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☆ Read ☆ Heavens Bride by Leigh Eric Schmidt Æ Ida Craddock was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison 110 years ago in 1902 for violation of the Comstock Act of 1873 that made it illegal to send any obscene, lewd, and or lascivious materials through the mail Craddock was a sexologist who wrote and distributed through the mails several pamphlets on how married couples could achieve mutual satisfaction in their sexual relations Rather than serve her prison sentence, she committed suicide Outrage over her death marked the beginning of a Free Speech Movement that eventually overturned the Comstock Act.
But Ida Craddock was so much , and Leigh Schmidt does an admirable job of writing a biography from the supressed documents by and about her She was a brilliant woman who passed the entrance exams for the University of Pennsylvania very satisfactorily, but was denied admission by the board of trus INEFFECTUAL THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A WOMEN WHO WAS NEVER QUITE it is a question of preventing the youth of this great country, from being debauched in mind, body and soul page 17For the first hundred or so pages of Heaven s Bride The Unprintable Life of Ida C Craddock, American Mystic, Scholar, Sexologist, Martyr, and Madwoman Leigh Eric Schmidt s narrative is mostly boring and confusing I m not sure whether Ida Craddock was the marginally charismatic whack a doo, this portrait lends me to believe, or not but I do know that reading these pages had me questioning my own sanity in continuing.
The second hundred or so pages improved to a battle of good freedom of expression, versus the very ugly evil of the book burning, threat of imprisonment, censorship of Anthony Comstock another whack a doo culminating in Miss Craddock s suicide at forty five The final thirty five o A fascinating look at an early marriage reformer women s rights activist, Ida C Craddock It looks at her work as a sexologist and how she was hounded and persecuted under obscenity laws It also looks at her mysticism an adept who was considered a brilliant mind by Crowley And it tries to untangle the argument that she was insane, while looking at how women were committed to lunatic asylums at the time if they were an embarrassment to the family Ida C Craddock, was deeply flawed as an activist While she campaigned for women she looked with scorn and disgust at the plights of the working class and ethnic minorities What I appreciated about this biography is that there wasn t an embarrassed attempt to justify her prejudices.
Not a review, but a note to myself of a tiny detail I liked Craddock proposed the pansy as symbol for American freethinkers, as a pun on the French pensee, meaning thought Was overruled by a fellow named Otto Wettstein Otto WetBlanket, like , who felt this was too feminine and had already made up pins using the phallic and banal symbol of a blazing torch Noted both because I like the somewhat subversive use of the inoffensive pansy and because I like the irony of self proclaimed phallic cult researcher Craddock going up against this modern but boring phallic imagery.
If conservatives, in their reverence for tradition, are often temped by fundamentalism, liberals, with their love of innovation and multiculturalism, have had a historic vulnerability to spiritual quackery It may not be visible in our national politics, where only one side routinely claims supernatural guidance and communion with heavenly voices But on the ground, almost all lefty enclaves have congeries of gurus, faith healers, and metaphysical fad dieticians read Heaven s Bride was a bit irregular, a little slow to start and dragging in the middle, but the final chapters, detailing her legal battle with Anthony Comstock, were tense and vivid If you re picking this up, you should be at least marginally interested in the subject matter Victorian life, the marriage reformers, early spiritualism, and or Ida Craddock and Anthony Comstock because unlike some non fiction, like Devil and the White City, the book itself probably won t pick you up and carry you away out of sheer brilliance Nonetheless, it s a comprehensive, detailed, vibrant account of a fascinating personality at a complicated time in history, and with a little help from an attentive reader, it moves along admirably.
The Nineteenth Century Eccentric Ida C Craddock Was By Turns A Secular Freethinker, A Religious Visionary, A Civil Liberties Advocate, And A Resolute Defender Of Belly Dancing Arrested And Tried Repeatedly On Obscenity Charges, She Was Deemed A Danger To Public Morality For Her Candor About Sexuality By The End Of Her Life Craddock, The Nemesis Of The Notorious Vice Crusader Anthony Comstock, Had Become A Favorite Of Free Speech Defenders And Women S Rights Activists She Soon Became As Well The Case History Darling Of One Of America S Earliest And Most Determined FreudiansIn Heaven S Bride, Prize Winning Historian Leigh Eric Schmidt Offers A Rich Biography Of This Forgotten Mystic, Who Occupied The Seemingly Incongruous Roles Of Yoga Priestess, Suppressed Sexologist, And Suspected Madwoman In Schmidt S Evocative Telling, Craddock S Story Reveals The Beginning Of The End Of Christian America, A Harbinger Of Spiritual Variety And Sexual Revolution Prior to this book I was really quite unkowledgable concerning the history of sexual freedom in this country I thought I knew something but Ida Craddock and her adversaries puts a new level of must know to this topic and vocabulary read this both to understand her life and from my perspective to understand how a nation comes to age after the Civil War or the War Between the States if you like What is beautiful in this book is Ida Craddock and her foes are so uncompromising, there is no mediation or arbitration It s a sixty year old man versus a thirty year old woman in the age of An interesting topic about a lesser known figure in history Though the book does not follow a strict chronological order and there is a lot of history sprinkled throughout the text that has a tendency to meander, I found this to be a worthy addition to my collection There were many people and events in this book I had never heard of before and I learned a lot, especially, of course, about Ida Craddock and her unusual, at times misunderstood, life.
The story of Ida C Craddock a secular freethinker, a religious visionary, a civil liberties advocate, and a danger to society for her candor about sexuality And to top it off a case study for a Freudian.

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