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Trailer ò Busted PDF by â Zachary O'Toole This book is a freaking mess I am so very disappointed because the story had so much promise, but it did not deliver at all It started with a case of mistaken identity, that would have been resolved in two pages if Joe and Alex had just talked to each other Then there was a set up for an interested paranormal mystery plot, that just fizzled out People appear, just to be never ever mentioned again Huge plotholes, unfinished storylines, adult men that threw hissy fits like a hormonal teenager This book needs a very good editor to make it even remotely passable Because at the moment it is not.
The only problem with this story was that it was missing some points to it So many questions left unanswered.
Otherwise, a promising plot with a side of romance Would not mind a sequel with improve editing I gave it a 4 star rating because it was hard to put down once I started reading Good paranormal, just needed info.
This was fascinating and the plot went in a completely different direction than I predicted in the beginning I got an idea what was happening after a while but it wasn t quite right It wasn t until probably 2 3rds to 3 4ths of the way through that I figured it out and even then, some details weren t clear until the end The characters were awesome The misunderstandings frustrating but completely believable My only problem was with Chris and his lack of being willing to reveal anything he knew, even when it was imperative The finale was good even without the near fatal injury stuff I usually like The ending felt a little abrupt and the information the reader is given throughout was never shared between the protagonists There was important stuff they should have told one another There is also no resolution of view spoiler what Oh my god For the last half of the book I kept asking will this never end and how much till it ends.
Bad writing Stupid, unrealistic characters Stupid, unrealistic plot Nothing really explained A bunch of paranormal and gay elements meshed together.
Enough said I wasted too much time on this as it is.
Very disappointing Both the story and the characters really grabbed my interest, and based on the way the book started, I d have given it a much higher rating, but the finish is such a let down If you re going to have a story that relies on supernatural or fantasy elements, you really have to tie things together with some sort of internal logic That was lacking here At the end of the story, I still don t know enough about what was going on, and I m left the frustrated feeling of having wasted my time.
It s a shame, because this really had promise.

tiny bit of a possible spoiler ahead Finished this last night I still love the book but I do hope there is a second book because there were a few important story lines that were not finished I would like to know how everyone continues to evolve but also, what the heck happened to poor Stephanie Also, what the hell happened lol I know the danger was taken care of but what the hell WAS the danger Seriously Why was the bad guy fuzzy A few things just needed explaination and i hope to get that in another book since this one was seriously terrific The only thing that saves it from 5 stars is the fact that it needs a sequel consider it 4.
6 stars lol This book started off funny and warm and just a little starnge I mean can you imagine getting pulled over by your lover and he not knowing who you are There is just enough paranormal to pull you in But I felt it was never really complete.
The charcters are a bit odd, but I like that But by the end I was dissapointed when not everything was resolved We never went back to some of the issues that still have me wondering what happand.
I absolutely loved this story It was edge of your seat suspenseful, and this was even with me knowing about Chris Alex since I had already read some GR reviews This could have easily been a five star read, but the author failed to tie up some major loose ends view spoiler First of all, the resolution with Stephani was never addressed After Joe agrees to be her guardian for now at least and get her on his insurance, she s never mentioned again not even after the serial killer is taken care of.
Next is the deal with Alex We were told some of what was really going on at the bar, but not nearly enough Alex hinted that he has no control of passing to Toby s body or whatever even Joe thought to himself that it wasn t Alex s fault This wasn t explained at all I wanted to know where Alex came from, why he exists, and why he must pass on to Toby I m 3.
75 stars This novel could have been a 5 star read for me but the promise shown in the beginning is not quite carried off in the finale It s a great paranormal detective story which starts off with a puzzling encounter The very likeable Joe is pulled over by a cop who turns out to be Alex, his boyfriend of 4 months The trouble is that the cop doesn t recognise him and swears his name is Chris He s taken back to the precinct for questioning and sparks of anger and lust fly Chris s partner, Detective Russell is not convinced that Chris doesn t know what s going on and does some investigating into the situation In the meantime there is a very scary serial killer on the loose who also seems to be tied to Joe and Chris.
I was totally engrossed in this st Pulled Over On A Rainy Night, Joe S Bad Day Starts To Look Up When He Realizes The Cop Pulling Him Over Is None Other Than His Lover, AlexUntil Alex Pretends Not To Know Him, And Finally Drags Him Into The Station For Driving Under The Influence And Getting Too Personal With A Detective Furious, Joe Demands To Know What The Hell Is Wrong With His Lover Only To Discover That The Detective He Kissed Is Actually Named Chris, And Claims No Knowledge Of Alex, Despite The Fact They Could Be TwinsBut Before Joe Can Begin To Sort Out The Mystery Of Chris And Alex, The Murders Begin

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