à The Quality Of Mercy (Bonded, #1) Æ Download by ✓ Jay Lygon

à The Quality Of Mercy (Bonded, #1) Æ Download by ✓ Jay Lygon Short, but I really liked it Looking forward to seeing these guys again.
A Thousand Years Ago, Brandr And His Band Of Vikings Were The Scourge Of The Baltic Now He S A Romance Novelist Living Quietly In The Hollywood Hills, Until Newly Turned Vampire Kyle Shows Up On His Doorstep All Brandr Wants To Do Is Get Ditzy, Sweet, Sexy Kyle Out Of His Life It Seems So Easy At First, Just Drop The Boy Off At His House And Get Away As Quickly As Possible Except That Kyle Lives With A Violent Pimp, And Has No Idea How To Survive As A Vampire Just Like A Hero Out Of One Of His Novels, Brandr Can T Resist Coming To Kyle S Rescue This is no than an appetizer but like any good appetizer it makes you hungry for I am definitely looking forward to about Brandr, the reclusive and grumpy romance writing ex viking vampire and Kyle, the newly turned twink rentboy.
Big grumpy viking vampire Sign me up This short story made me laugh when I really needed something amusing.
Short and cute and funny, with a hyperactive, former rentboy brand new vampire with ADHD and a former Viking turned romance novelist.

Good paranormal m m romance short about a reclusive vampire romance novelist whose life is turned upside down when he finds a cute, freshly turned vampire at his front door.
Brandr is a Viking vampire who is now a romance writer in LA In a fit, he pitches his laptop over the balcony into the gully and smacks someone on the head It s Kyle Kyle is a street hustler who found himself buried in the gully and a vampire Brandr has no interest in taking on a young vampire despite how hot he is, so gives him some basic instruction and drives him back home Something nags at him so he follows Kyle and sees him being abused by his pimp He steps in to actually save the pimps life and ends up taking Kyle home with him for a few days Uh huh We know how that works LOL I love Kyle, he s a total streets mart wise ass and Brandr is used to living alone and not having someone bug him.

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