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[ Read Online Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America ñ ukraine PDF ] by Lillian Faderman ✓ A history of the emergence of identities and subcultures Lillian Faderman s political argument is omnipresent, interpreting her source material to take a random example from early on, she writes about social reformers, Some of those women were cultural feminists, fueled by their belief that male values created the tragedies connected with industrialization, war, and mindless urbanization and that it was the responsibility of women, with their superior sensibilities, to straighten the world out again Their love of women was at least in part the result of their moral chauvinism Others were less convinced of women s natural superiority, but they wanted to wrest from society the opportunities and training that would give women the advantages men had and thus permit them to be whole as human beings Their love of women was at least in part a search for allies to help wage the battle again Lilian Faderman s Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers examines the development of lesbian culture in 20th Century America From the early 20th Century, where intimate friendships between women were seen as acceptable, often even encouraged, through the Puritanical backlash that developed later and forced lesbians underground the codification of homosexuality as mental illness that led to stigma, shame and heartache media and pop culture treating lesbians as deviants doomed to self destruction and despair and their awakening following the civil rights and feminist movements books of this nature can often seem dry and sociological, but Faderman deftly avoids that by focusing as much on individuals as broader cultural trends Thus we see a Lillian Faderman Tells The Compelling Story Of Lesbian Life In The Th Century, From The Early S To Today S Diverse Lifestyles Using Journals, Unpublished Manuscripts, Songs, News Accounts, Novels, Medical Literature, And Numerous Interviews, She Relates An Often Surprising Narrative Of Lesbian Life A Key Workthe Point Of Reference From Which All Subsequent Studies Of Th Century Lesbian Life In The United States Will Begin San Francisco Examiner Lots of really interesting facts, but troublingly glides over less enfranchised lesbian communities.
VERY briefly at the moment, I will say this Faderman s research is interesting, and the history of lesbianism in the 20th Century US is a good reminder of where we came from and how far we still have to go But I take exception to Faderman s suggestion that romantic friends what women who likely lived as lesbians before the term came into popular usage were sweet and romantic with each other, but asexual Despite female socialization, I find it difficult to believe that women who lived together as romantic friends would rarely, if ever, engage in sex They might not have talked about it, they might not have written about it, but sex has been very powerful throughout the ages for all genders.
Speaking of genders, I also take great exception to Faderman s barely concealed scoffing at the idea of transgenderism and transsexualism She seems to think that it is only I found Faderman to be stuck in middle class gender biases, which may work for explaining some histories, but left others drenched in rehashed stereotypes.
A relatively succinct, yet comprehensive history of lesbian women in America, which also touches on feminism, civil rights and relations between the gay and lesbian communities As far as I am aware this is the most comprehensive work on lesbian history available Faderman did extensive research and the book is rife with footnotes and comprised predominately of interviews conducted for this book Faderman is upfront about her biases, although her disbelief in congenitalism may make modern readers uncomfortable She does seem to view the 80 s as a terminal point in lesbian history, and it would be interesting to see her characterize the 90 s and 00 s.
The only constant truth about The Lesbian in America has been that she prefers women.
5 5I truly wanted to like this book The first part was invaluably informative, especially when it came to giving me context about historical figures and works that I had already thought myself passingly familiar with I also acquired a great deal of evidence that heterosexuality was formally invented in the late 19th c early 20th c.
, which will be very useful in the arguments that are inevitably to come However, I came of age in the nuclear fallout of Faderman s lack of inclusivity, and considering that one GR friend , who I suspected of being a radfem, voluntarily got rid of herself from my list during the course of my reading and commenting on this, one can see that I have issues The closer Faderman

for all intents and purposes, this is a good, extensively researched book on the history of lesbianism as it stands in the united states although she does occasionally bring in a bit of history from britain, france and germany so why three stars well, there are a few reasons, firstly and mostly to do with personal taste, and secondly to do with tone inclusivity but before i delve into all of that, let s talk about the book itself a little first i love lillian faderman s conclusion that the only constant truth about the lesbian in america has been that she prefers women, and i think it s a great basis to go off of it s obvious that lillian faderman has put a ton of work into this book, and i greatly admire that even though she references various novels, songs, films, researchers, and psychologists, she speaks to women who have actually l I read this when I was in my early 20 s, way before Ellen and Rosie and Margaret Cho and The L Word and Will and Grace were out and about I was glued to thisit s amazing to me that now there s an entire gay TV channel That was unimaginable just 15 years ago We still have a long way to go, but wow

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