Download Epub Format ☆ Russka: The Novel of Russia PDF by ☆ Edward Rutherfurd

Download Epub Format ☆ Russka: The Novel of Russia PDF by ☆ Edward Rutherfurd Impressive THE WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLDSpanning Years Of Russia S History, People, Poltics, And Culture, Edward Rurtherford, Author Of The Phenomenally Successful SARUM THE NOVEL OF ENGLAND, Tells A Grand Saga That Is As Multifaceted As Russia Itself Here Is A Story Of A Great Civilization Made Human, Played Out Through The Lives Of Four Families Who Are Divided By Ethnicity But United In Shaping The Destiny Of Their Land Rutherford S RUSSKA Succeeds He Can Take His Place Among An Elite Cadre Of Chroniclers Such As Harold Lamb, Maurice Hindus And Henri Troyat SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE I have been reading this one off and on for the last three months I have been caught up in other books and so it has kept me away from reading this one I plan to do so now It has the same feel as Sarum, of course, but it is a little harder for me to get into Perhaps because I don t know the history of Russia as well to be able to put myself into the book I am 5 chapters into it and I get the feeling that I will like it soon my husband says I will Now that I have finished it I can t believe I let other books get in the way This book is so great I feel there was history and character development in this one than in Sarum and I liked it better There wasn t as much description of the land and the scenery as there was in Sarum It didn t have t This book This sweeping saga of a huge nation A proud nation, is why I cannot hate Russia Also b.
, They kinda rocked at the World Cup last year Just saying I can despise the government Hell, I m about sick as can be about my own government Die, Trump,.
die Yet, as always People are so fucking human Duh No matter the decade, our age or our silly differences, all we want is a roof, food and family Also, in my case, an electric blanket Loved this book Rutherfurd is better than Bernard Cornwell and I think even better than James Michener Michener is almost king, but I think Rutherfurd gets even deeper Highly recommended.
I read this in 1992 when I was a very bored, unchallenged high school student I got lost in the epic, sweeping tale and the history of the region This book, above all other influences, is what propelled me to become an exchange student Thanks to The Next Best Book Club in the thread, What books do you miss, for reminding me how much I wish I could recapture that complete absorption that happens when you read the right book at the right time.
If you know nothing about Russia, this makes for a five star read, but if you do know about it and especially if you lived there, things get complicated.
I wanted to give this book three stars liked it , by goodreads definition I forgave the author stereotypic nonsense about Turkish face and concentrated on parts and sub plots which were truly good But nonsensical mistakes and unrealistic details in the last chapter of the book devoted to the Soviet and post Soviet times made it impossible for me to give it than two stars it was OK A few examples 1 how nice, for the first time there will be no military parade on May day there has never been a military parade on May day May 1st The military parade was on the Victory day on May 9th and it has never been cancelled 2 An undernourished child of a relatively well to do and well educated Jedna knjiga jedan potpuno novi svet Od autora svetskog bestselera Sarum , dolazi nam epska saga o najvecoj slovenskoj zemlji Ruska je knjiga u dva toma, svaka glava je jedan roman Ova knjiga prati 1800 godina ruske istorije, kulture i politike, od prvobitnih slovenskih plemena do danasnjih dana Ovo je topla prica o jednoj velikoj civilizaciji, ispricana kroz tri danasnje porodice Romanov, Suvorin i Bobrov Oni i ne slute da su jos od zlatnog Kijeva, kao rodjaci i prijatelji, gospodari i kmetovi, isprepletani u stvaranju sudbine svoje zemlje U nedostatku vremeplova, ova knjiga je najbolja zamena Tragala sam za plodnom zemljom sa starim Slovenima, lovila ribu i pravila kosnice, pokrstila se u slavnom Kijevu, bezala od terora Ivana Groznog, jahala kroz beskonacne stepe sa Kozacima, gledala izgradnju Venecije severa i tugovala za poslednjim carem Preporuka svim ljubit Russia is a country far too infrequently written about by Western novelists, but with Russka, Edward Rutherfurd helps remedy that lack This book is practically a class in Russian history and fun besides I wasn t sure about the format, which is best described as ten novellas and three short stories, following two families and their offshoots through hundreds of years But it really works The chapters flow logically, so I didn t feel at all disoriented jumping from one to another And I avoid short story compilations religiously, so that s saying something What s so excellent about these novellas, though, is the character development in many cases we know these characters as well as if we d read an entire novel about them Rutherfurd doesn t fall into the trap of repeating characters over the generations everybody s distinct, and many are quite memora I was a bit disappointed with this book Perhaps some of the disappointment comes from the fact that this is a novel about Russia written by a non Russian author Although I think that the main source of my disappointment is the span of this novel This novel literally stretches from 100 AD to 1990 With a span like that, it s hard to keep a consistent plot, and certainly the characters bear no relation to each other, other than the fact that they all live in the same place.
This novel is the story of a fictional town called Russka Actually, it s the story of two fictional towns called Russka One is in the black earth area of Ukraine in the old Kievan Rus, the other is in the frozen north of Russia The narrative begins in the pre historic era prior to Kiev and spans the Kievan Rus, the Mongol period, the era of Ivan the Terrible and the Romanov period It spends a very short chap One of the richest historical tapestries written in the 20th century bringing Russian pre revolutionary history to life like nothing since Tolstoy.
I loved every minute of it and lived with the figures in the novel wept ,rejoiced and feared for them.
Saw the barbarism of the first settlements by nomadic people,the cruelty of Ivan the Terrible,the pompous hypocricy of the court of Catherine The Great and the confusion and despair of the 19th century and the excitement and fear of the pre revolutionary era.
But I was bitterly disapointed that Rutherford did not document the horrors of the Stalin period in detail and did not cover the years of Russian history after World II.
How wonderful an acount of the stalled r Hermosa novela sublime.
Nunca imagin tanta riqueza, tanta cultura, tantos contrastes.
Me fascin y disfrut mucho de este fant stico viaje por la historia y la geograf a de la m gica Russka.
Me imagino en San Petesburgo, disfrutando del incre ble espect culo de sus noches blancas, tomando un rico t del tradicional samovar y escuchando la armoniosa melod a de la balalaika rusa Quiero disfrutar ese momento

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