book came out I didn t know there would be a sequel to Blueprint Kelly and Blue are together and trying to make it work while Blue stays in the closet because of his job as an NFL player This book was very, very, good I ve never been in this position but the way the characters handled it seemed very mature and realistic It gives you all the feels.
ooey, gooey romance, hot steamy scenes and love and respect between the characters The secondary characters could have been a little better developed but overall I just loved this book.
E Harmon s ingenious writing style is in a class by itself This favorite author s current book release, A Deeper Blue, is a brilliant exemplification of the passion and the true love of the M M romance The first book in Ms Harmon s The Rules of Possession series, The Blueprint, was the readers introduction to the exciting and emotional love story of her two main characters, Kelly and Blue This current release in the series, A Deeper Blue, is the continuation and the culmination of Kelly and Blue s journey on their road to true love and happiness A Deeper Blue is a classic example of this author s grasp of the unique and powerful love that can only be found in a M M romance novel Ms Harmon s blue Chip writing style m A Year Ago, Kelly Cannon Couldnt Imagine Hed End Up With His Formerly Straight Best Friend Its Hard To Believe He Can Finally Kiss Blue Anytime He Wants As Long As Theyre In Private And Theres The Rub Despite Kellys Promise To Wait Until Blue Is Ready To Come Out, Hes Tired Of Sneaking Around The Cracks In Their Relationship Are Starting To Show, And There Might Not Be Enough Spackle In The World To Fix Them Britton Blue Montgomery May Not Be The Physics Brainiac His Boyfriend Is, But Hes Not Stupid He Knows Kelly Isnt Completely Happy, But Hes Not Ready To Be The Poster Boy For Bisexuals And Gays In The NFL He Just Wants To Keep His Head Down, Play The Game He Loves, And Go Home To The Man He Adores Is That Too Much To Ask With The Truth Slowly Coming To The Surface, Blue Must Make A Choice If It Means Losing Kelly, Theres No Decision To Make He Has To Find Enough Courage To Face The Music And Hope Theyll Survive The FalloutMan Happily Ever Afters May Not Be Just For Disney Princesses, But They Sure Are A Lot Of Work

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