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[ Read Online Sinfest, Vol. 1 Ä the-1700s PDF ] by Tatsuya Ishida Ä Tatsuya Ishida S Daily Strip Has Become One Of The World S Most read And Longest Running Webcomics Drawing On Wide Ranging Influences Most Notably Bill Watterson S Remarkable Calvin And Hobbes Sinfest Xplores Religion, Advertising, Sex, And Politics In A Way Fleen Calls Both Brutally Funny And Devastatingly On Target In An Era When Most Newspaper Strips Have Become Watered Down And Uninspired, Sinfest Comes As A Breath Of Fresh Air This Volume Collects Nearly Six Hundred Sinfest Strips Including The First Installments Of Ninja Theatre, Beat Poetry, Calligraphy Lessons, And The Irresistible Pooch Percival Strips With An Introduction By Dirk Deppey Of The Comics Journal And A Peak At Sinfest S College Newspaper Origins While there are a few things in this strip that don t work for me, what does work than make up for it I love God s hand puppets and the other religious figures that appear and the strips with the dog and cat Lots of fun.
Found this title on a blog called Flashlight Worthy in their Best Graphic Novels of 2009 list It s a completely un politically correct comic strip Very funny if you re not easily offended Definitely adult material.
I love Sinfest, but this first volume really illustrates how rough the ideas and characters were in the beginning I still loved it, but it definitely gives insight into the history of the characters.
Gotta love Pooch and Percival My favourite comic strip web and print It s so great to have it in book form I hope they continue publishing them.
3 This is a really solid, well drawn, web comic, I highly recommend it.
I m a big fan of Sinfest Ishida s art is fantastic, and the comics are usually spot on Most will at least put a smile on your face, but only a few are laugh out loud funny It was fun to go through and read all these older strips again.
Rated R

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