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↠´ The Architect of Sleep è Download by ↠´ Steven R. Boyett The most and only disappointing part about this book was that there is no sequel LOLI ve had this on my book shelf for many a year since the mid 80s and, after a few false starts, went ahead and read it It had been so long couldn t for the life of me remember why I had bought it and not read it all the way I don t know, but I think the whole school year experience this time around has particularly drained me of any rational independent or creative thought processes Any way, of course just about 4 5ths of the way through an enjoyable read I realized why I hadn t read it it s unfinished For damn near two decades plus Boyett has not written the sequel I checked out his site and a few others looking for a hint or two concerning the next part I found rumours mostly the second book is writte Jim Bentley S Plans For The Evening Were Simple A Movie And The Graveyard Shift At The Eleven That Was Before He Stumbled Into Another World Evolution Has Taken A Very Different Direction On This Parallel Earth, But Some Things Are Constant Jim Bentley Has Fallen Straight From His Ordinary Life Into The Most Constant Thing Of All War Even As He Struggles To Learn The Ways Of A Strange Culture, To Make A Place For Himself In What Seems Likely To Be His Home For The Rest Of His Life, The Tides Of Revolution Are Rising Around Him Jim Bentley Has A Part To Play In This War For His Coming Has Been Foretold By True Dreamers His Feet Are Already Set On A Path That Leads To The Heart Of The Crisis Like It Or Not, He Is Vital To The War Efforts Of The Architect of Sleep After a near mishap while exploring a cave, Jim Bentley emerges to find a humanoid raccoon using a fishing pole What strange world has he stumbled into And will he ever find his way home Since we re both dorks, my lady friend and I have had multiple conversations about which animals would be likely to evolve once humanity is dust in the wind Raccoons are said to be one of the most adaptable species so they get my vote When this book, complete with humanoid raccoon cover, popped up on my Goodreads feed, it was a no brainer.
The Architect of Sleep is told in alternating chapters, ones from the point of view of Jim Bentley and ones from the point of view of the intelligent raccoon he has nicknamed Truck Bentley is a fish out of water, learning the sign language of the raccoons while he explores the world in Truck s company Truck has her own reasons for wanderin I enjoyed the journey of this science fantasy There are two narrators in the story who are different in every way They become friends and allies in the conflict for the new world.
Like other reviewers, I wish the sequel were available I found the world and struggle in the alternate world to be compelling and interesting The most interesting feature of the story to me was the beginning of learning the signing language of the raccoon people The author was very clear and realistic in explaining the difficulty in learning communication between the human and raccoon.
This book is very erudite, educated and sophisticated I had to look up a few words in this story, which is very unusual for me This book is probably best for very educated readers Readers w Since I originally bought this book I ve lived in four cities, two countries, had two husbands, and one son It s stayed on my shelf because I remembered liking it a lot So I thought almost 30 years later I would reread it and see if it stood up to my memories It did.
Think of this book as an updated version of John Carter of Mars, except starring a loser 20 something who ends up on a planet of evolved raccoons, and our hero is never going to get the girl she s a raccoon, not a hot green lizard woman like Dejah Thoris It s by turns funny, sad, and always fascinating I love what Boyett did with gender and language, and found the politics interesting I continue to feel that the book s major defect the fact that Boyett is never going to write the damn sequel And that s why I ve been carrying around, packin I m not sure how to give this a star rating because it is the first and only book in an unfinished series It is a good read full of good characters and wonderful world building and at times it explores some interesting philosophical questions However near the end I found the philosophical detours detracted from the action I also found the last 50 or so pages difficult to read because by then I had realized the story would not conclude so it s hard to say how much of my impatience with the philosophizing near the end was real or tied to my disappointment and frustration Still, the writing has held up since it was first written almost 30 years ago It would be nice to see it finished because it contains some interesting ideas but I m not holding out much hope just a little hope.

A fascinatingly different alien culture Looking forward to finding.
A pleasantly surprising story A hidden gem, very well written and very interesting Jim Bentley goes about his business on a typical day feeds his dog, makes plans to see a movie with his girlfriend, checks in with work at his nightjob at a 7 11, and then goes spelunking for the day Then his life is turned upside down when he goes through some kind of weird portal in the cave Everything looks different, species almost extinct on Earth are plentiful and he can t find a sign of his vehicle or anyone else And then he meets a raccoon who is much larger than raccoons he knows, and who is much intelligent able to use sign language to communicate Jim says Need I say it I was Charlton Heston This was Planet of the Raccoons I recommend this story because it was very well written Jim s emotions are believeable and the pace in which he learns about This book is amazing I bought it used after being a huge fan of Boyett ever since reading his contribution to the awesome zombie fest anthology,Book of the Dead from the late 80 s His short story, Like Pavlov s Dogs still holds up after than 20 years so I finally decided to track of this author s work Enter, The Arquitect of Sleep, to me the title was a bit vague especially after seeing a raccoon humanoid on the cover but trust me, the story is fantastic, the characters and action all very entertaining and well written I m really not a hardcore sci fi fantasy fan and you don t need to be in order to enjoy the book It s very eighties, a lot of fun and brings me back to my youth daydreaming of escaping class into some far away land.
If you can track a copy down I totally recommend I d love to get a hard bound version but fo

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