✓ The Moral Animal: Why We Are the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology Ð Download by ✓ Robert Wright

✓ The Moral Animal: Why We Are the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology Ð Download by ✓ Robert Wright This is one of those seminal books to me at least that has a lot to say about the nature of human relationships Quotes p 36 while there are various reasons why it could make Darwinian sense for a woman to mate with than one man maybe the first man was infertile, for example there comes a time when having sex just isn t worth the trouble Better to get some rest or grab a bite to eat For a man, unless he s really on the brink of collapse or starvation, that time never comes Each new partner offers a very real chance to get genes into the next generation a much valuable prospect, in the Darwinian calculus, than a nap or a meal As the evolutionary psychologists martin Daly and Margo Wilson have succinctly put it for males there is always the possibility of doing better There is a He doesn t find your cat story interesting, and he won t call in the morning He has gazillions of sperm and you have 400 eggs Harry was right when he told Sally men and women can t be friends Any guy who tells you otherwise is just trying to sleep with you They re all trying to sleep with you, all the time Your co workers, your friends, the traffic cop, your high school math teacher, your cousins, all of them all the time Even the gay ones And that s why they invented fire, the wheel, carrots, sport cars, and football To get some.
If you find yourself uncomfortable while hearing about genes for altruism or genes for retaliation.
, then this book is for you It will clear many misunderstandings about what is meant by a Selfish Gene In fact, the book has many explanations that would have been good for Dawkins to include in later editions of his book The Selfish Gene or write about later Like Dawkins book, The Moral Animal talks much about altruism and how it can be understood in the new Darwinian light based on kin selection and reciprocal altruism The book is surely disturbing and Wright doesn t shy away from taking ideas to their logical conclusions Many things are counter intuitive, like for example how monogamy is contrary to the popular belief good for men than women, since in the former many men will be without wives but no women without husbands He argues that monogamy was probably adopted

On the road from Gethsemane to Calvary I lost my way For some obscure reason when I read the last page of this book and put it down, the above quote from one of the Lewis television series sprang to mind I had to recheck the internet to ensure that my memory was in fact correct.
I lost my way and my mission in fact with this book The Moral Animal on page 128 464 and my positive thoughts gradually diminished as I began the slippery downward slide to the last page I thought it was excellently written up to then This book promised me everything I wanted in a book on evolution and Darwin has interested and intrigued me for years, leading me onto my current fascination with genetics.
This was meant to show me the new science of evolutionary psychology but this didn t prove to be the case.
It is a study of men and women and relationships It compares the Vict So where does man get his morals from Some people would say God That assumes there is some absolute idea of virtue and morals handed to us from the almighty Best evidence against this The Bible read the first four books of the Old Testament, not just the ten commandments, and then tell me you would want to live in a society that allows you to sell your daughter into slavery and stone your spouse for adultery Clearly our ideas of morality evolve and continues to evolvefor the better in my opinionPerhaps the question should be not where but how do we get morality and virtues Sociology see social values as originating to unify people and protect themselves from their own savage natures But if this is true why do people often c I believe whoever wants to better understand the world, know why they feel what they feel and know why people behave the way they do, has to read evolutionary psychology.
This book provided me with two critical pieces I had been missing in the puzzle of evolution.
I had learned that many desires of ours are the manifestation of our genes I also had learned that the environment is also responsible for shaping a huge portion of our behavior But I lacked the knowledge of the relationship between the two and I also didn t know the precise relation of the environment and the genes in forging our behavior Now, thanx to this book, I do.
It turns out that the evolution implants knobs in our brain, but how low or high these knobs are set to, is determined by the environment It was a huge revelation for me.
I also have been pondering the bound First and foremost an uncritical read of this book will leave you feeling cynical and a bit cheated It ranks up there with E.
O Wilson s Sociobiology and Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene though I ll admit that I know those two primarily by reputation, having read excerpts and not their entireties It would be very easy to find yourself getting defensive about the material presented in here especially if you believe humans to be some special exception among animals.
Meanwhile, with a critical approach, you ll find that you cannot get Robert Wright s text out of your head it is insightful, intellectually rigorous, even handed, and at times palpably funny Plus, you will find that it informs a great many all of the human discourse verbal or otherwise that you encounter daily how certain traits and behaviors came to be and the functions they serve.
D Are Men Literally Born To Cheat Does Monogamy Actually Serve Women S Interests These Are Among The Questions That Have Made The Moral Animal One Of The Most Provocative Science books In Recent Years Wright Unveils The Genetic Strategies Behind Everything From Our Sexual Preferences To Our Office Politics As Well As Their Implications For Our Moral Codes And Public Policies Illustrations Evolutionary psychology has been used far too much to excuse men for raping women and fucking up our society with wars and patriarchy I refuse to respect it I think it s working to excuse us for the things we should be able to rise above Wright does fight the absolutists and say this science is not an excuse for how much we hurt each other, but if he is so enlightened, can t he see that he is at the same time validating a science that is increasingly and aggresively being used as fuel for the anti anti rape movement He is saying, I like this science and think it explains us, first and foremost His fails to remember that simply calling it science attaches a term to it that, as history shows, leads people to use any This book is about 1 3 decent application of evolutionary theory, 1 3 stretching theory to cover subjects behaviors that it might fit but there is no real evidence for just logical reasoning , and 1 3 arm waiving of barely thought out evolutionary explanations It also seems to be based largely on a few papers written in the 70s, constantly bringing up the same papers Note the number of times the author mentions Trivers papers Additionally, the tone of the book or train of thought of the writer seemed to change a lot, which made for kind of awkward transitions when reading multiple sections in one sitting.
On a side note, I did find the anecdotes about Darwin s life and relationships pretty interesting, and a funny choice for use as examples of evolution in social behavior.
Even though I didn t particularly li

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