Trailer » Cracking Codes with Python: An Introduction to Building and Breaking Ciphers PDF by ↠´ Al Sweigart

Trailer » Cracking Codes with Python: An Introduction to Building and Breaking Ciphers PDF by ↠´ Al Sweigart As a Python tutorial, it is superb comprehensive, well organized and painless Follow along with the exercises and you ll end up with a good working knowledge of the language Each succeeding chapter introducesandcomplex and useful language constructs, each of which is identified in the accompanying text and clearly explained Indeed, it is the use of constructs like lists and dictionaries that make Python the very valuable and powerful scripting tool that it is.
As a Code Cracking tutorial, it is, as declared in the book sub title, an Introduction You ll see how various algorithmic strategies can be used against comparatively simple ciphers The techniques include frequency analysis, word pattern matching and dictionary tests for decrypted text.
But the book isabout Learning Python than it is about Cracking Codes Upon completing it you ll emerge a j I like the book itself and teaching Python through cryptography is definitely a different approach to the subject that I found to be entertaining You can also tell the author cares about the subject and moves through teaching Python via simple and historical ciphers up to themodern The book does not go into OOP, but there are plenty of materials that cover it so that is forgivable especially as this format is written to beavailable to a wider audience It doesn t require the dedication of getting through some muchthorough texts such as Learning Python.
I was very happy with the ebook edition that I received from the author at my request in order to provide a review I ended up purchasing the printed version since I tutor Full Disclosure I solicited Mr Sweigart for an eBook copy of this book for review purposes This was AFTER purchasing the original Hacking Secret Ciphers book for Python 2 around 3 years ago and AFTER purchasing a physical copy of Cracking Codes immediately upon release based solely on my love for the previous installment If it makes you feel any better, he got me the eBook months ago, and I m dreadfully late on my review.
I m a huge fan of Mr Sweigart s work I found Hacking Secret Ciphers to be a brilliant primer on basic Python programming practices, and find that it has only been refined and updated in Cracking Codes Many friends have expressed an interest in what I do and asked me where to begin to learn programming concepts, and I frequently point them toward Python and Mr Sweigart s resources.
Cracking Codes walks you through several different methods

Prior to picking this book up I had made various attempts to learn how to program I would go good for a while, but then I would get bored with it and move onto something else The practice codes that other sources provide, just don t seem to hold interest due to them not really being useful However, Cracking Codes with Python gets right into producing something that is comprehensive and useful In this book you learn by doing Then he walks you through line by line and explains everything in such a way that I gained an understanding of previously misunderstood concepts.
Decent content, should keep a beginner busy for some time I picked project in there and modified it so it can decode and code stuff the way I like it and added a some what UI to it Covers most of the basics, not very deeply though, but in my opinion good enough Would recommend, but if ur looking into cyber security, look else where, as the encryption technique in here is really just practice for newer engineers If your looking to start your python career somewhere and specifically cyber security, this is much better than the other books on the basics.
Learn How To Program In Python While Making And Breaking Ciphersalgorithms Used To Create And Send Secret Messages After A Crash Course In Python Programming Basics, Youll Learn To Make, Test, And Hack Programs That Encrypt Text With Classical Ciphers Like The Transposition Cipher And Vigenre Cipher Youll Begin With Simple Programs For The Reverse And Caesar Ciphers And Then Work Your Way Up To Public Key Cryptography, The Type Of Encryption Used To Secure Todays Online Transactions, Including Digital Signatures, Email, And BitcoinEach Program Includes The Full Code And A Line By Line Explanation Of How Things Work By The End Of The Book, Youll Have Learned How To Code In Python And Youll Have The Clever Programs To Prove It Youll Also Learn How To Combine Loops, Variables, And Flow Control Statements Into Real Working Programs Use Dictionary Files To Instantly Detect Whether Decrypted Messages Are Valid English Or Gibberish Create Test Programs To Make Sure That Your Code Encrypts And Decrypts Correctly Code And Hack A Working Example Of The Affine Cipher, Which Uses Modular Arithmetic To Encrypt A Message Break Ciphers With Techniques Such As Brute Force And Frequency AnalysisTheres No Better Way To Learn To Code Than To Play With Real Programs Cracking Codes With Python Makes The Learning FunAl Sweigartis A Professional Software Developer Who Teaches Programming To Kids And Adults He Is The Author Of Automate The Boring Stuff With Python, Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python, And Scratch Programming Playground, Also From No Starch Press His Programming Tutorials Can Be Found Atinventwithpython

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