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[David Halberstam] ¾ Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made [calculation PDF] Ebook Epub Download ò David Halberstam can do no wrong A wonderful look at the modern NBA and how the intersection of money, marketing, entertainment and sport created a climate where Jordan could become the most famous person in the world The reporting and storytelling is excellent, but it lacks something that Breaks of the Game had Breaks felt like because he was Halberstam was there There was a real connection to the players, coaches, and everyone involved Playing for Keeps, like the modern NBA, is sterile and everything feels like it was down at an arms length However, it is a great read and a wonderful companion to Breaks.
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Although I consider David Halberstam may he rest in peace one of my all time favorite authors, I never actually finished one of his books I read hundreds upon hundreds of pages in his books, for sure, but I never finished them not because they aren t good but because, well, his depth of knowledge, his skilled writing, and his deep analysis of both history and current affairs made me selfish Not only would any other book be useless since Halberstam is exhaustive and complete in his research but I also, upon finishing his books, not NEED to get any knowledge on the subjects he wrote about.
That is a the sign of a great writer BUT, oddly enough, it is also the sign of someone killing all enjoyment of other points of view Why the hell do I want to read anything else when I have something so comp This book was written before Michael Jordan announced his retirement in 1999 Halberstam is a great writer, though I think this book could have been edited down about 10% It s not just about Jordan, but about how he changed the NBA and how sports changed to sports entertainment during his years in it Key components of this change are the rise of ESPN and the marketing connections of the players I felt I got to know Jordan a bit better even as a Chicagoan I had heard much of this before , especially his drive toward perfection and winning This book is great for a sports enthusiast as well as for those interested in the sports entertainment culture which has grown in the last 10 15 years.

This is than just a book on Michael Jordan As a relatively new fan of the NBA started following in 2000 when I met my husband , I really enjoyed all the information about former players and to see how the league has changed over the past 30 years, most notably, the contract amounts and lengths which were small and long even MJ s compared to today s players.
I knew Jordan was competitive, but I didn t really know just how much until I read this book There are a few players out there today that exhibit some of his qualities, but there is only one Michael Jordan.
I dove into this after the league s premier historian, Bill Simmons, called this the best Jordan book that s been written Halberstam meticulously details every step of Jordan s career from his backyard battles with his brother to his final quest for a championship The reporting is incredible and the book is loaded with anecdotes from MJ s friends, competitors, and business partners The author plays with time to convey Jordan s impact on the sport and American society at his apex, while simultaneously providing context on how near pyschopathic determination fueled his journey to get there You re left feeling that the show Jordan put on for us was equal parts magic and grit I d like to explore similar books for Kareem and LeBron but I finished this book feeling strongly than ever that Jordan is the G.
A rare gem the book that can please both the hoop junkie and the history student I shouldn t be surprised Halberstam is an exceptional journalist, one who shifted effortlessly between sports books and the broader world The book itself reflects that because Halberstam gives you the story of MJ the basketball player but also all the aspects of basketball and American life he changed and was changed by modern celebrity culture, the mass media, unrestricted free agency, advertising, the globalization of basketball and American culture, post racialness colorblindness, and the mainstreaming of the NBA Of course, there are also tons of stories about his incredible competitiveness, training, big games, upbringing, and other formative experiences The portraits of other key players in the MJ story, including Magic, Dean Smith, Scottie, Phil J.
, and others are absolutely awesome and wil Having already read the Lazenby biography of Jordan probably made me downgrade this book one star Halberstam s version is focused on the environment that Jordan lived worked in, as opposed to Lazenby s Jordancentric version, so it grants some additional insight into the pieces making up Jordan s world There wasn t much new for me about Jordan in this book, but lots of new stuff about the different persons moving in and out of Jordan s life The problem is that the supporting cast isn t as interesting as the main figure, which makes me prefer the Lazenby book Still an okay read and it got a bit better towards the end Would probably have given it 3.
5 stars if possible.
From The Breaks Of The Game To Summer Of , David Halberstam Has Brought The Perspective Of A Great Historian, The Inside Knowledge Of A Dogged Sportswriter, And The Love Of A Fan To Bear On Some Of The Most Mythic Players And Teams In The Annals Of American Sport With Michael Jordan And The Chicago Bulls He Has Given Himself His Greatest Challenge And Produced His Greatest Triumph In Playing For Keeps, David Halberstam Takes The First Full Measure Of Michael Jordan S Epic Career, One Of The Great American Stories Of Our Time A Narrative Of Astonishing Power And Human Drama, Brimming With Revealing Anecdotes And Penetrating Insights, The Book Chronicles The Forces In Jordan S Life That Have Shaped Him Into History S Greatest Basketball Player And The Larger Forces That Have Converged To Make Him The Most Famous Living Human Being In The World view spoiler Favorite bits Larry was so driven and so competitive athlete that if he had been 6 2 instead of 5 7 , I m sure Michael would ve been known as Larry s brother instead of Larry always being known as Michael s brother 19 said by Laney High coach Clifton Pop Herring The first signs of Michael s athletic excellence came in baseball he pitched several no hitters for the very good Wilmington little league team When he was 12, he pitched for Wilmington in the eastern regional little league championship game The winner would go to the Little League World Series He pitched a two hitter that day but his team lost 1 0 20 Did not make the varsity team in high school at first, but he became a JV star Jerry Reinsdorf learned in those years, he later said, that if you tried to be loved and respected, you re end up neither 25 Kra David Halberstam is to writing sports books the way Robert Caro is to biographies He was just so much better at it that it almost doesn t seem fair when others attempt it While Playing for Keeps is not quite as strong as The Breaks of the Game, it s still great What makes Halberstam s work so good is that he doesn t just profile one subject Michael Jordan rather he presents a story of the late 1980s and 1990s NBA This includes whole chapters that are about the rise of Nike, David Falk, the 1986 Celtics, and a host of other subjects that a normal biography would not spend much time explaining or thinking about The result is that Michael Jordan becomes interesting context to which you can view the rest of what s going on in basketball over a roughly 20 year period The only other caveat on this book is tha

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