↠´ Read í Sir John Hawkwood: Chivalry and the Art of War by Stephen Cooper ✓ nikeairmaxcheapuk.co

↠´ Read í Sir John Hawkwood: Chivalry and the Art of War by Stephen Cooper ✓ An engaging history of a fascinating character John Hawkwood was not a pleasant character, but he had one strong asset as a mercenary he did keep to his word At that period, a man who considered his word as his bond was unique enough This was a terrible, brutal time, but the book gives a fair depiction of Hawkwood An interesting read.
Very in depth account on the life of Hawkwood Downside in the price and availability It s 40 USD and there doesn t seem to be many new copies left which is a shame.

Should be just two stars but the third one is for the author s intention to judge massacres and bloodbaths only by their legitimacy in XIV century That s the only true way to understand history, we are fed up with modern sensitiveness and false innocence A book you can easily pass in favour of Caferro s bio of Hawkwood The structure is a mistake instead of choosing either chronological or subject design the author tried to do both As a result, first half of book became a brief overview of Hawkwood s Italian career written so quick and dry that it would be rejected even at Wikipedia Second half is divided by topics and delivers a better reading time.
In Florence Cathedral Hangs A Remarkable Portrait By Uccello Of Sir John Hawkwood, The English Soldier Of Fortune Who Commanded The Florentine Army At The Age Of And Earned A Formidable Reputation As One Of The Foremost Mercenaries Of The Late Middle Ages His Life Is An Amazing Story He Rose From Modest Beginnings In An Essex Village, Fought Through The French Campaigns Of Edward III, Went To Italy When He Was And Played A Leading Role In Ceaseless Strife Of The City States That Dominated That Country His Success Over So Many Years In Such A Brutal And Uncertain Age Was Founded On His Exceptional Skill As A Soldier And Commander, And It Is This Side Of His Career That Stephen Cooper Explores In This Perceptive And Highly Readable Study

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