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[ Pdf Cake Keeper Cakes ☆ human-development PDF ] by Lauren Chattman È Few Things Are As Satisfying As A Sweet Snack That S Mouthwateringly Moist So Skip The Cookie Jar And Head For The Cake Keeper In Cake Keeper Cakes, Lauren Chattman, The Author Of Dessert Express, Presents Simple And Delicious Recipes That Stand Up To Everyday Eating Made From Only The Most Wholesome Ingredients, Lauren S Heavenly Creations Include Espresso Hazelnut Bundt Cake, Banana And Bittersweet Chocolate Cake, Citrus Pound Cake, Raspberry Yellow Cake Squares, And Mississippi Mud Cake Designed With The Busy Baker In Mind, This Intoxicating Cookbook Shows How To Make Long Lasting Cakes Like Mom Used To, In A Lot Less Time A delightful cookbook that focuses on cakes A host of delicious recipes and, thankfully, plenty of pictures It helps me to choose a recipe from a photo, so when cookbooks lack photographs I tend not to use them quite as much.
My favorites were Blackberry Pecan Snack CakeFresh Strawberry Cake with White Chocolate ChipsPoppy Seed CakeSour Cream and Lemon CakeSpiced Orange and Cranberry Snacking CakesApple and Cheddar CakeCornmeal Almond CakeCherry Cornmeal Upside Down CakeLemon Poppyseed Angel Food Cake w Lemon Cream Cheese glaze This is a succinct little recipe book of plain cakes bundts, pound cakes, snack cakes.
The recipes would be great for a novice baker, or someone looking to whip up a cake in a hurry I thought it could use photos.
There are a lot of books out there about baking cakes What I especially like about this one is that the cakes are easy to make and range in sophistication from those that would please a child to those that could be served at a very fancy party You don t need any special equipment, and you don t need to be a first class decorator to make delicious cakes your friends and family will love I am especially fond of the triple chocolate Bundt cake and the gingerbread pound cake recipes The yogurt cake is especially nice when you find out you have unexpected guests coming for dinner and have less than two hours to prepare It s delicious with fresh berries or with ice cream drizzled with fudge or caramel sauce I plan to serve some of the cakes at my upcoming Christmas party this year.
This is a great cake book it is breezy, inspiring and pretty Lauren Chattman hearkens back to a time when folks dropped by each others houses on the way home for a snack and a chat These cakes are accessible and promise to be delicious With most cakes keeping at least 3 days, this provides a year of cakes Only 2 stars because 2 of the 3 recipes I tried were a bust Like, really, REALLY a bust The Peanut Butter Cake w Butterfinger Ganache looked superb didn t get to taste it , but the Triple Choclate Cake crumbled at the slightest touch and the Applesauce Streusel didn t stay together So, steer clear of those two for sure.
Update on this I made and actually tried the Peanut Butter Cake mentioned above and it was pretty dry and not exciting Looks great, but tastes so so.
I ve made a couple of cakes like a Mississippi Mud Cake that turned out okay I prefer cookbooks that have a photo for every recipe, which this one doesn t Still it was a good price.
Can t wait to try some of these recipes Who doesn t love cake Well actually, there s probably quite a few people who don t love cake But this book is for those people like myself who do love cake and you like to bake but either have very little time or you re not so flash in the kitchen.
The recipes in this book are designed to be quick and easy so that anyone can use them and anyone can make them I found the instructions quite easy and straight forward to follow All of the ingredients are fairly obtainable too so there won t be any surprise exotic ingredients nobody has ever heard of before.
The pictures in this book are amazing I was watering at the mouth as I read through all the recipes and then the pictures of some of them looked so nice I assure you, you will not flick nothing special here

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