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Trailer ↠´ Decent Interval PDF by Æ Frank Snepp Widely Regarded As A Classic On The Vietnam War, Decent Interval Provides A Scathing Critique Of The CIA S Role In And Final Departure From That Conflict Still The Most Detailed And Respected Account Of America S Final Days In Vietnam, The Book Was Written At Great Risk And Ultimately At Great Sacrifice By An Author Who Believed In The CIA S Cause But Was Disillusioned By The Agency S Treacherous Withdrawal, Leaving Thousands Of Vietnamese Allies To The Mercy Of An Angry Enemy A Quarter Century Later, It Remains A Riveting And Powerful Testament To One Of The Darkest Episodes In American History It seems impossible that we got anyone out of VietNam during the drawdown of personnel in 75 First at Danangand finally in Saigon Can t wait to read Snepp s Irreparable Harm.
Decent Interval helped me to better understand the Vietnam War It has also been a heavily pronounced research item for my upcoming historical fiction.
Frank Snepp s incisive view of the American embassy in the closing months of the Vietnamese war speaks volumes The lessons of the failure of the intelligence community and upper levels of the military command are stunning, valid, and instructive today The failed attempt at stopping the distribution of this book was for one reason only to keep the contents from the American public s view A bit like Nixon s secret bombing of Cambodia No secret to the Cambodians on the ground, just from the Americans, albeit for not long No, this book is an essential read for all students of the Vietnamese era, and the reason the Vietnamese people won their freedom.
This is a book that supposedly exposes aspects of secret strategies of both North and South Vietnamese forces Most significant is the making of American policy, its operation and some of the chief actors involved in Saigon and Washington The thrust of most of the book is the final offensive from late 1974 through the middle of 1975 I found the details interesting, but the most exciting moments were the stories about those who prepared and executed an evacuation plan at the very end The book raises the real moral questions about the Americans responsibilities to those Vietnamese who aided them.
CIA intelligence analyst Frank Snepp recounts his three year tour in South Vietnam, giving a particular emphasis to the final days of the collapse of South Vietnam The parallels to Iraq have been made, but I don t think anyone can really understand the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a force completely dependent on the U.
S can be conveyed without reading this book This is collapse, minute by minute and incredibly detailed There is an intelligence angle that plays a dominant role throughout the book as Snepp is acquiring intelligence and briefing top officials, but really the golden part of this book is just reliving the collapse and abandonment of South Vietnam This book took a bite out of my soul and I m still haunted by it.
I learned much about the final days of the USA in Vietnam but it was too long, too detailed, and it seemed as though the author had an axe to grind on many people He was probably correct in many of his opinions since so many of our military and government leaders displayed their incompetence about this conflict, but I don t like reading when someone is on a soapbox.
Really in depth and interesting, especially if you like stories from the front lines As a CIA agent with a dim view of how the Americans handled the end of the war, Snepp gives a good mix of objective facts and his own opinions on where the blame should go for the Fall of Saigon and the belated evacuation.
Initially disappointed by the failure of the US government to manage the evacuation of Vietnam, outraged by its subsequent cover up, former CIA analyst Snepp, veteran of two tours in country and witness to much of what he describes, details the last months, weeks, days, then hours of the American presence in Cambodia and, especially, South Vietnam More than this, Snepp s account is a description of bureaucracies in action.
If you want to know the true story of America s pullout in Vietnam, this is it This book was pulled from the shelves shortly after it was published due to a confidentiality agreement in author s employment contract That has since been resolved and Frank Snepp wrote another book about this secrecy issue.

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