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[ Read Online Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It ä ésotérique PDF ] by Kamal Ravikant Ü A bunch of ramble.
This book could have been written with 7 words Love Yourself and just keep repeating it.
because that s exactly what the author does the entire book It never explains how to love yourself or ways that would help you learn to love yourself I uploaded a photo of he two pages that sums this book up so you don t have to waste your time or money on it.
In December Of , I Gave A Talk To An Audience Of Scientists, Pentagon Officials, Politicians, And CEOs On The Secret Of Life And How I D Figured It Out The Previous Summer Afterward, People Came Up Individually And Told Me How Much What I D Shared Meant To Them This Book Is Based On The Truth I Spoke About It S Something I Learned From Within Myself, Something I Believed Saved Me And Than That, The Way I Set About To Do It This Is A Collection Of Thoughts On What I Learned, What Worked, What Didn T Where I Succeed And Importantly, Where I Fail Daily The Truth Is To Love Yourself With The Same Intensity You Would Use To Pull Yourself Up If You Were Hanging Off A Cliff With Your Fingers As If Your Life Depended Upon It Once You Get Going, It S Not Hard To Do Just Takes Commitment And I Ll Share How I Did It It S Been Transformative For Me I Know It Will Be Transformative For You As Well This book is a game changer I read it in about an hour Then the next day I read it again And then I started doing what he tells you to do It seemed too simple to be truly useful But I was wrong The effect of saying I love myself over and over every day was astonishing My unscientific explanation of it is that I am reprogramming my body I am teaching it to believe in a new approach to living I am conditioning it to respond differently in situations Don t take my word for it Just read it And start doing it.
This book fell into my life right when I needed it So the magic was already at work Actually, I resisted it for awhile after hearing about it from James Altucher who I absolutely adore Love his writing, his honesty, just his whole style of naked honesty I was having a hard time, a really hard time and then yesterday I believe I allowed myself to hit bottom I lost the fear and just fell Then I had sort of accidentally checked out Kamal s Amit book called Rebirth, A Fable of Love, Forgiveness, and Following Your Heart, and much to my great surprise it was about his pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago I ve been wanting to do that for years but have been too sick to do it Well, I got my liver transplant last year and have been building what I call my Tea Cup List to hell with ugly buckets And it s on there The next natural move was to go over toand buy the What a great book, worth a read Its simple, really easy to read to the point,worth the money the only thing I wish they could change the front cover somehow less suicidal that was one of the reasons it put me off buying it but samething was telling me to buyit and I m glad I did.
This book is a life changer All this time you ve been taught to send love to others, forgive and forget and what people do itsn t about you Well, it is about you Stop sending your energy to others and love yourself It s way overdue Focusing on and loving yourself doesn t make you selfish It s where to begin Awesome book and message Thank you Kamal

I received this book recommendation from a friend She battles depression and said this book helped her cope with some of her negative thoughts.
I knew this was about 68 pages so it wasn t going to be overwhelming with self help points.
I liked what the author did with this book He didn t dumb it down and he didn t try to saythen what was needed If you battle negative thoughts and struggle with mental health issues, this might help you as it helped my friend.
Good advice to change the negative loop in your head to something positive I think we can all work on this concept in a society that tries to pull you down.
Say this constantly throughout the day or even while having tough times in your life.
I love myself I love myself I love myself.
It s not as easy as you I am a family therapist and have many clients struggling with depression, low self esteem, and addiction I read this book yesterday and just ordered 6to give to clients I love teaching empowerment to folks and this is a great tool Thank you Kamal

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