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[ Pdf Three ¿ london-underground PDF ] by Lisa Andel ✓ Tradition Assures Us Lovers Come In Pairs And Couples Are The Definitive Relationship But What If Searching For Our Other Half Reveals We Re Meant To Love Than One Explore The Possibilities Of A Trio Of Lovers With Lisa Andel, TA Chase And Bonnie Dee Is It Possible To Sustain A Relationship With Three Can A Threesome Be The Ultimate Expression Of Love Content M F M, M M M, M F FStories Included Are Tia S Leash By Lisa AndelTwo For One By TA ChaseAwakening By Bonnie Dee I only read T.
A Chase s Two for One and i really liked it.
So my rating only count for this one.
I loved the last story in this book by Bonnie Dee called Awakening It s about two girlfriends who share an apartment who are in love with the same guy.
Rachel is outgoing and always has dates and Melissa is quiet and shy Melissa has a crush on this guy at work but can t get the nerve up to talk to him outside of business talk Rachel has been going on and on about this guy that she really likes, as in, it could be serious When Rachel brings this guy, Michael, home, it s the guy from work that Melissa has had the hots for What basically happens is that they all get together for a weekend of hot sex and find out that they all really want to stay together.
This story is really well written and the characters all have their issues, but work it out, including fears of the odd man out problem I also really enjoyed that while neither Melissa nor Picked up for the T.
A Chase story Tried reading the first but was quickly turned off Skipped to the Chase story, wasn t bad, wasn t great May attempt to read the other story some time in the future.
Unfortunately one of the books in this collection ruined it for me The others were good but I couldn t get past how much I really didnt like one of them.
The 4 star rating is mostly due to Bonnie Dee s book of the anthology WOW A very sexy anthology I enjoyed T.
A Chase s m m m story the most and I will definitely be looking for from that author immediately I ll be waiting this anthology these are Three authors I like very much.
Three, like Three authors and like Threesome In this anthology we read Three possible way to lead a Threesome.
Tia s Leash by Lisa Andel M F M Tia is an half breed werewolf For Three quarter human, she can t change in a wolf and she lives among the pack only because the new alpha, Mason, has not killed her when she was a puppy But now there is a problem, she goes into season one a month and not only two Three time in a year like the other she weres and even if this is a joy for the men of the pack, the women want her dead So the alpha decides to confine her in a cottage outside the pack territory Tia for the first time in her life has the chance to meet other people than the packs members And in particular two men, among the all men she makes sex to, holds her attention Risk, an handsome vampir

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