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Ú Stormfire õ Download by ✓ Christine Monson Abducted On Her Way To Boarding School, A Terrified Catherine Enderly Was Brought From England To The Coast Of Ireland, The Prisoner Of The Angry And Powerful Young Sean Culhane A Man Sworn To Vengeance Against Her FamilyFrightened But Defiant, The Young Countess Met Her Captor With A Strength That Belied Her Fragile Loveliness But Even As Sean Vowed To Have His Revenge On Catherine, With Each Encounter He Became Attracted To Her Her Fiery Innocence Was A Seduction That Lured The Passions Of Long Smoldering Hostility Into A Blazing Inferno Of DesireLocked In A Love Hate Duel, He Did Not Suspect That The Captivating Beauty Who Fought Him With Such Tenacity Was Struggling Desperately Against Her Own Awakened Desires, And That His Touch Had Become The Burning Reminder That The Fierce Hatred She Felt For Him Had Become An All Consuming Love Stormfire I was curious as to what all the hype was about, so I decided to read it First hand experience is the best when trying to create a personal opinion, don t you think Well, I read it, keeping in mind the romance fashion of the day with bodice rippers being a la mode and we all know what bodice rippers entail, don t we The first bodice ripper I read was The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E Woodiwiss back in the day when I first started reading actual romance novels I wasof an A Christie and E Wallace fan TFATF didn t shock me, but I did wonder as to the romance fashion of the 80s For someone to willingly put rape and or forced seduction into a book struck me as strange for someone who was but a baby when bodice rippers were the height of romance novel sophistication Anyway, Ms Woodiwiss s bodice ripper has nothing on Stormfire Now, if someone asked me t I don t know quite what to say about this book I read it years ago when I read just about every book I got my hands on I probably wouldn t read it today because of how cruel the people are in this book.
I certainly don t think Sean is a model hero He s a very angry, obsessed, bedeviled man and did some awful things to the heroine because of it I m a bit of a sexist I think men should fight their wars and leave women and children out of it, unless the women are warriors too If they are civilians, I think only a coward would hurt them Well the hero and Catherine the heroine s father don t subscribe to this point of view.
It was an ugly situation and a lot of wrong things were done Having said that, it was a very well written book, if you could stomach it I remember not being able to put it down Let me say that I started reading historical romances for the history and SpoilersOne of the worst books I ve ever read I had to skim through the last half, it was just that bad The so called romance made me feel sick the hero Sean was beyond fucked up, and the heroine Catherine was fine to begin with but then turned into an awful abuse loving doormat I LOATHE, LOATHE, LOATHED Sean He was a violent, perverted, baby killing, rapist, wanker bastard of a fucker bastard He kidnapped Catherine, raped her dozens of times, beat her, starved her, chained her up, humiliated her, let his men gang rape her yea, I know she was saved at the end but not by him Oh and he basically killed Catherine s baby But all that was apparently okay because he was oh so sexy and powerful Ugh.
What a pathetic excuse for a man He abused and tortured a young girl because he wanted to punish her dad But he wasn t actually man enough to face the dad So, after a couple of decades of reading romance, I finally got around to Stormfire Whew They do not write them like this any The ultimate in bodice ripping, Stormfire is a tale of two mentally unstable people and their violent, intense love And it s great The main attraction about Stormfire is its writing If it was a poorly written book no one would still be talking about it 20 plus years after it was published The chapters each have their own titles such as Silken Irons, Into Eden, or The Nadir When the heroine meets the hero her first thoughts are of Milton s poetryHis form had not yet lost All his original brightness, nor appeared Less than Archangel ruined The prose is evocative and compelling, but not purple We agonize with Catherine s enslavement, we feel the angry passion between the lovers, we grieve with Catherine s loss, and suffer with Sean s tortureho This book wasn t nearly as shocking as all the hype surrounding it would suggest In fact, it s pretty conventional in many respects For example, the pat incest resolution, as well as the pretty quick thawing of Sean s resolve to beat down and kill Kit I was prepared to have a few hundred pages of abuse, but imagine my surprise when Sean s attitude towards her turns to love protection well, of a sort by page 85 and lasts for well over 200 pages until Kit acts according to her conscience and brings it all crashing down into a short lived loop of hatred and revenge, followed by the rest being selfless acts of devotion and sacrifice I think this book has gotten the reputation it has from people who didn t read past page 50 if they got that far and hearsay and groupthink took over like it usually does read it for yourselves, if you can get a copy or find it online.
The Call me crazy but I loved this one.
Yes, it s dark There s rape and Stockholm Syndrome and torture and castration involved.
BUTThere is also an amazing story told here, full of excitement and intrigue, in addition to a seemingly impossible love story between star crossed lovers As I read, I found myself completely enraptured by the drama of the story, which was quite substantial It absolutely played with my emotions At first came outrage Then came the roller coaster I experienced anger, dismay, horror, and disgust, as well as heartbreak, fear, and disbelief This story is complex to say the least and probably not everyone s cup of tea, but despite said complexity, within its pages is perhaps the fiercest love story I ve ever read In fact, I was completely swept away by it Mind Really about a 1.
5 for mebut the writing is exceptional and the author deserves a better grade for it to be quite honest if it hadn t been so well drawn, there s no way in hell I could have finished this book However, the two protagonists are probably two of the least likeable people I ve ever read as leads in a book Considering the number of books I ve read the ones I ve shelved here are only the ones I ve read in the last three years or sothat saying a LOT Fans of Stormfire, and apparently there are many, must love angst in a storyline beyond reason Not for me K.
So, like most recent readers of this book, I picked this puppy up based on its notorious reputation.
I ll have to admit, I ended up liking it.
It is a bodice ripper, no doubt about that He backhands her hard enough to give her a bloody nose on page 28 By page 31, he s brutally raped her and sent her blood and semen encrusted underthings to her father He holds her responsible for her father s actions, and he blames him for his mother s death in a bloody massacre.
The way to enjoy it, I think, is to remember it s fiction No English virgins were harmed in the making of this book.
It also helps that Catherine fights Sean tooth and nail until he stops brutalizing her She makes multiple escape attempts, she tries to con his brother Liam into taking her away, she learns to fight with knives and acquits herself admirably She s not at all TSTL or a doormat, she s a hellcat His spirit, like the lonely, windswept sea, was ever restless, ever changing, sometimes howling down to savage the unyielding land, then caressing it with a lulling embrace, inevitably wearing away its resistance He was asking her to become part of him, without reservations, without ties that would inevitably be wrenched apart, leaving her battered on the rocks and him lonelier and wilder than before.
Christine Monson s infamous bodice ripper Stormfire was both one of the best and one of the worst historical romances I have ever read The first half of the book was a completely riveting, Dark with a Capital D, bodice ripping romance involving kidnapping, rape, abuse, just the biggest jerk of a hero, and a resilient and feisty heroine, the kind of plucky girl that you absolutely root for It was enthralling, ca

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