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[Susan Squires] Ø Body Electric [m-f-f PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ò Odd book Maybe 3 1 2 stars, if you push it.
Nerdy former hacker and current programmer Victoria Barnhardt decides to create an AI program, on company time and using company resources She succeeds beyond her wildest dreams Jodie is not only up to any task she comes up with, but he s also evolved to the point of emotions Only now Jodie wants the impossible a body In the meantime, the evil computer empire Victoria works for wants to fire her, jail her, use Jodie, and or destroy Jodie.
The book was slow to start, but I kept with it for the pure novelty factor Was mentally singing the theme song from Electric Dreams 1984 throughout the book.
In all honesty, it is my opinion that the publisher misrepresented Ms Squires book by 1 labeling it as a Paranormal Romance 2 by adding reviews indicating that this was a sensual book This book should have been labeled as a Sci Fi Fantasy book Also, there wasn t much sensuality sex to be had in this book, and what was presented was rather tame This book was ok, but it wasn t spectacular Borrow it from your local library and save yourself the.
Popular E Book, Body Electric Author Susan Squires This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Body Electric , Essay By Susan Squires Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I spent hours reading this and the only thought that keeps playing in my head now is HOW THE FUCK COULD HE DO THAT TO HER, A.
I or not, HOW THE FUCK COULD SHE FORGIVE HIM AND LAUGH IT OFF The first half was slow, the second half was awesome but for this author to throw in that one fucking thing It ruined the entire book for me and I m fucking pissed I put in all that time only for her to throw in something stupid, senseless, and unforgivable Pardon my cussing but it takes something as stupid as the hero fucking another woman when the one he loves is trying to save his ass His defense of her sleeping with other guys made no sense, it was BEFORE HIM, he screwed some desperate bitch after he d slept with Victoria and knowing he had feelings for Ok this book was well written and had a unique concept that I thought was pretty cool That being said I found this book to beweird Victoria Barnhart is a computer programmer that has secretly created the first real artificial intelligence She named it Jodie after Jodie Foster because in her mind the AI is an independent female To her surprised dismay Jodie tells her that it identifies as male I don t know how since it doesn t have a physical body or hormones to help it make this decision To protect Jodie Victoria must down load him into a real body so she heads over to the hospital and finds some poor dude in a coma and, using hospital laser equipment, down loads Jodie into his head Unfortunately she is interrupted before she can fully complete the transfer and this leaves Jodie with some life threatening side effects Victoria spends the rest of The cheesy cover and horny meet cute opening are complete head fakes This book rocks with an amazing nerdy badass heroine with flaws that make her human, not adorable There s the honest depiction of a woman s career hurdles in STEM, there s the evil of monopolies and greed, there s gender identity issues at least briefly , there s existential questions galore I suspended my disbelief and read this in one sitting I suggest you do the same well maybe get up and stretch because seriously my butt did go numb and it was not pleasant at all It will give you a new appreciation for bubble wrap.
It is a sad day when humans are less than machines That said, Body Electric is an interesting romance with a rush of feeling like you went to the movies 2001, A Space OdysseyThe Fifth ElementThe TerminatorBlade Runner these are all movies that come to my mind while reading this story.
Victoria Barnhardt has a gift She is uber intelligent but has a problem getting along with other human beings So she decides to create a friend, something with a girlish image who she can talk to She works for a capable firm that gives her access to the very things she needs to create artificial intelligence or should I say NOT give her access because Victoria is working on the sly She knows that if others find out they ll use and control her technology.
Fast forward and AI is now a reality, and Other reviewers have told you so I won t dwell on what goes on This is just to let you know that if you enjoy Loved reading this book Interesting concepts about what it is to be human, a set of interesting characters although the evil genius is a little predictably bad The heroine, Vic, is tough and clever and slightly damaged My one criticism of the way the author treats her is that she for some reason has to make her appearance feminine as she starts to heal the damage I thought that was unnecessary I think that Vic s struggle with her sexuality and the impact on her of societies trouble with smart women is generally well played out.
The story barrels along, with some time for rapid plot development, a little romance, steamy sex and many intriguing possibilities raised as to the future of AI artificialI intelligence Some nice references to science fiction masters such as Ballard and Asimov with an intelligent and very well written story that I could barely put down

5 stars I liked the story, but I didn t emotionally connect Also, just a warning This book is definitely not as sexy as the cover blurbs would suggest ReviewA long time ago, in a theater now demolished, I saw a little movie called Hackers I have no idea how I was allowed to see this without my parents present, as I would have been 11 when it came out, but hey, it was the nineties That movie is basically my entire frame of reference for hackers, so it s where I m getting my review inspiration from.
Vic is a hacker who spent some time in jail for her hacking antics.
Thanks to the rich CEO guy who bailed her out, she now works for a huge corporation that basically controls all the world s information.
She steals storage space and time from them in order to pursue her dream the creation of artificial intelligence No on 2008 Review Oh My God.
I need to get my heart rate down I feel as though I have a fever and this time it is not because I am sick My heart is still thumping and my eyes are still wet I still feel a little choked up.
This is an amazing book.
It s not a romance I d classify it as science fiction with a strong romance subplot It quotes Ray Bradbury, William Gibson, makes references to the ghost in the machine aka Ghost in the Shell and a lot It has a classical central plot the birth of true AI and all the implications of what it means to be human and the question of where souls come from And it was beautiful.
I can t say whether the actual writing style was a thing of beauty, but it certainly was not bad in any way that I noticed I did not go back to reread parts of scenes, but I did read and read and could hardly stop It was incredibly intense In fact, I read it in two s

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