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Ú Passion Untamed ✓ Download by × Pamela Palmer Though The Mage Witch, Skye, Has A Gentle Heart, Demonic Forces Have Enslaved Her, Forcing Her To Kidnap Paenther, A Powerful And Dangerous Feral Warrior Even Chained And Naked, Paenther Is A Cunning Prisoner Who Seduces Her, Body And Soul, Turning Captive Into Captor Paenther S Pride Demands Revenge Against The Enchantress Who Emerged From The Deep Woods Like A Sensual Vision And Enthralled Him, Even As She Makes His Body Burn With Passion Despite His Fury Over Her Treachery, Skye S Gentle Beauty Calls To His Soul, Calming The Wild Chaos Within Him, And Stealing His Heart But When Evil Threatens, Paenther And Skye S Only Chance At Survival Is To Trust In One Anotherand The Power Of Love I have really enjoyed this series Here s my breakdown The pros The hero and heroine had such great chemistry I truly felt their connection and appreciated it not feeling like insta love Smoking hot sex and passion A fast paced plotThe cons I tired of everyone constantly being suspicious the heroine Paenther continually compared her to Ancreta a witch from his past that had hurt him All of the other Feral Warriors were just as bad with Skye Not only did they doubt her, but they were just MEAN to her without actual cause It really started to piss me off as the story progressed and she was nothing but honest It just seemed to be too much when she had really given them no reason to be so distrustful of her as I liked this book, I really did I liked Paenther and Skye and their romance was sweet and hot But the names kept tripping me up I kept thinking I was reading a paranormal romance starring the Thundercats Ho Most people give this series a bad rap because of the charters names Well, to me they are at least easy to pronounce unlike most books This whole series has lots of rituals and most of them involve sex.
I myself like the different rituals in this series, to me its separates them form the rest of shape shifting series or at least none I have came across I normally steer away from books with quite a bit of abuse I don t like pain or, to read of pain in animals or humans, this book has both If you can get by the abuse please try this book it kept me turning the pages just to see what happens next, most books like this I just put down and never pick back up but Palmer keep things interesting and doesn t drag Skye is a mage or a witch she is the enchantress of animals, she has been abused by Birik form the young age of eight you say why did she not leave well, she has t This series needs to be read in order Paenther was kidnapped in the previous book The author does a little rehashing to let the readers know how Paenther ended up the Mage s prisoner, but there isdetail in Obsession Untamed Paenther loathes the entire Mage race, with good reason He and another Feral was once held prisoner by one This Mage tortured him and two of his fellow warriors He had two very simple goals then, escape and vengeance, now he has those same goals again He is still in pursuit of Vhyper and the Daemon Blade Skye is a Mage and the readers learn very quickly that she has little control over her life I do not believe one can call what she has a life She has been abused and her magical ability has been used and exploited since she was a small child I believe that it was the events in Skye s life that made the romance of this book s Panther and Skye Rapture Untamed by Pamela Palmer The human world could never understand who and what lives among them, if they did Goddess help them Ferals can shape shift into animals, whether it be big cats, an eagle, wolf or snake to protect the human race from the Mage, Draden and Daemons beings that are hell bent on destroying the humans and Ferals.
Jag Jaguar the bad ass Feral who never has a kind word for anyone, finds joy in annoying Olivia, a Draden kissed woman More than beauty, she possesses very special powers that she has had to keep secret for centuries If anyone found out, she would surely be destroyed by either of the tribes whether it be Feral, Mage, Draden or Daemon since she is dangerous to all Unfortunately, Jag figures out what she is and since she s never given him a second glance something that causes This, the third of the Feral Warriors series, has sexy 6 6 tall warrior shapeshifters, mages, an archsorcerer, daemon wraiths, an unwanted attraction, a loss and love found everything a good paranormal romance could need.
Paenther takes the lead this time when he is captured by a mage witch again much to his chagrin he s gotta stop letting little paenther lead him around She s the enemy but she somehow eases the rage he s lived with for about 300 years.
Skye, the heroine, is a young mage with an affinity for the Earth s creatures who is being forced to use her gift for evil by a power hungry mage who has kept her captive, beaten and abused for 30 yrs He s broken her will but not her spirit.
Helping to create the darkness of the first half of the book, Vyper is found to be enchanted and Foxx is acting rather strange as well On the other hand, there is a really cute scene 2.
5 stars Passion Untamed had everything wrong I ve come to expect from this series Horrible covers It s so clear he s wearing a wig And that pose I imagining he s saying Boo Hero or heroine kidnaps the heroine or hero Another kidnapping How swell In this case though, the heroine is the one that grabs the hero and keeps him against his will This was the worst kidnapping of them all because the guy was in chains and raped to boot when a man says no , it s NO, even if he has an erection I wasn t as furious as in that other book with male rape because in this case, Skye was clearly under duress But I found it weird that when Paenther attempted to do the same the author called it rape he didn t go through with it but when Skye actually raped Paenther, the author just said she forced herself on him Why the change in language If it was rape in on This one really hits all the emotional cords Skye s enthrallment of Paenther brings back memories of the first time he is capture by a witch and what she does to him causes a rift between him and Skye for most of the book Even when he starts to fall for her after escaping their imprisonment, Paenther has a difficult time fulling trusting her because of what she is To me Skye wasthe victim here She was taken away by the evil Mage Birik when she was just 8 years old because of her strong powers He did horrible things to her for over 4 decades and I wanted Birik taken downfor Skye than Paenther After experiencing nothing but cruelty from Mages, the other Ferals are very hostile towards Skye It was sweet the way that Paenther stood up for her against men he considers his own brothers These two had a rocky journey to be together from the start and in the end

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