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× Forever Ecstasy ß Download by Ù Tor Kung Story of Louise Bennett, a high school geometry teacher and one of her students Paul, whose lives are entwined in two different tales of sexual awakenings Miss Bennett is blackmailed by another student, Rick, when he takes pics of her making out with Paul Rick forces Miss Bennett to dress provacatively in the class and to satisfy his desires outside of class, something Miss Bennett comes to enjoy Meanwhile, Paul has his hands full, literally, with his older sister Michelle, who is married to an old lech and is herself completely debauched Michelle wants to seduce her brother and bring him into her world of licentiousness and lewdness.
While this one is certainly taboo shattering, I didn t enjoy it as much as the other Kung title that I ve read, My Mother Taught Me Tor Kung is a nom de porn for poet Jack Gilbert and it shows, as it s very well

A great book and an old favourite Note warning under aged participants Warning, Spoilers The portrayal of the sensual not just sexual relationships between Paul and his sister, Paul and Agathe the submissive girlfriend provided by his sister, Paul and his female teacher Miss Bennett, Miss Bennett and her domineering and violent blackmailer lover Rick are well described.
There is a nice sense of sexual innocence and wonder in the way Paul sees his world as well as the normal youthful hormonal angst.
His elder married sister is suitably decadent and erotic, saying things like We will arrange for you to spy on the elaborate ritual of a man seducing me She discusses prostitution thus After a million years, each flower woman flourishes for a season or two and then begins to decline We will buy them for you during their mo Published In , And Possibly Earlier, This Book Had The Honor Of Being Olympiapress S Most Requested Title After The Addition Of My Mother Taught Me, The Other Legitimate Tor Kung, Which Earlier Held The Honor An Amazing Story About Schoolboys, Led By Paul And The Devious But Cowardly Rick, Who At The End Of The Schoolyear Find Themselves Holding A Young Geometry Teacher Right Where They Want Her Also A Subplot Involving Paul And His New Home

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