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[ Read Online Gods of Green Mountain ↠´ streetmap PDF ] by V.C. Andrews Ú Slow differentjust ehhh Ok So I was one of the people who saw this and thought Virginia Andrews and Sci Fi that won t work having now read the book I hold up my hands and admit I was wrong Despite my reservations about this book it works on so many levels I have no idea why it does but it does When reading Virginia Andrews books you expect rape incest family secrets The usual doom and gloom that we all know and love Admittedly this has its fair share of doom and gloom when it depicts how awful their lives are at first but it s just an amazing story I could barely put it down at times I really loved it Refreshingly different to what I ve come to expect from this author.
Warning Spoilers In every folklore tale there was some grain of truth hidden beneath all the nonsense Gods of Green MountainI truly hope people will actually discuss Gods of Green Mountain VCA is often labelled as trashy, trivial and her work thrives on manure I hope to change a few minds at least VCA herself loved sci fi and believe it or not the Dollanganger series has all the higher themes of sci fi Both Gods of Green Mountain and the Dollanganger series shed some theories on creation The Dollanganger series begins with the Biblical Big Question of Creation Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What make st thou Isaiah 45 9One of my favourite quotes from the Gods of Green Mountain is about creation and evolution We are filling in the gap, from primitive peoples, into creatures near godlike Ras FaCompare that to a Although sci fi is not my cup of tea, this book was written by the real VC Andrews and those are rare things so I decided to give it a try Again it wasn t my kind of book, but I did enjoy parts of the story The characters she created Far Awn, Baka, Sharita all well drawn out, their flaws and imperfections making them seem real As with all books written by the real VC Andrews she put her heart and soul into creating the story, the world it s set in and the people who live in it and it shows It is a shame she died so young who knows what her imagination could ve dreamed up Three and a half stars for being a decent book once you get past the sci fi bits and for being a rare original story written by Andrews herself.
I would have never had expected Andrews to try her hand at a sci fi novel What we have here is something different and truly in her style as she writes her usual family saga set in a different world altogether.
C Andrews apparently said this was one of her favourites, and made her brothers promise it be published An ebook is kind of a disappointing way to follow through, but at least it gives people a chance to read it.
Not that it s saying much, given her other work, but I think this is the best things she s written I don t want to spoil it, because I honestly enjoyed it greatly and while I guessed on a few things that ended up being correct, I was never really positive.
Read it if you can enjoy a simple sci fi tale, which lacks obligatory incest etc of Andrews normal books.
Imagine A Planet With Two Blazing Suns A World Inhabited By Mortals With Flaming Red Hair, Saffron Colored Skin, And Violet Eyes A Place Where Extreme And Often Violent Weather Conditions Force The People Underground Where They Will Be Safeuntil The Next Furious Storm Strikes This Strange Land Is El Sod A Por, The Ill Favored One, And In The Far Distance Sits The Green Mountain, Home Of The Gods Gods Who Have No Mercy But Everything Changes When A Fearless Young Man, Far Awn, Defies His Father S Warnings And Travels Tirelessly, In Search Of A Star Shaped Opalescent FlowerThis Miraculous Plant Becomes The Source Of Never Ending Food And Can Even Be Made Into Clear Atmospheric Domes, Which Enclose Entire Cities To Ensure Peace And ProtectionYears Later El Sod A Por Is Known As El Dorriane, The Ideal, And Ras Far, Grandson Of The Revered Far Awn, Is King The People Happily Live A Life Of Plenty Until An Entire City Is Mysteriously Wiped Out A Civil War Between The Upper And Lower Dorrianians Ignites, Forcing The King To Send An Entourage Of The Bravest And Strongest Men From Each Province To The Green Mountain To Seek Answers To This Unexpected UnrestRas Far S Only Child, The Beautiful And Headstrong Sharita, Demands To Go With The Men Across The Arid Desert Plains To Meet The GodsThe Handsome Barbarian Dray Gon, From Lower Dorriane, Leads The Expedition, But He Sees The Princess As An Unnecessary Burden Now He Will Have To Shield Her From The Ruthless Sandstorms And Evil Outlaws Who Will Attempt To Enslave Her At Any Opportunity As The Unprecedented Journey Begins, Their Love Hate Relationship Transforms Into An Enthralling Passion, As The Princess S Icy Exterior Begins To Thaw And Dray Gon Turns From A Hard Edged Savage Into A Gentle Hero But When They Finally Reach The Green Mountain, They Are Met With A Shocking Revelation That Challenges Everything They Ever Believed To Be True My first only V C Andrews book A waste Why did I bother to finish this book The book was different, a tad interesting but so far off base from her regular writing Not impressed with this one, the time span throughout the book was rushed I didn t feel she spent enough on the characters at the beginning just wasn t real impressed, this book didn t hold my interest like every other book she has written and I have read almost all of them But I am a HUGE fan of VC Andrews, so I will continue to read her work, hopefully they will be along the lines of her normal story telling.
Wow What a phenomenal take on life as we ponder it This is not my normal go to for reading but I am so glad I did I am in awe I would say this is a sort of Si Fi Fantasy version of the creation of human life Or not You will have to read to decide for yourself Normally, I would not open up a book of this genre Thanks to this fabulous author, I did I am grateful too

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