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[Sherry Thomas] Â His At Night [chancellorsville-campaign PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Historical romance lover that I am, for some bizarre reason I ve been avoiding Sherry Thomas on purpose because the stories just didn t seem all that interesting Strangely enough I did the same thing with Shana Ab and now I can t say enough good about either author and they re exceptionally talented writing style For a book that doesn t have much steam just like Ab s Thomas wrote a very original story that had me whipping right through the 417 pages in just a few short days.
The story is deftly put together seamlessly combining love story, mystery and thriller Normally I don t like thrillers in my historical romances because they turn into silly capers, but not here The novel opens with a spy powwow basically They are trying to figure out how to get inside and the heroine s uncle s house without being suspected of anything The hero, Lord Vere, an otherwise brilliant man, plays the role I absolutely loved this book I m not sure anything can surpass my love for Private Arrangements, but after reading this one back to back with Not Quite a Husband, which I also adored, I think this one s my second favorite after all HaN starts lightly enough Lord Vale is a Crown s agent pretending to be an idiot, working on a case about the heroine s uncle Ellisande on the other hand wants to escape her uncle s home anyway she can And the opportunity presents itself when Vale and a group of other yound men and women ask for refuge in her house while her uncle is away If only she can get someone to marry her before her uncle comes back, she ll finally be free But light and humorous as it seems, there is darkness hidden beneath and it slowly but steadily reveals itself Vale is a man who s extremely lonely because of his charade, hiding his true self from eve Love Is Hottest In The Darkness Before Dawn Elissande Edgerton Is A Desperate Woman, A Virtual Prisoner In The Home Of Her Tyrannical Uncle Only Through Marriage Can She Claim The Freedom She Craves But How To Catch The Perfect Man Lord Vere Is Used To Baiting Irresistible Traps As A Secret Agent For The Government, He S Tracked Down Some Of The Most Devious Criminals In London, All The While Maintaining His Cover As One Of Society S Most Harmless And Idiotic Bachelors But Nothing Can Prepare Him For The Scandal Of Being Ensnared By ElissandeForced Into A Marriage Of Convenience, Elissande And Vere Are Each About To Discover That They Re Not The Only One With A Hidden Agenda With Seduction Their Only Weapon And A Dark Secret From The Past Endangering Both Their Lives Can They Learn To Trust Each Other Even As They Surrender To A Passion That Won T Be Denied My first Sherry Thomas book, and while some say this book has a lighter feel to it, it still packs a big emotional wallop, that had me going through a major range of emotions from anger, to tears and cheers Sometimes it can be hard to feel for the characters, and for me it took sometime for me to really feel and understand where Vere was coming from At first glance he comes across as a loveable idiot But as an agent of the crown, he can move freely when everyone just thinks you don t have any brains in your head This works so well for Vere that he even convinces his own brother, whom he sees the hope die each time they meet that he would one day be the amazing man he once was Vere at times was a hard pill to shallow You felt for him, but it was hard to understand where he was coming from, but slowly the layers are taken a Every romance novel needs an obstacle The idea is that the characters are perfectly suited for each other but there is something that is stopping them from being together some misunderstanding or some dark secret for example.
The first thing to do if you want to write a romance novel is to come up with that obstacle Sherry Thomas came up with this let s make the male lead really smart and handsome but let s make him pretend he is dumbshit because he is a secret agent and dumbshit is his cover Now the female lead is a clever girl so she is appalled by the fact that Lord Vere is as dumb as a box of rocks but also weirdly attracted to him because he has a six pack and a very big you know what which she discovered when she accidentally sat on his lap This is the situation I quite often found myself in so I could emphatise I usually gave those guys the benefit Admittedly, I m hard to impress when it comes to standard romance novels But I can t stand it when these books are peddled as something they re not His At Night is another in that oh so risque clump of romances the ones that want to be Hardcore Fiction in ways not dictated by Tab A Slot B sex But it didn t work.
Novels like this are terrified of offending their audience They re desperate to reassure the reader that there s a familiar path, regardless of changing this trope or that angle of seduction And that desperation leads to the same boring subplots of secondary charactersthe same spoonfed emotion laden monologuesthe same fakey relationship rollercoasters shorthand character development, regardless of whatever bizarre backstory or villainy is wedged between scenes of psychological lint picking However, since Vere feels free to gnaw on overwrought bits of wa 3.

5 starsI m conflicted over this one My feelings kept changing as I kept reading this My first Sherry Thomas read and this book in particular kept coming my way so I caved and gave it a shot The overall idea and story set up was intriguing and not typical But the execution of it could have been better in some parts I started out enchanted with the hero and heroine s first meeting Cliche in many ways yes But still, these two people who are so lonely and have to playact most of their life to hide something, I found it sweet and poetic that they would find solace and happiness in each other But then things went all helter skelter when the heroine Elissande, who is in desperate straits, view spoiler sets up the hero Lord Vere into getting caught with her so they would have to get married hide spoiler His At Night was a very clever, multi layered story It is about two people who live their lives while playing out a role, 24 hours out of the day Both Vere and Elissande have very good reasons for why they pretend to be someone that they are not Vere does it to right wrongs, to exact vengeance when he could not save his mother so many years ago Elissande does it for her survival.
I was quite impressed with how Ms Thomas wrote this book that made me laugh myself giddy in some scenes, and feel a deep sense of sadness, frustration, and anger in other scenes You see, Vere plays the fool, and he does it very well He pretends to be what many called an idiot I wonder how I would feel if I knew him Probably, I would find myself loving him and wanting to protect him, since the world is cruel to people who are different and who His At Night will surprise readers of Sherry ThomasPrivate ArrangementsandNot Quite a Husbandused to her regretful, subtly intense narratives and realistic characters and dialogue Both novels follow the conflicts facing two fully realized people in a relationship In contrast, His At Night hinges on a implausible premise unrelated to the central romance, where hero Lord Vere adopts the pose of an idiot for years as an agent of the Crown Perhaps the rockiest leg of this foundation is that Vere adopts this pose even before his younger brother, who idolized his intelligence and competence before Vere s life changing accident and afterward becomes his devoted keeper On the one hand, Thomas spins us a terribly heartrending situation where a brother must every day hurt and disappoin

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