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Download Epub Format ☆ Do Tampons Take Your Virginity? PDF by ☆ Marie Simas What Happens When You Grow Up In An Insane Catholic Family Surprisingly Funny, This Candid Memoir Shows Readers The Endurance It Takes To Survive In A Stifling, Abusive Childhood It S An Emotional Roller Coaster From Start To Finish, Fiercely Honest And Sincere From The Very Beginning, The Author Grapples With Hilarious, Uncomfortable Situations, Punctuated By Episodes Of Childhood Brutality These Stories Will Make You Laugh Out Loud, And Some Will Make You Cry This Book Shouldn T Be Missed I have to agree with other reviewers who warned that this is one poorly titled book It lures you in, thinking in my case that this will be a light, comical book about growing up female and the misconceptions we all had, a good cheer me up after that Auschwitz book I just read Hell no H e l l n o While the stories are fast paced and not poorly written, they tell a disturbing story of culturally accepted child abuse I felt for the girl in the stories, but ultimately was left wondering why are you telling me this since there wasn t really much of a unifying thread or connection to the reader While I didn t regret reading this book, I also wouldn t recommend it to a friend It just didn t give me enough to hang onto.
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From the very first page, Marie exudes brazen, blatant honesty Do Tampons Take Your Virginity starts off with an ass face towel anecdote I kid you not and it only delves deeper from there I applaud Marie for being audacious enough to publicly write about these stories I d personally be too afraid of who from my past would read the stories Marie, however, exposes every raw moment of her childhood from abuse, to rape, to sexual encounters This memoir was so full of honesty that I was mildly surprised at first it takes some getting used to my jaw dropped at least 10 times while I was reading.
This memoir was a complete emotional roller coaster There were times when I cried, there were times when I laughed I personally guarantee you will laugh at the first page of this memoir But despite the wit and humor present in Marie s memoir, there was a The author Marie Simas was kind enough to send me a copy of her book The title lead me to believe that this was a unique yet personal view of how one lived and survived under the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church After a few exchanged emails, I stood corrected and was still intrigued by her story As a former Roman Catholic, I am always curious to see and hear others perspectives of their church and cultural experiences.
I read Marie s brilliant diary of her life with a heavy heart and than a few laughs and smiles She has an amazing way of dealing with her abusive and tragic at times upbringing Many in her shoes would have cracked under the pressure, but Marie was obviously blessed with spiritual Teflon and a strong sense of self esteem and spunk I am hopeful that this book was therapeutic for Marie and helped her gain closure to a very unfair upbringing I am also prayerfu from Murphy s Library I didn t know what I d think of this book when I first saw the title and the cover, but I decided to give it a try because I d read some positive reviews, but nothing much spoilerish Let me tell you even if this isn t the genre of book I usually read, I had a really good time.
The memoirs go from sad to funny in a matter of a few pages, and you see yourself in little details It s a book with a lesson, even if it just shows up towards the end You often found yourself thinking if Marie s life wasn t good at all But it was You see it in the little rich details that the narrative has.
And let me tell you I really like this narrative Really, really, really liked it I found amazing the nonchalant way Marie uses to speak, and each story is so much than just the few pages where it was The t Do Tampons Take Your Virginity klingt ja eher nach M dchenaufkl rungsbuch Zusammen mit dem Untertitel A Catholic Girl s Memoir habe ich schon eher auf etwas Interessantes, m glicherweise Lustiges getippt Die lobenden Zitate auf der Buchr ckseite best tigen das und haben mich auf laugh out loud Momente vorbereitet Von denen gab es nach den ersten 20 Seiten allerdings keinen einzigen Vielmehr ist das Buch brutal und deprimierend Die Autorin berichtet von einer an einem Hirntumor erkrankten Mutter und einem tyrannischen Vater, der seine Kinder schl gt und seine Frau sogar im Krankenhausbett noch begatten muss An sich kein Thema, ber das man nicht schreiben sollte, aber wenn mir lustige Anekdoten aus dem Leben eines katholischen M dchens versprochen werden, will ich nicht ber Familienmissbrauch lesen.
Das Erschreckende an dem Buch ist, dass es Memoiren sind, w I started reading it as soon as I got home and saw it in the mail, and finished it a little over two hours later Overall, I really liked the book It was quirky, a bit gut wrenching, disturbing, and hopeful all at the same time Why the 3 stars then Because I can t get over the title It s an interesting title, a unique title, a title that is sure to make someone do a double take Unfortunately, it s also, in my opinion, a horrible title for this book as it completely gives the wrong impression about what the book is about This was not a memoir of a Catholic girl writing about weird questions she had to deal with It was a memoir of a girl, who just happened to be Catholic though religion isn t a big part of this book at all , writing about growing up with an extremely abusive and horrendous father and moving past that.
Simas tel This book needs a Trigger Warning Talk of physical, verbal, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse Do Tampons Take Your Virginity A Catholic Girl s Memoir , was not what I expected and that seems to be the review consensus I expected humour then what was in the book but then maybe that is all in the eye of the reader as I can relate to having to find humour in dark places.
I thank Marie for being so open about her childhood experiences She has taken an experience usually kept quiet and given it a very loud and unashamed voice Marie shares a message of never giving up, not being afraid of change and the possibility of survival and creating a better life after abuse Marie is a strong woman It said it was a comedy.
Really, though, it was the sad story of an abused girl.
This book was not what I expected A review I read talked about the humor and while there were some funny moments, this memoir was mostly about being raised in an abusive home It was well written and often sad.

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