Ì The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Vol. 2 ß Download by Ì Akira Himekawa

Ì The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Vol. 2 ß Download by Ì Akira Himekawa Link Must Defeat Evil At Every Turn In His Perilous Quest To Help Princess Zelda Once Upon A Time, Wizards Tried To Conquer The Sacred Realm Of Hyrule The Spirits Of Light Sealed The Wizards Power Within The Shadow Crystal And Banished Them To The Twilight Realm Beyond The Mirror Of Twilight Now, An Evil Menace Is Trying To Find Midna, Princess Of The Twilight Realm, And The Fragments Of The Shadow Crystal To Gain The Power To Rule Over Both The Twilight Realm And The World Of LightLink Awakens In The Twilight Realm, In The Form Of A Wolf Here He Meets Midna, And She Escorts Link To Hyrule Castle Where None Other Than Princess Zelda Bestows A Question Upon Him If The World Is To Be Saved From The Encroaching Darkness, Link Must Recover The Shards Of The Shadow Crystal The Task Will Be Long And Difficult, And Link Will Need To Use New Powers He Doesn T Know He Has The art is very nicely done, the story paces fairly well in that there aren t any jarring jumps between scenes without proper transitions , it s quite interesting I m just not too sure about the length of the story Link learned about the shadow demons being able to possess animals, he learned how to see shadow creatures, and he s managed to get his hands on the boomerang.
We re getting a lot of information concerning the monsters coming out of the Twilight realm and what Link has to do to fix it, but it feels like very little is actually happening It seems like it will be a very slow burn type of story all the way to the end.
I am excited to see how all of this works in graphic novel form.

This volume covers the span of the story from Link waking up as a wolf in Hyrule Castle to the defeat of the first boss and acquisition of the first Fused Shadow Midna was the most prominent feature of this book, being Link s sole companion for most of the time he s transformed as a wolf She s perfectly represented simultaneously cute and creepy as hell, and often very funny Like in the game, she begins as a domineering and self centered jerk, openly declaring that she doesn t care in the slightest about the world of light and that she wouldn t even flinch at killing Link, who she s made her pet while in wolf form to assist her in finding the Fused Shadow she needs to take down Zant, who usurped her throne.
This volume also sees us introduced to Princess Zelda, who only made a brief appearance in the Overview My 8 year old likes these They are in Manga format, meaning that you start reading them from the back of the book and move to the front by USA standards of reading There is no real issue with them as follow the story line of the games, for the most part But I do not find them to be exciting and my kid would rather read his X Story Tree House series .
Pros If you, or your kids, follow the Zelda universe, it is definitely a must have to complete your collection There are elements of the books which are not in the games.
Cons It feels like your standard Manga type reading material and the story lines are not all that engaging But I love Zelda and my kid likes to be a part of things I like.

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