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[ Pdf Menudo Ä race PDF ] by Louis Armand Ä Set In Mexico, Menudo Is A Radical Montage Of Overlapping Accounts Of A Crime Details Multiply, Repeat, Segue Into One Another, But Do Not Add Up These Include Laboratory Transcripts The Diary Of A Drug Addict In Mexico City The Testimony Of A Malaria Patient In A Sanatorium An Escapee And A Catholic Priest In A Village Near Tapachula An Archaeologist At Yaxchillan

i am on the other side of a piece of film the dark bodies seem like crude works of fiction the barely recorded details of an absence.
Menudo is a thump to the head unrelenting, a flying wedge, an encyclopedia of the wasteland, an uzi assault pumping desolation lead inspiring.
Imagine a three way collision between Burroughs, Kathy Acker and Pierre Guyotat, with Malcolm Lowry and Artaud as the only eyewitness.

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