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[Saud Alsanousi] ☆ The Bamboo Stalk [cartographie PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ï One of the best books I have ever read I found it hard to put down and read it in two days The Bamboo Stalk is a much needed critique of religious, social, and national identity in the modern Gulf States The argument that Gulf labor is unfair in not a new but this novel offers a look into why migrant workers continue to flood to the Gulf regardless of the treatment that awaits them This is a must read for any student who studies the modern Arab Gulf.
Was highly recommended by a friendI recommend it too Went on foreveronly finished because it was for bookclub Redundant

This book has an interesting theme of a young man trying to find his place, caught between the worlds of his mother and father From that perspective, it was an interesting theme, especially because these two worlds were places I am less familiar with, the Philippines and Kuwait Like a method actor, Alsanousi had to immerse himself in the culture of the country to make himself first feel all its nuances before communicating them to his readers It was interesting to explore those cultures with him, but I felt the story would have beenpoignant with a littleangst and a little less verbiage I know this book won an International Award for Arab Literature, and as I m not familiar with the books it was competing against, it is difficult for me to comment here I do think Alsanousi is a talented writer, so it will be interesting to follow his car Alsanousi Is A Voice Of ConscienceIndependentA Force To Be Reckoned WithArab Times Josephine Comes To Kuwait From The Philippines To Work As A Maid, Where She Meets Rashid, A Spoiled Only Son Josephine, With All The Wide Eyed Naivety Of Youth, Believes She Has Found True Love But When She Becomes Pregnant, And With The Rumble Of War Growing Ever Louder, Rashid Abandons Her And Sends Her Back Home With Her Baby Son, Jos Brought Up Struggling With His Dual Identity, Jose Clings To The Hope Of Returning To His Father S Country When He Is Eighteen But Will Kuwait Be Any Welcoming To Him Daring And Bold, The Bamboo Stalk Takes An Unflinching Look At The Phenomenon Of Foreign Workers In Arab Countries And Confronts The Universal Problems Of Identity, Race And Religion

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