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[ Read Online The Outlaws Ú wwii-related-fiction PDF ] by W.E.B. Griffin Ú This is a typical W.
B Griffin novel, fun to read but like a Law Order or Perry Mason episode it has a formula to it and the end is never really in doubt but its a quick easy read.
This series has been very entertaining I read this book out of order since I inadvertently read or rather listened to the next book in the series and, while listening, realized that there had to have been another book in between it and the last book I d listened to That didn t spoil my enjoyment of either book although it would have been better to have read them in sequence The only thing I found disconcerting is peculiar to audiobooks there was a different reader The reader of this book did a good job, but it was a bit strange to hear such different voices for characters I had become familiar with I m not going to go into the plot too much As I ve said in my reviews of other books in this series, the character of Charlie Castillo bears a strong resemblance to Oliver North He and his merry band of outlaws go way out on a limb in this one Charlie Castillo S Secret Unit Has Been Disbanded But That Doesn T Mean He S Out Of Business As Experience Has Painfully Shown Him, There Are Many Things The Intelligence Community Can T Do, Won T Do, Or Doesn T Do Well, And He Has The Men And Assets To Help Set Things StraightBut The First Opportunity, When It Comes, Is Shocking A FedEx Package Arrives, Bearing Photos Of Barrels Containing Some Of The Most Dangerous Biohazard Materials On Earth, All Of Which Were Supposed To Have Been Destroyed During A Raid On A Secret Russian Factory In The Congo Who Has Them, And What Do They Want Castillo Has A Feeling He S Not Going To Like The Answers Where to begin on review of yet another story that would have been advisable to listen to the abridged version on audio CD Let s begin at the beginning with a change in narrator that was noticable with the first sentence this was definitely NOT Dick Hill, who narrated the first 5 stories in the Presidential Agent series Then Mr Jonathan Davis, who picked up narration duties here, apparently did not validate name pronunciation on the previous stories as there were two names pronounced entirely different, and one character who he couldn t come to a decision on how to pronounce the name, so it came out 3 different ways Enough about the narrator as I looked ahead to story 7 and 8 to see that the author and publisher came to their senses and brought back Mr Audio book good narration gives the second starUnlike fellow reader Tim Wolf s review, this book just did not deliver The book is advertised to be an action military thriller it s none of that There is the kernel of a good story, left over from the preceding book but it gets lost by the constant retelling of the past.
For me it is serial reader, which I am one, exploitation I would recommend this book to someone who wants experience the first five books without reading them because this book did was to sum up the series.
Reviews, if properly thought about, begin with what we personally bring to the book and our capacity to analyze I enjoy the reviews of many, Tim s highly included, even though we have different responses Somethings change, but I will always be that person who got his Chem degree with a slide rule That fact that you read this means we have a I couldn t finish this Just a bunch of people sitting around having conversations that were nothing but recaps of what happened previously in the series.
Griffin s Presidential Agent series has been hit or miss with no room in between Unfortunately for The Outlaws, it falls to the bottom of the miss category I felt obligated to read The Outlaws out of respect for a couple of the earlier Agent books that were excellent I now consider that obligation fulfilled and don t plan to continue with any future Agent books The Outlaws should have been a 40 page final chapter to Black Ops instead of a 400 page novel Spread out, I d wager that at least a third of the book is spent retelling past events There is so much spy political maneuvering going on that Outlaws cannot be considered an action thriller any It s been reduced to a le Carre story, but without the mesmerizing prose and plot And when Griffin finally gets to the climax, it s over before it starts The Outlaws should be avoided by all.
Hated it I ve been reading this series in order Each successive book has spent increasinglytime retelling the stories of the previous books in this series With this book, I ve had enough Mr Griffin wastes my time by retelling the past adventures of the characters, in muchdetail than what s needed to tell his new story I doubt that anyone who is reading this book as their first book in this series would find the retelling of these past adventures interesting and informative either And, Castillo has become such a cheesy protagonist, that I can hardly stand to hear another one of his sophomoric thoughts I m halfway through this book, and I m quitting I simply cannot stand another page of it.

There should be no doubt that W.
B Griffin creates an interesting storyline, a deep background for his characters especially Carlos Castillo, the hero of this series and a whole bunch of political manuevering While making for interesting reading, at times the author leaves the reader s head spinning and asking simply huh This time around, the basic plot was one that I had a hard time buying The Russians want their defectors back, but the ploy they use to get what they want is ridiculous and absurd I d tell you why I think so, but don t really want to offer any real spoilers here.
As the novel opens, everyone is looking for Castillo, who was ordered at the end of book 5 to disband his organization and drop off the face of the earth Somehow, Castillo catches wind of the Russian activity and figures out the when Not very good The Butterworths often get the titles wrong In about half of this book they refer to someone as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency In fact, the title is Director of Central Intelligence Period And there is no need to spell out Russian titles we can t understand anyway Why not call someone a lieutenant colonel instead of the full Russian title On top of that, there s the incorrect use of German titles this happened in earlier books, too Once you have called someone Johann von und zu Brandenburg, you don t have to repeat it all Brandenburg is enough But if you are paid by the word The ever popular Lt Col retired Castillo is back, a petulant, spoiled baby who in real life would have often suffered the indignity of being beaten up by his peers for being a jerk, and with some good coaching might have s

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