[Bob Curran] Ø Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms: Sunken Continents, Vanished Cities, and the Kingdoms That History Misplaced [hqn PDF] Read Online â nikeairmaxcheapuk.co

[Bob Curran] Ø Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms: Sunken Continents, Vanished Cities, and the Kingdoms That History Misplaced [hqn PDF] Read Online â Nice, thoughtful overview of the possible stories truths behind some myths and legends Learned something about a few myths that I hadn t heard from before Mostly rooted in European and American history and would have liked African and Asian history, though there is a little bit in there Good, fun read written in a clear, smooth manner.
Overall, this book was really interesting I picked it up to use as a reference in my writing.
It s broken down into four sections I was seriously annoyed by the way section one on mythical places was written Dr Curran felt the need to connect mythological places to each other Nearly every place he mentioned, he found a way to connect it to Greek mythology He also connected the World Tree of Norse mythology and Christ s crucifixion somehow implying that Christians believe Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead because the heard of the Norse idea that Odin hung by his ankle from the world tree The other sections where Curran didn t feel the need to make such connections were much interesting to me I really just wanted to know what these places were supposed to be like I did find some of the origins interesting I just it annoyed me that he fe There Are Places That Turn Up In Literature Or In Film Mystical And Legendary Places Whose Names May Be Familiar But About Which We Know Little We Nod Knowingly At The Reference, But Are Often Left Wondering About Places Such As Atlantis, The Lost Land Overwhelmed By The Sea, Or El Dorado, The Fabulous City That Vanished Somewhere In The South American Jungles Other Names Are Evocative Mount Olympus, The Garden Of Eden, The Mystic Isle Of Avalon, And Davy Jones LockerBut Did Such Places Actually Exist And If So, Where Were They, And What Really Happened What Are The Traditions And Legends Associated With Them In The Fascinating New Book, Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms, Historian Dr Bob Curran Sets Out To Find The Answers By Journeying To The Far Flung Corners Of The World And To The Outer Reaches Of Human Imagination This is my very favorite kinds of book a book on myths, forgotten stories, whispered truths from the past In the book, Dr Bob Curran writes about myths from every corner of the globe While the title hints at Atlantis and other stories like it, Curran delves much broadly and also writes about the forgotten lands and realms of America This was probably my favorite part of the book While I have read many books on Atlantis, El Dorado and other stories like that, I hadn t really read about, or even heard about, some of the stories and myths in the book from America I loved the part that talked about the Welsh king and kingdom in Alabama, the lost tribes of the Meulungeons from Kentucky, and Native American stories Curran spends a lot of time with the myths of American and it made for a nice change of pace from the usual books I read on this topic.
If you re looking for an in de This book is kind of silly I feel that you could read the chapters to kids as stories, and they would enjoy the fanciful nature of the topics I think this issue lies with me rather than with the text itself I have grown used to books in this subject being loaded down with research and footnotes.
Nonetheless, it was a short and thoroughly enjoyable read Also, I loved the cover It highlighted interesting points for future research.
Finished Finally For a book with such interesting content I found myself consistently bored I wanted to enjoy myself but I found the book incredibly dry with only a few instances in between where I found my reading smooth sailing The majority of the time it was hard going I found myself slogging through the sentences with each individual word passing slowly by I m not so glad I read it but I m glad I persevered and finished it Even though it took me most of the year The different worlds and stories associated with them were fascinating hopefully I can find another book my tastes in a similar vein to this one Recommended Perhaps as I said the subject matter was interesting it was just the writing that bogged me down But then that s just me so someone else could likely have a different opinion.
I wasn t crazy about the writing style here Granted, I didn t give it much of a chance but, I have so many other books to read, I felt that my time would be better spent elsewhere.
I found the tone to be very whimsical Maybe I should have expected this, given the title of the book However, I was expecting of a factual discussion of lost lands and fabled cities Maybe I ll take another crack at it when I have time A well formatted and thoroughly researched work Bob Currin has an amazing understanding of myths and legends where they came from and their importance to humanity It was a pleasure reading this well documented book and it s treasure trove of information.
This is the first author that I am actively following on Goodreads, and I am going to make a point of finding his other books.

More like a series of wikipedia pages Frankly, I got bored with it and skimmed through just to finish.
Three stars to this book for introducing me to some things I didn t know about, like Spirit Caveman in Nevada, and lost Viking ship once spotted embedded in the side of a mountain near San Diego It was great to learn about so many historical myths unproven truths in one volume, but I would have graded this book with 4 or stars if it had paid attention to scholarship and less attention to being sexy I could have done without the sketches of half dressed, perky breasted young women that introduced every chapter, as I m not a 12 year old boy unicorns and various monsters won t do it for me, either Why not use a real photograph of a real historical site or artifact, instead I also would have loved if the author had used footnotes There was a biography at the end of the book, but it was sorted alphabetically and it would have been helpful i

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