Trailer Û A Venom In The Blood (Pinnacle True Crime) PDF by É Eric van Hoffmann

Trailer Û A Venom In The Blood (Pinnacle True Crime) PDF by É Eric van Hoffmann Good narrative of a husband wife serial team who rape and murdered 10 known victims, mostly adolescent runaways The interesting aspect of this case is it strays from the conventional serial team dynamic, with both individuals sometimes assuming the dominant role In the end, the female was able to lie and cry her way to a plea bargin and out of the well deserved gas chamber Personal history provides good example that some people just can t be rehabilitated and the refusal of the justice system to acknowledge this.
Crazy true life couple who kidnap girls rape them and kill them.
Best books, A Venom In The Blood Pinnacle True Crime Author Eric Van Hoffmann This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book A Venom In The Blood Pinnacle True Crime , Essay By Eric Van Hoffmann Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You Very dark true story biographical fiction Quite disturbing.
not just the story mind you, but the myriad of typos as well as the last chapter that was rather unnecessary and a weak attempt at an update to the original facts of the book Trashy but a page turner As noted in some of the other comments, the author s fly on the wall telling of this tale of a reprehensible husband and wife murder team seems highly suspect I ve read a number of true crime novels and must say, this one doesn t seem so well researched A good book makes you feel like an expert on a subject when you are finished This one, not so much But I was entertained by the hard boiled narrative style of the author and I once I started approaching the book as a story based on true events, rather than a serious journalistic study, it all started to work True, I got a little tired hearing about the twisted sex life of the couple and they really were rather one note characters in terms of having no redeeming qualities But whatever, this is a book about down and outers living sensel The book is graphic in language and the description of the sexual depravity and murder that this couple performed during their crime spree At the time of the writing, this was the only husband wife serial killer team on file with the FBI, and so adds relevance to the work I read real life crime books off and on and I am always sickened by the fact that folks like this live amongst us It brings reality to the saying, Wrong place at the right time It is stunning how few of these bad actors are caught and punished, and how in this case, both were caught but only one really punished, when it is apparent that they are both equally guilty This story is also real life evidence of how members of families can assume the roll of enablers, as I am sure much of the depravity in this story could have been prevented If you have the stomach for real life horror, read this book If this were This is an amazingly detailed telling of the horrible sex slave torture murderer couple Gerald and Charlene Gallego They turned on each other after conviction and their crimes apparently had no witnesses or survivors I am unclear how the author has all the details he does on the crimes this is Bob Woodward fly on the wall detail but, the author said he diligently researched the work and coaxed interviews out of many reluctant family and associates Also, I did some looking, and found no extensive rebuttal to the author s detailed litany of sadistic abuses perpetrated by these true ogres picking up runaways and unattended teens from parking lots, etc.
Unfortunately, the book skims over in an epilogue a murderous scheme that was Gallego relatives Hunt and Thompson s plot to carry out copycat crimes while Gerald was in jail, let

I ve been reading true crime novels since I was in my early teens, and this is the first one that ever prompted me to lock the doors to my house when I finally finished it late one night.
What makes this such a powerful book is that the author doesn t sensationalize or over dramatize the story behind these two killers like some authors due Like Ann Rule, who could start her own Harlequin Romance True Crime spin off series , but pro trays it in the overly plain and mundane way in which these brutal sex torture killers operated He also doesn t sooth the reader with assurances about the great Boys in Blue being our only saviors from such evil people, but portrays them as the overworked and self concerned government workers that don t even bother trying to solve the string of young poor white trash girl murders until the husband and wife team acci It is never easy to identify yourself with a serial killer but at the same time you want to read about their escapades in an attempt to find some understanding on why they may have turned to such a life of violence The story of a husband and wife serial killer team is most horrifying and not in the least something you can identify with The brutality is full of rage and the sexual torture is something beyond belief As a reader, I was just horrified at what these people did but at the same time, I wanted to remind myself that some element of society or nature creates these beings and turns them into monsters So I m not sure if reading this book educated me or sickened me in a way Maybe a combination of both.
Taken from the jacket cover On September 13, 1978, two Mexican migrant workers crossed a drainage ditch in the rich open farmland southeast of Sacramento, California to examine what appeared to be a bundle of old clothes They Discovered the partially clothed body of a young woman who had been beaten, sexually abused and shot in the back of the head Gerald Gallego and Charlene Gallego kidnapped, raped and murdered ten young people in less than three years Book is so detailed about the horrific crime is it nauseating and I grew tired of reading it.

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