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[ Read Online The Hounds of No ☆ rabbits PDF ] by Lara Glenum é I don t think I can really say I ve read this book yet From what I can tell you must first let its new language greet you, and then do it all it again, ideally in a long during sitting I read the first half or so over a long spell and then took in the last half in a short period of time There are times at which I wanted moments of settling down from the alien and intensely eventful language for a breath, but I do think that would weaken the book into inconsistency I admire it for the bold world it s boldly created.
In The Hounds of No Glenum gradually builds the world of No from an amalgamation of medieval literature, surrealist poetry, critical theory, and pop culture In each poem she inhabits a different character of No.
, and as the book progresses we begin to see the connections between the various characters most notably the Kriemhildes and Sock Monkeys build into a cohesive whole.
The characters live fairly grotesque lives, I sprouted eleven ovaries nine penises, I fear my two bodies will have unseemly public duels, she is a palace of desiccated fetuses Her excessively sexual and violent language is at times wonderful as she uses it to at once paint beautiful scenes and disgust the reader And yet, at times it fe If Marilyn Manson was a slightlysophisticated writer, I imagine this book represents what he d turn out It s simply too much affectation, and I didn t buy it It felt forced and faked And, to me, it felt this was a book of one or two poems re written over and over again to fill its 65 pages.
Totally up my alley Steaming up the shop windows with terrifying, titillating, sexy, sordid gore O his product line of meaty heaving in snowpiles 3.
5 sew the animals into your stomach 13 but who can relax in our republic now that it s laid its terrible eggs on our tongues 17 Pomplemoose Pass famed for its sparkling glass road, which leads directly from the genitals to the cranium 21 Of to teatime, I muttered, spitting out history like a terrible pill 22 I whip clouds until they scream birds 32 At the memorial service, I saw you wearing a tiara, lying in a body bag The embryos inside you rode around on conveyer belts, shrieking with glee 34 Love the title In the Gynecological Museum 22 poem to use as writing exercise on using footnotes creatively A Treatise on the Affective Origins of Female Hysteria Schizophrenia ca 1880 21 poem to use as exercise example on lists The Coveted Remains of St Kriemhilde 39 poem to use as writing exercise on creative use of lists A Diagram of Kriemhilde s Dollhouse 41

The Hounds of No shocked me with its adherence to the principles of the Anti Real, as outlined in the Appendix I ve never read anything like it I was loaned this book by a friend, who described it as surreal and violent, and I concur with his assessment Glenum s pieces as published here are better digested as a whole than the original, piecemeal way I had begun to read it Usually I ll open a poetry book and randomly select a piece to read That technique didn t work so well with The Hounds of No Once I made the commitment to cover to cover it, I saw patterns, characters emerging that tied the works together as a whole for me I started to form a mental map of the landscape of her mind, a census of the population of No.
I was also surprised to find a line which perhaps inspired was inspired by a song by Neutral Milk Hotel I can see how their music meshes with Glenum s po Absolutely incredible book of poetry Probably one of theambitious and refreshing books I ve read in a very long time The aesthetic of the book, I ll call it the obscene surreal because I m not articulate enough to describe it better than that, is both inspirational and humbling in just how well crafted it is I often got the feeling of visiting several little words inside a much larger one multiple series of poems that can stand on there own but shine with absolute brilliance within the context of the entire book.
There is a theme of repetition of images, places, people but the poems themselves never felt repetitive or re hashed, something that I ve found to be incredibly difficult to manage.
Action books has a real gem here and I m looking forward to reading Glenum s other work.
Habit of wanting to read first books first but read in the backlight of Maximum Gaga Missed the rhythm swagger of, the word invention, sense of surprise but found deranged topographies, pathological victorian interiors, big petrified landscapes zinc seahorses, the pig iron cloudsstepping out onto the museum of the sea, among the obsidian dolphinsthe anemones littering the mica encrusted shallows Discursive in a way, do wonder what a tiny self contained Glenum populated Wunderkammer house or city or compound would look like Also wonder how Glenum would define the Sublime as it appears in the end Manifesto of the Anti Real Real interesting document as it tries to situate poetics in contemporary landscape and differentiate project from the surreal Lots of conversations about the use misuse Lara Glenum is a headlock on creative writing, splashing pieces of absurdity in some twisted grotesque mash up Her word usage blends so well with her sharp tongue.
A handful of favorites listed below St Liberata and the Alien Hordes How to Discard the Life You ve Now Ruined Aborted Marxism Will Give Health to the Sick Poetry Lara Glenum Was Raised In The Gothic South, Studied At The University Of Chicago And The University Of Virgina, And Now Teaches At The University Of Georgia In This Entirely Unheimlich Debut, She Enters The Stage Of American Poetry Like A Fritz Lang Glamor Girl Cum Anatomical Model Glenum Recovers The Political Intensity And Daring Of The Surrealist Project The Extraordinary Precision Of These Poems Is So Stunning, We Can T Help But Feel Blinded By Their Visions Sock Monkeys, Dollhouses, And A Circus Made Of Meat Vibrate Between The Playful And The Brutal So Deftly, Each Line Is A Perfect Shard Of Some Fantastic Planet, Gloriously And Sadly Like Our Own As In Blake S Apocalyptic Images, The Sky Rolls Itself Up Like A Scroll Brilliant In Its Colors And Infinite In Its Scope Glorious DA Powell

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