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[ Read Online Paths of Glory ✓ malabo PDF ] by Humphrey Cobb ☆ This book totally surprised me I found it at a used book store and didn t know anything about it Honestly one, if not the best, book about war and its absurdities that I have read There was nothing extraneous or unnecessary I can t believe it was written as long ago as it was Totally recommend.
A game designer I admire, Ted Raicer, has a specialty in World War I designs and has named two of my favorites after anti war movies Grand Illusion is based on Jean Renoir s 1937 classic, La Grande Illusion, and Paths of Glory is based on both Stanley Kubrick s 1957 classic, Paths of Glory which, in turn, is based on Humphrey Cobb s 1935 novel of the same name Cobb s Paths of Glory could easily be renamed Paths of Gory because it is not afraid to describe the ugliest parts of war Of course, for me the ugliest part of World War I may be the obstinacy and arrogance of the French officer corps and Cobb demonstrates that in fiction in much the same way as Barbara Tuchman did in her non fictional, Guns of August To be sure, there is physical gore such as Lt Paolacci being simultaneously shredded by an incoming shell and t The Anti War Masterpiece That Became An Iconic Motion Picture Now With A Foreword By The Creator Of The Acclaimed HBO Tm Series The Wire Familiar To Many As The Stanley Kubrick Film Starring Kirk Douglas, Paths of Glory Explores The Perilous Complications Involved In What Nations Demand Of Their Soldiers In Wartime Humphrey Cobb S Protagonists Are Frenchmen During The First World War Whose Nightmare In The Trenches Takes A New And Terrible Turn When They Are Ordered To Assault A German Position Deemed All But Invulnerable When The Attack Fails, An Inquiry Into Allegations Of Cowardice Indicts A Small Handful Of Lower Ranked Scapegoats Whose Trial Exposes The Farce Of Ordering Ordinary Men To Risk Their Lives In An Impossible Cause A Chilling Portrait Of Injustice, This Novel Offers Insight Into The Tragedies Of War In Any Age Much better than the film, which was good in it s own right However, the film tried to build up the character of Col Dax in order to give the film a hero The book is freed from this necessity Also, the book doesn t feel the need to offer any small measures of justice or redemption A powerful book.
La storia quanto di pi paradigmatico si possa immaginare il fallito assalto ad una inespugnabile fortificazione tedesca deve essere giustificato dall ambizioso generale al comando del Corpo d Armata, e la strada scelta la pi semplice e brutale fucilare dei soldati accusandoli di vilt di fronte al nemico S rispose il Generale ma il punto che gli uomini non sono andati avanti Avrebbero dovuto farsi uccidere fuori dalle trincee, non dentro La scelta degli uomini da punire mostra la vera condanna dell autore non tanto o non soltanto della guerra, ma dei meccanismi del Potere in genere Un soldato viene scelto per una precedente contrapposizione personale con il comando, un altro dai precedenti civili criminali paga un ragionamento sociale , un terzo viene addirittura estratto a sorte.
Il risultato una sorta di Golgota moderno i tre vengono fucilati abbarbicati a pa Forgive me for beginning with a long excerpt And then they call the business of going with a woman the instinct of self reproduction, when all it is is the instinct of going with a woman Do you want a child every time you tear off a piece You do not, and you take good care not to have one It s the finest indoor and outdoor sport there is and there s no need for any further justification of it Why do people have to go round trying to make it a noble thing by saying they are reproducing their species when all they re doing is having some fun Well, if they acted the way you talk, the race would die out All right, and who d be the worse off for that Plenty of races have died out and nobody seems to be mourning them Ours will too, and I can bet the animals will be delighted when the day comes What about the unborn children What about them I wish I was an unborn child Paths of justificationI suspect that many people who are familiar with Stanley Kubrick s classic film Paths of Glory are unaware that it was based upon a novel by an author who is mostly forgotten Humphrey Cobb was born to American parents, talked his way into the Canadian army and fought in World War I in 1915, two years before the U.
S entered the war Paths of Glory, like All Quiet on the Western Front, was written by someone who actually survived that war Published in 1935, five years after All Quiet on the Western Front, Cobb s novel contained a cynicism that probably did not sit very well with Americans that were just recovering from that war only to contemplate the even greater, looming threat of Hitler and the Nazis.
The narrator is omniscient and, God like, enters the minds of multiple characters and renders the mental processes and rationalizations that each character

The action in this literary one hit wonder, written in 1935, takes place in the French army during World War I An exhausted regiment is charged with the task of seizing an impregnable German stronghold The mission fails, with 50% casualties, enraging the egomaniac general who promised victory to his superiors three soldiers, as division representatives, are subsequently court martialed and executed for cowardice.
The book can be divided into two distinct parts, separated by the disastrous attack During the first phase, the author presents different characters back stories and points of view We see the dreamy, and naive, aspirations of new recruits, the jaded perspective of seasoned veterans who have lost friends and family, and the officers hunger for medals War is ugly, random violence, showing no favor or discretion, and Cobb provides graphic descriptions of the wounded and dead.
T 9 10 , , , 1957,, , 2012 ,,, , ,, , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , ,, ,, ,,,, ,, ,,, 1961 Paths of Glory, the basis for the powerful Stanley Kubrick movie starring Kirk Douglas, is a fact based novel about an injustice in the French front lines during The Great War Told from multiple points of view Cobb paints a portrait of the stupid and evil things that men are drawn to do during wartime, not necessarily deliberately but through laziness, or vanity or just plain thoughtlessness, as well as the bureaucracy that stifles clarity of thought and sends innocent men to their deathThat spot on the road was the place where he had ceased to be a boy, he thought to himself.
Having seen the movie a lot of the impact of Cobb s story was diminished, as Kubrick and Jim Thompson combined to present a slick, bleak observation, but also excising Cobb s penchant for having characters talk to themselves, a tr

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