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[Jean Genet] ä Querelle de Brest [siglo-de-oro PDF] Read Online ä ,.
I don t give out 5 stars lightly.
the English translation of Querelle originally French is easily one of the best translations I ve ever read The lyrical beauty of the work remains wonderfully in tact Querelle is super thick, rich, compelling, and dark The filthy world of sailors and brothels lends itself to one of the queerest here i meant strangest until I realized that it fully embodies both meanings of the word things I ve ever read It s difficult, but so worth getting through I feel bad on my 5 star ratings because I feel that nothing I could ever say would portend what lies between the covers of these books But as of yet, its in the best 10 books I ve ever had the pleasure of reading.
The world of Genet reverberates with blood and poetry, violence and vituperation are transmogrified into poetry, a punch into a flower whose petals scatter via the wind of Genet s prose, like the blood of the toughs and thugs who populate Genet s novels Genet s remarkable alchemy, in which the story of a serial killer becomes a kind of paean to murder and Querelle a high poet of murder, resembles the alchemy which Querelle himself undertakes of friends who he betrays but transforms into the gold necklaces, braces and watches which will be his reward for his betrayals The luscious gold of Genet s prose, a kind of perverse combination of Flaubert and Baudelaire, is truly original and his descriptive powers are extraordinary For several seconds of the eyes of the murderer marveled at the astounding stilln

I read Querelle after finishing Secret Historian The Life and Times of Samuel Steward a must read , in which Steward tries for years to get his translation of it published in English, to no avail Genet s book originally appeared in French in the 40 s and Steward was simply too far ahead of his time in thinking that the subject matter would be accepted in the US Steward, and several of his literary companions, shared a reverence for Genet and Querelle in particular.
one going so far as to travel to Brest to hunt down every nook and cranny mentioned in the book that was still standing and accessible Needless to say, I couldn t wait to finish Steward s bio and get my hands on a copy of it That anticipation and the build up to it is, in large part, responsible for my reaction to the book and this review In no uncertain terms I can say that the writing is beautiful, almost hypnot Enfin lu ce classique de Brest C tait assez loin de ce que je m imaginais tre, mais aussi vraiment meilleur George Querelle, notre protagoniste, est autant attir par les hommes que par la criminalit dont il se revendique, mais pas n importe quelle criminalit , une tr s romanesque, faite de bagarre, de vols et de meurtres un peu accidentels au fond En d butant le livre, je voyais bien resurgir un peu toutes ces associations gaies criminalit d bauche dont Genet se r approprie brillamment pour les transformer en v ritable po tique du r cit et de Querelle La vulgarit du r cit est l pour ponctuer, provoquer et s en revendiquer J ai m me eu peur un moment qu il tombe trop dans la r p tition, surtout en ce qui avait trait au scatologique tr s rabelaisien en un sens, et je comprends beaucoup beaucoup mieux l inspiration derri re le chapitre scat It s been about 2 decades since I read Querelle, but the scenes and poetic style marked me like a tattooed sailor.
Warning the scenes are sexually and violently graphic Yet, when the murderous main character describes how he felt when he killed Well, it s mind boggling that Genet could describe it so sensitively and beautifully If you loved the Todd Haynes film, Poison, and if you enjoy exploring the minds of the damaged and desperate, Querelle is the book for you It is a master s work and probably deserves 5 stars I ll re visit and update BTW, Fassbinder made this into a film , but its tone is nothing like the book If you must see the film, read the book first The book is not campy.
Esta es la obra de un santo, una Anunciaci n dionis aca Parece que durante miles de a os olvid lo realmente importante El cuerpo de un hombre, que es parecido a todos los hombres, a todos los errores amorosos que arrastro como lectora mujer heterosexual El arrepentimiento es hist rico, femenino, malamente cat lico En Querelle no hay arrepentimiento por nada S , hay melancol a superficial, pero la gloria es, aqu y siempre, la vitalidad La pro yecci n hacia una vida y una literatura, una ideolog a que se hace cargo de los deseos del cuerpo En un p rrafo de Genet est n cristalizados miles de deseos y toqueteos amorosos, de miradas furtivas en calles, subtes, trenes, y colectivos.
Texto sagrado texto manifiesto all donde el que se reconoce como disc pulo de Genet entiende todo el trabajo que tiene por delante La liberaci n del cuerpo es acompa Querelle Of Brest Was First Published Anonymously InAnd Limited ToNumbered Copies It Is Set In The Midst Of The Port Town Of Brest, Where Sailors And The Sea Are Associated With Murder Its Protagonist, Georges Querelle, Is A Bisexual Thief, Prostitute, And Serial Killer Who Manipulates And Kills His Lovers For Thrills And Profit The Novel Formed The Basis For Rainer Werner Fassbinder S Last Film, Querelle I m not feeling inspired I went to bed super early on New Year s Eve It wasn t even seven p.
m yet My big plans for the night was watching my dvd of Fassbinder s Querelle I fell asleep some point I felt overwhelmingly tired Maybe waking up at 3 a.
m had something to do it I still feel tired same reason Instead of early birds getting worms I just feel wormy More than anything, my brain is pushing through extra brain fogginess I apologize in advance if this doesn t make any sense that s not like when someone prefaces something offensive with a Now don t get offended as if it is license to say whatever they like It slike me kicking myself ahead of time when I don t make any sense If that makes sense I have a lot of thoughts on this but in the most disjointed train of thought way I m Jean Genet, the baddest bad boy of French literature and raker in the mud of crime and depravity, can to a less queasy generation be somewhat tediously repetitive and clich ridden when he s over industriously churning his own obsessions into poetry yet another hoodlum with rose petals fluttering around him Notre Dame des Fleurs, trying to outdo Baudelaire and Rimbaud, is without doubt brilliantly original and powerful but as literature really a bit of a mess Querelle de Brest, some time later, is better because the writer like any artist who warrants the name stands aside from himself and views his scene , even if it s himself, from aimpersonal perspective and for the first time, perhaps not incidentally, employs something like a story Querelle is a stupid thug, a thief, a treacherous murderer and a cringing c

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