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[ Read Online Acheron ↠´ zen PDF ] by Sherrilyn Kenyon ↠´ Loved it Best in the series, hands down It is an emotional read, but I think some of the reviews on here and on other boards are over doing it a bit when reviewing the first part I think its scaring some fans away Truth is it is an emotional, bitter sweet tortured hero story with an HEA It s a captivating, enthralling, and non stop page turning read It is also funny and heart warming with some surprising twists that will make dark hunter fans cheer I think JR Wards books are equal in the emotional angst and tortured hero storyline, so dark hunter fans should not hold off for fear of getting too emotional Its an amazing survival story, and it truly is Kenyon s best piece of work I loved how she used first person writing in several of the chapters, it really added so much And the world building remained solid and true to what we learned it all her other bo Caution this book is not for the faint of heartI m going to keep this short because there are no words to adequately describe this book It s one of the most emotional, gut wrenching, heartbreaking books I ve ever read, but at the same time it was inspiring, uplifting and completely amazing And I just can t find the words to do this book justice.
If you re a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon s Dark Hunter series, and who isn t Acheron is a dream come true We finally get the answers to so many questions and get into the heart of the true hero of the series Acheron s story is so dark, so tragic and so gruesome, but our hero of heroes gets his happily ever afteras well.
In general, the books in this series have fairly intense, explicit sexual scenes, but those parts of the book can be skipped over without losing the story if you re comfortable doing so I only mention this because in varying degre I hated most of this book.
Book 1 Acheron s torturous human life Good stuff Artemis was always a bitch.
Book 2 Present Day Crap shit Did someone else write this book I wasn t buying any of it, and I had many moments of extreme eye rolling.
I don t know what was worse, the horrible music and cheesey serenade in the club, or Acheron saying he wanted Tory on a platter It didn t seem like those were things he would do or say at all.
Acheron Parthenopaeus or Apostolos Atlantean God of Destruction and Soteria or Tori Kafieri Human Apostolos in greek, i.
e the man with a missionHis Soteria in greek i.
e his salvationTheir song Prison gates won t open up for meOn these hands and knees I m crawlin Oh, I reach for you, well I m terrified of these four wallsThese iron bars can t hold my soul inAll I need is you, come please, I m callin And, oh, I scream for youHurry, I m fallin , I m fallin Show me what it s likeTo be the last one standingAnd teach me wrong from rightAnd I ll show you what I can beSay it for me, say it to meAnd I ll leave this life behind meSay it if it s worth saving me Savin Me Nickelback I think I have developed a major crush on Acheron after I read his book I cou I reread this this weekend,and it still brings tears to my eyes what Acheron went though at the hands of people who were suppose to love and take care of him and the sick terrible things that the gods did to him also.
The first half of this book is a gut wrenched.
But the second half is full of redemption and Acheron finding love and for the first time in his life knowing the touch of someone who did not want to hurt him in some way Soteira is determined not to be put off by Acheron s bad ass actions and soon these two very different people will both have their moment of happiness and forever Acheron has always been my favorite Kenyon character and I will always love this dark hunter

The heroes AcheronFrom the very first moment I read about Acheron I was in love The mysterious, sexy, brooding, loving goth Dark Hunter leader captured my heart from the first page He is powerful but tries not to take advantage of his power even when people let him down left and right He takes care of those he loves and protects those he feels responsible for, he is always there when the others need him and never asks for sth in return You can t dislike him if you try Although at some points I thought everything would be better if he killed one or two or a hundred people PToryTbh Tory isn t what I had in mind for Acheron I wanted a heroine a little punk ish Maybe a badass with blades and scars someone like Tabitha but Tory had her own advantages She was fearless, loyal and accepted Acheron just as he was In the beginning I This was the book that I HIGHLY ANTICIPATED and pined for it and yearned for it, and after all that expectations building I WAS EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.
1 It was LONG I don t mind a long book as long as it keeps me riveted, and given all the convoluted back story around Acheron, I figured it s gonna be a blast and I m gonna gobble up every word Not so.
2 The h was meh She just wasn t anything special, and kind of random in terms of fated to be for Acheron He deserved someone truly special, but she was nothing special.
3 Maybe this book started it or helped the trend escalate the whole sexual torture thing I m not a fan I ve read plenty of books with this plot device, but I just felt like it was delved into with This book was awful The first part of the book was just the same thing over and over Ok yes I get it he was abused, everytime he trusted someone they betrayed him, yes I get it move on At one time I actually held the book in the air and screamed I GET IT, MOVE ON ALREADY My aunt,whom I was visiting, thought I was crazy Tory was weak, weak, weak,as a character and just not right for Acheron at all Well since he turned into a wimp in this book maybe they did make a good couple I think maybe Acheron and Phury from J.
r wards lover enshrined, took a class together on how to become whiney wimps, and they both graduated with A s in my opinion In this class an A was not the grade to shoot for I am done with buying the dark hunter series after this train This review is a little involved for me, than most I am a long time fan of the Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter series, by Sherrilyn Kenyon Some might think this would dispose me to be lenient in my evaluation, fawning with my opinions However, the opposite would prove to be true I find that I have such high expectations for Ms Kenyon s books, at this point, that there was a better certainty that I would be disappointed Truly, how could an author possibly deliver on all the anticipation that she has been building for readers such as me, since the introduction of this saga back in 2002, with Fantasy Lover Serendipity strikes, though, and Ms Kenyon not only delivers, she surpasses expectations, leaving them in the dust.
Devotees of this series know that Ms Kenyon can create heroes, villains and The Most Anticipated Story In The Blockbuster Dark Hunter Series The Never Before Revealed Story Of The Dark Hunter Leader, Acheron He Was Made Human In Order To Escape Death, But In Death He Was Reborn A God Eleven Thousand Years Ago A God Was Born Cursed Into The Body Of A Human, Acheron Spent A Lifetime Of Shame However, His Human Death Unleashed An Unspeakable Horror That Almost Destroyed The Earth Then, Brought Back Against His Will, Acheron Became The Sole Defender Of MankindOnly It Was Never That Simple For Centuries, He Has Fought For Our Survival And Hidden A Past He Ll Do Anything To Keep Concealed Until A Lone Woman Who Refuses To Be Intimidated By Him Threatens His Very ExistenceNow His Survival, And Ours, Hinges On Hers And Old Enemies Reawaken And Unite To Kill Them Both War Has Never Been Deadly Or Fun

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