ñ A Soldier Erect É Download by Ü Brian W. Aldiss

ñ A Soldier Erect É Download by Ü Brian W. Aldiss The Ebullient Average Man Hero Of The Hand Reared Boy Is Now A Year Older He Is On Excellent Form When His Regiment Is Despatched Overseas To India To Become Part Of The Unforgettable Forgotten Army, Were Heat And Dust Are In Conflict With The Sexual Urges Of The Young Soldiers The Humour Suffusing The Novel And This Is A Very Funny Novel Is Particularly Evident In The Dialogue Of The Troops And In Their Various Riotous Sexual Escapades With Whores, Ponces And Gobble Wallahs It Stems From The Impulse To Show Things As They Were In The Other Ranks In India And Burma During Those Far Off Days Of The Forties And Of The Campaigns Against The Japanese, And To Recreate It Exactly As It Was, Whether Heroic, Bawdy Or Downright Bloody Unspeakable The East May Be Timeless, But The British Soldier In India Has Certainly Changed Since Kipling S Day Aldiss strays into Virgin Soldier territory historically, geographically and thematically Nonetheless, throws some light however skewed onto an often overlooked campaign of World War II and Aldiss is always readable As a complete SF geek, I needed a continual SF fix At that time the 70s and 80s to get a feel for the field, you depended on reading between the runes of monthly magazines author comments in paperback collections the occasional fanzine Bought this in hope of seeing some of the inputs to Brian s writing a slight variation to my reading diet, or so I thought In that sense, I was to be disappointed although tolerably well written, it veered away too strongly, leaving me with just part of a pretty normal auto biography I suppose the phallic cover design should have been warning enough.
Youg man signs up in WWII and is sent to India to fight the Japanese First 2 3 of the book has the hero waiting in camps and depots trying to stave off boredom by picking fights with the cooks and getting his end away with local prostitutes Final section sees him fighting in Burma Pretty graphic scenes in both sections, with a huge and acknowledged disconnect between the two Well written, and not as quick to read as you may think looking at the page count Warning a lot of the secondary characters don t make it to the final page 3.
5 5 Superb book Funny with great pathos entwined with dramatic tales of jungle warfare Recommended for all ages Now for the last of the trilogy.

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