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[ Read Online Forty Plus and Fancy Free ↠´ 11th-century PDF ] by Emily Kimbrough å A minor travel book, but it s fun to get a glimpse of early 1950s Italy Marcel Marceau is mentioned in passing as someone to watch The illustrations by Mircea Vasiliu, who moved to the DC area fleeing Communism are quite nice.
Emily Kimbrough And Her Friends Gambol Through Italy With A Quick Stop In Paris On Their Way To Queen Elizabeth S Coronation In Complete With Restaurant And Hotel Recommendations On The Last Few Pages Great read About Europe When It Was Still European This is Emily Kimbrough s first traveling with friends book She got better at both traveling and writing about it as the years went by In this adventure, several grandmothers go to Europe, visiting various places in Italy before heading to London for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, where Emily, then a popular radio commentator, would broadcast daily reports of the festivities there.
Emily Kimbrough makes the reader feel as though they are traveling with her Her writing is funny and perceptive Although her books are now dated and hard to find I would highly recommend them to fellow arm chair travelers.
I think Emily Kimbrough s books are delightful This is the story of Emily and her friends touring Italy and then going to London for the Coronation in 1952 Her writing style is entertaining, and it s fun going back in time with these pleasant people.
Charming A little difficult to read, though maybe that s because my brain has gotten soft with all the easy to digest chick lit I read.

Like reading my grandma s diaries What a fun little book I had no idea what I was getting into reading this, I thought it was non fiction It is so much fun I have not been to Italy in a few years, but the next time I go, I fully intend to look up some of the places this group of women went to I wish I had been with them Not only do you feel like you are with them, you get to know the group members A great feature is the list in the back of the book where the author lists the places they went so you do not have to flip through the text to find the places and a short thumb up down to tell the reader which places are worthwhile I found it a bit unnerving that she gave us the full name of her chauffeur in London, including the man s phone number Since he was clearly in his 50 s or

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