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í The Big Crunch î Download by É Pete Hautman A Funny, Clear Eyed View Of The Realities Of Teenage Love From National Book Award Winner Pete Hautman Jen And Wes Do Not Meet Cute They Do Not Fall In Love At First Sight They Do Not Swoon With Scorching Desire They Do Not Believe That They Are Instant Soul Mates Destined To Be Together Forever This Is Not That Kind Of Love Story Instead, They Just Hang Around In Each Other S Orbitsuntil Eventually They Collide And Even After That Happens, They Re Still Not Sure Where It Will Go Especially When June Starts To Pity Date One Of Wes S Friends, And Wes Makes Some Choices That He Immediately Regrets From National Book Award Winner Pete Hautman, This Is A Love Story For People Not Particularly Biased Toward Romance But It Is Romantic, In The Same Way That Truth Can Be Romantic And Uncertainty Can Be The Biggest Certainty Of All Firstly June June, June, June What is your deal, June You re all hating the moving and then you re all falling in love and then you re all screwing things up And what was it about everyone not calling people back in this book Every time I turned the page, someone was calling someone, looking at the caller ID, and ignoring the call Or hanging up on each other And then after they hung up on each other they would text each other Society, I m sad about you if this is what we re doing now.
And the ending was spectacularly anticlimactic So then I looked up Pete Hautman and he s, like, written stuff before This is not his first attempt Pete can I call you Pete , I like your character development I like that your char Sidenote The front flap copy refers to the main female character as Jen Repeatedly Her name is June Not once is she called Jen Oops.
This is sort of like that movie 500 Days of Summer There seems to be a whole lotta unconventional love stories coming through the pipeline these days But, although this one is tagged as one of those This is not a love story love storiesit is Just because it s not love at first sight doesn t mean it s not conventional.
I sound antagonistic, but I m really not My point is this The Big Crunch istypical than it wants you to believe This book is the girl next door who gets decent grades and wants people to think she s wild and artsy, so she dyes a pink streak in her hair It makes her hair artsy, but not her personality.
I will say, I like The reason I picked up the book is just because of the cover It has a pretty cover and that s all I m so sorry but, this is not a book that I will pick up for myself But, if you really like some YA fiction with not too much romance in it, this might be the right book for you.
The story is about two students that go to the same school The girl just moved to the neighbourhood while the guy, who has been raised in the neighbourhood, just broke up with his girlfriend And I bet you can guess what comes after that because you can look at the cover for that, apparently.
It consists of things that teenagers should know by their age All the things they felt, all the hardships in a relationship and what does science have to say about that It is all covered in this book, but m How to describe The Big Crunch Well, I d liken it to a rather nice stroll through the park nothing extraordinary or supernatural, but sometimes normal and sweet is a welcome change from all the vampires and zombies and smoldering eyes The pacing seemed a little slow, especially at first when Wes and June go about their separate lives in the same high school bubble They d brush against each other every so often, but drift apart again withoutthan a backwards glance When they finally crunched so to speak, it wasn t the usual fare of crazy in love and now we must breathe together It was, yet it wasn t There wasn t enough time to crunch before June had to leave Wes and distance became an obstacle in their newfound relationship.
Not a whole lot of action in The Big Crunch except for one minor car stealing incident Even then, it was The jacket of this book describes it as a love story for people not particularly biased towards romance The novel follows two teenagers June, the daughter of a consultant who is always on the move, and has learned to keep herself disconnected in each new place and Wes, a semi cool semi geek who lives in the little Minnesota town to which June s family has recently relocated On the first few days of school, June goes through the usual motions of trying to find a couple of decent girls and guys to hang out with, and meets Jerry, a nice guy who aspires to be class president and has already started campaigning for the election in the spring Wes, recently broken up with his girlfriend of a year and a half, spends his time hanging out with the guys and occasionally attempting to tidy his parents messy garage June manages to worm her way into a friendship with th Man, can Pete Hautman write accurately about what it s like to be a teen The one drawback to this book, and the reason I didn t give it 5 stars, is that it s so realistic that it may not stand out in a world where everything is turned up to 11 I hesitate to call this book a romance because it implies sweeping emotions and insurmountable obstacles and dramatic climaxes But the emotions in the book are quite sweeping they sweep up Wes and June in ways that confuse and frighten them And there are obstacles they re just things like not having a car and having to move because of your dad s dumb job and not being able to affordcell phone minutes This seems so ordinary, but it felt so poignant to me all they want to do is be together, but they have no say in where they have to live or when they re allowed to act on the feelings that are so al What I really liked about this book The characters They were all really real and relatable, not blown out of proportion and overly perfect like in a lot of YA books with a romance Wes and June were really likable, which is one of the reasons I kept reading They had their flaws, and that just made me like them all theThe relationship between Wes and June Unlike sooo many YA books you see, this book didn t use the cliche boy girl of my dreams literally or instantaneous, deep, passionate connection Instead, it had a cute and funny approach where the two didnt like each other right away and definitely didn t have that HOT INSTANT CONNECTION that I hate so much The whole relationship was very real and was like dating in real life There were the fights, the flaws, the heartbreak, the crazy schemes But you could tell they really loved each other The first time Wes meets June, he thinks her mouth is too wide and her eyes are too far apart June, in return, thinks his hair is shaggy It would seem these two were not meant to be together right from the start And yet, against all odds, their paths continue to cross Thus begins a romance where nothing is easy to explain or simple to figure out Navigating through friends, family, and their own heads, Wes and June fumble towards a unique happy ending.
Wow, this book was incredible It s funny, sad, tender, and exciting The only other book by Pete Hautman I have read was Sweetblood, which I also enjoyed very much Still, this one was above and beyond good The characters, the emotions, the situations were all so raw and realistic It showed the honest side of love that it always isn t the clean cut, love at first Hauptman s romance novel was quite a disappointment to me There was a lot of narrative emphasizing the third person point of view As a result, I felt bogged down as I read The entire first half was very slow paced and tedious not to mention whoever designed the cover told the entire story in just four panels I never felt any empathy nor did I relate to any of the major or minor characters They all felt stilted, stereotypical, and forced The latter half of the book had some innovative action however, by then the reader is so numbed, it is difficult to care.
For a YA romance reader, I really would not recommend this book The premise is solid a girl whose father s job forces her to move extremely frequently she meets a boy she feels she truly loves But not only the ending, but the description of the relationship is just not interestin

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