✓ Ulrich (The Highland Wolves, #1) ✓ Download by Ë Megan Derr

✓ Ulrich (The Highland Wolves, #1) ✓ Download by Ë Megan Derr Ulrich Is Tired Of Being Far From Home He Misses The High Mountains Of His Homeland, The Familiarity And Comfort Of Living Amongst Pack The Thin, Weak Wolves Of The Lowlands Grate, And He Is Ready To Be Done With His Duty To The King And Return Home Sent On Assignment To Find The Reason Behind The Death Of A Fellow Wolf, He Hopes That By Fulfilling The Mission, He Will Have Paid His Dues And Be Permitted To Return HomeThe Very Last Thing He Expects To Encounter In The Wild Woods Of The Lowlands Is A Wild Mage Who On The Surface Seems To Hate Wolves And Everything Associated With Them But As Ulrich Digs Deeper, And Danger Forces Them Closer, He Realizes That The Mage Is So Much Than He Seems And Too Much For Ulrich Note Consists Of Parts, Wolf Given And The Seventh Son 4.
5 stars.
I really enjoyed this shifter mage book I must really like this paranormal combination because I recently read Mind Magic and enjoyed that book as well I liked this book slightly better because I felt there was stronger character development I loved both Ulrich, the 7th son of his Alpha, as well as Grosvenor, the wild mage recluse I also enjoyed the way this book was in two parts with the first part being Ulrich s POV and the second part being Grosvenor s POV Like many of Megan Derr s books, there is no sex, but her books never seem to need it because the stories are so rich.
The other thing I appreciated about this shifter book is there was no insta love Megan Derr did not rely on having the MCs fall in love the minute they laid eyes on each other or the minute the wolf catches a scent simply because they are mates In fact, Ulrich and Grosvenor s relationship starts Enchanting, as most novels or novellas by Megan Derr are The fairy tale tie in goes nicely with the unique environment and world building that she creates, and it was a fairy tale very rarely touched on in re writes, which was refreshing.
Past that, the relationship between Ulrich and Grosvenor is a heart string case The whole damn you why do you make me smile type relationship that never fails to get me every time.
In the second portion, when Grosvenor returns with Ulrich, I think Derr did very well mixing the family relations with family duties and obligations I wanted to punch Grosvenor a few times for how meekly he accepted his supposed fate, but the end definitely satisfied the means.
Cute story with a fairytale twist of Hensel and Gretel in it and wolf shifters So yes this one goes to my favorites It was not instant love they actually disliked and mistrusted each other quite a bit in the beginning Ulrich is a wolf shifter and was send to find out about the disappearance of two other wolf guards near a dark wood There he finds than he bargained for, children have been missing and a mage, who is also a wolfgiven but who lives with humans and has nothing friendly to say about wolves Grosvenor had bad experience with wolveshifters in his past, so he meets Ulrich with firing arrows and magical attacks You see no instant love there Also they have other problems to find the missing child and find out what happened to turn the other wolves feral The dark woods have some strange magic and something old and evil raises its This story was built into a fair tale world There is the story of Hansel and Gretel and I see a hint of red riding hood Ulrich is the seventh son of the alpha of his pack He is fulfilling his duty to the king and has nearly completed it when he meets Grosvenor the huntsman and wild mage Grosvenor isn t happy to see him and remains with a grumpy attitude throughout the book Ulrich sees an opportunity to bring a new wild mage to his pack and convinces Grosvenor to go home with him Of course Ulrich wants Grosvenor and Grosvenor, grumpily, wants Ulrich but an ex and pack status stand in their way A fun read that makes you smile at all the grumping Grosvenor does I really enjoyed this story It has a few sweet moments and is very angst filled There is a lot of conflict and the added touch of the Hansel and Gretel story as well as a couple other fairy tales was a bonus for me I must say if you are looking for a sex filled shifter story, this is not the book for you Not one love scene in this book To be honest I didn t really miss the sex but I would have liked a bit in the ending with Ulrich and his mage Still, this is a very nice story and a good adventure The characters are strong men with character, no girly boys here The pace sometimes dragged a bit, but the world building is solid It is well written and I d recommend it to anyone looking for story and less sex in their romance.
A mix between a shifter romance and a fairy tale A sweet lovestory between the seventh son of an alpha Ulrich and a wild mage Grosvenor who has been exiled from his former pack The two meet and work together to rescue the grandaughter of Gretel as in Hans and Gretel from a new evil witch in a gingerbread house Ulrich convinces Grosvenor to return to his pack with him, even though he knows that he, as a low rank seventh son, will have no chance of marrying the mage Of course everything works out in the end like it should in a fairy tale DA sweet and light read with absolutely no sexual content.
It was okay It started out really strong and interesting, then kind of petered out It followed very similar tropes of I can t tell him I want him I must not say it, which is annoying, even if these characters had a convincing reason than most others that use it The bad guy was lackluster and the climax was a bit of the same So, it was enjoyable as a story, just not ah mazing Which, you know, is just fine We need those kind of stories They give us comfort and that s just as important as the ones that blow our minds It d get tiring to always have your mind blown.
So cute Love MD s writing, descriptive but not too drawn out, and the fantasy world is barely sketched, but intriguing and it provides just the right depth of background for such a short story The double POV, one in each story, was done well as the mc s voices are quite different and each story has a main happening centered around one of them investigation for Ulrich and new pack for Grosvenor I love how the story of Hansel and Gretel was tied in.
I can see a possible story for Detlef pretty please I started this book being hopeful because I have always loved reading stuff by Megan Derr I wasn t sure how it would go though because of the length Lets just say that there was a lot of action packed in those pages.
The first thing I will say about this book is that it was sweet and romantic but did not contain sex That was fine by me because I loved the storyline It had a hint of Hansel and Gretel to it with a side of wolf shifter and mage It was unique I really loved both Ulrich and Grosvenor They both had their own strength and temperament Ulrich was all about pack He was also easy going and noble Grosvenor was all vinegar and sharp retorts It was funny reading his replies and the way he got after Ulrich You could

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