À The Lady ↠´ Download by À Anne McCaffrey

À The Lady ↠´ Download by À Anne McCaffrey Not exactly a review I read this back when I was a teenager One of my aunts gave it to me for Christmas one year I was so disappointed Sure, I loved horses and there was a horse on the cover but this book was the size of a refrigerator Large print Like I was an old woman I was twelve.
Needless to say, this book sat on my shelves for years Only growing bigger One summer, when I was probably 15, I had nothing better to do.
I picked up this fat ass book and started reading And as I read, I realized it wasn t completely PG This fact sent me into a fit of resounding gales of laughter Because if my stodgy old Auntie knew what kind of book she d given me, she d have fainted of shame Or whatever stodgy, prudish women faint over So I read this mountain of a book.
Then I loaned it to my best friend so that she could giggle over the good parts, too L Dug this up at my mom s house when visiting it s a book I read over and over as a horse crazed girl While McCaffrey is known best for her Pern books, I wish she had published a few like these It s a straightforward story of an Irish family, all involved in horses The story centers around three primary characters, a young girl growing up and facing both personal loss and the triumphs that come after years of hard work and dedication, her father, managing the stable and coping with his abusively religious wife, and the titular lady of the book, who becomes an important part of both their lives It s a solid little book, not made up of any great flights but very satisfying And if you re horse crazy, like I still am, it s even better, because the details of daily life in the stable are marvelously rendered.
I love this book so much that I own two autographed copies One is so battered from reading and rereading that the pages are coming away from the bindings, the other is my reserve copy for when the first one falls to bits in my hands.
I love Caitriona and her family, and no matter that I ve read it a dozen times, the ups and downs of their lives still captivate me so that I m hard pressed to put the book down, even to sleep I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in Ireland, horses or people This is one of my take to a desert island books I ve loved many of the Anne McCaffrey books, probably read all of the Pern books, loved many of the Pegasus in Flight series and the Ship Who Sang series But if I had to choose just one book by McCaffrey to take with me if I were abandoned on a desert island, it would be this one.
Dated Doesn t hold up well Very, very old skool romance.
One of those books that kept the hope of love alive when it was all but dead inside me I still love this book of course, I love the Ireland of my youth as well, and this one brings it all together A wonderful read If you like National Velvet, this one will fill your desire They Are The Caradynes, Who For Over Years Have Bred And Trained Horses Of The Finest Caliber On Coernanagh But All Is Not Idyllic At Hearth And Home Catriona, The Youngest Child, Longs To Ride Her Family S Big Jumpers And Show Horses Her Father Michael, Recognizes Her Gift, But Her Mother Hates The Very Idea All Is In A Stalemate Until Lady Selina Healy Enters Their Lives, And Provides For Catriona And Her Father A Stunning Example Of How The Reins Of Power Can Be Held By A Glorious, Fearless Woman Good book about horses The writing style just not my speed.
I actually REALLY enjoyed this book proving I can still be just as enthralled with an excellent horse book From ages 6 12, almost everything I read was equestrian related the Thoroughbred series, Marguerite Henry s classics, Black Beauty I read and reread and devoured everything horses being infected with that horse gene that has so many little girls collecting Breyer horses and watching National Velvet over and over again This book took me back to those days McCaffrey has written a charming, thoughtful and engaging story of Irish horse country that was the perfect mid summer read I should also say that even those not quite so obsessed with horses will find the well researched inclusion of Irish political history and women s rights who knew it was so difficult to get a divorce in Ireland even 30 years ago highly interesting and thought provoking.
I m going through a phase of reading novels by authors I used to love When I was younger, I read most of Anne McCaffrey s Sci Fi Fantasy novels and several of her romances but this was one I d missed.
On the subject of books dating , this book made me think perhaps I shouldn t consider that books date so much, as that they become a child of their time I think that this book is one of those the Irish attitudes to death, divorce, the division of marital property and spousal abuse that it depicts are all contemporary to their time which isn t to say that I agree with them but it was an easier read when I stopped trying to judge the character s thoughts and actions by my current standards.
It has been a long time since I was a country raised, horse mad, pony club girl but it was nice to see that she still slumbers inside me Maybe not quite five sta

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