Trailer ☆ The Life of Meaning: Reflections on Faith, Doubt, and Repairing the World PDF by è Bob Abernethy

Trailer ☆ The Life of Meaning: Reflections on Faith, Doubt, and Repairing the World PDF by è Bob Abernethy I ve enjoyed watching the tv show Religion and Ethics News Weekly This book is interviews with different people and was ultimately unsatisfying.
I ve read this book over two years with an interfaith women s discussion group, and it s a wonderful, thought provoking book of interviews essays with spiritual leaders and thinkers about faith While not every essay resonated with me, a significant number of them did I m sure I ll come back to this book again to read individual essays It s a great book to read and discuss with others interested in faith and interfaith.
PBS S Religion Ethics NewsWeekly, Which Bob Abernethy Conceived And Anchors, Has Been Described As The Best Spot On The Television Landscape To Take In The Broad View Of The Spiritual Dimension Of American Life By The Christian Science Monitor Finally, Wrote The San Francisco Chronicle, Something Intelligent On TV About Religion Now, Together With His Coauthor William Bole, Abernethy Has Turned His Attention To Making A Book That Asks All The Big Questions And Elicits The Most Surprising Answers From A Who S Who Of Today S Serious Religious And Spiritual Thinkers From Across The Spectrum Of Faiths And DenominationsIn This Thoughtful Collection, Extraordinary People Give Their Personal And Private Accounts Of Their Own Spiritual Struggle Their Insights On Community, Prayer, Suffering, Religious Observance, The Choice To Live With Or Without A God, And The Meanings That Are Gleaned From Everyday Life Form An Elegant Meditation On The Desire For Something Beyond What We Can See And Measure More Than Fifty Contributors, Including Jimmy Carter, Francis Collins, The Dalai Lama, Robert Franklin, Irving Greenberg, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Harold Kushner, Anne Lamott, Madeleine L Engle, Thomas Lynch, Martin Marty, Mark Noll, Rachel Remen, Marilynne Robinson, Barbara Brown Taylor, Studs Terkel, Thich Nhat Hanh, Phyllis Tickle, Desmond Tutu, Jean Vanier, And Marianne Williamson Sorry if this is the second version of this review I thought I saved the one I had written, but I don t think I did Anyway, I usually try to read theology, church history, and or religious writing during Lent This is the first one that I read Overall, I enjoyed this very much The writings are written texts from interviews of the people in the book Some of the interviews were with some of my such as Frederick Buechner, Madeline L Engle and Anne Lamott One of my former proferssor s, Martin Marty is also in here and it was fun to read what he had said I also love the title of one of Marty s articles God is Not Going to Whomp You The strengths of this book include a wide range of religious spiritual beliefs Most of the world s major religions are represented, as well as people who do not consider themselves religious but spiritual There were interviews with very conser I m reading this for a discussion group at church, and the author, Bob Abernethy of Religion and Ethics Newsweekly on PBS, will be coming to speak with us I ll report further when all that has occurred So far I m finding the book a collection of interviews with many different people quite good I ve especially liked a couple of interviews with scientists who can reconcile science and faith.
This spiritual writing is a compilation of reflections on various themes including evil and suffering, prayer, faith, religions and service to the world Writers include many noted spiritual authors such as Marianne Williamson, Madeleine L Engle and Barbara Brown Taylor A good tool for daily meditation.
I am still reading this very big book as I read several other books I will have to take it back to the library but I love what I have read so far and may even buy this book It is so interesting and inspiring to read what other people,especially people brighterthan me, have to share on matters so important.

Just picked this up It was highly recommended by a friend that couldn t wait and read several selections to me on the phone It s another reader a collection of essays I have a lot of these and they get pulled from my shelf or pile and read in dribs and drabs.
A collection of interviews covering various aspects of life from a spiritual and or religious perspective An evenly good selection from a wide range of people, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes inspiring, sometimes giving an unexpected insight, sometimes just what you might expect from that person given their religious affiliation.
This was a wonderful and inspiring read two qualities very much appreciated today.

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