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Trailer ✓ The Other Book PDF by ã Roe Horvat When Roe said shortly after releasing the sweet sweet love story that was Vanilla Clouds that he was working on The Other Book and it was so different he was considering whether to release it under a pen name, I was one of those who said I d read it whatever name he published under.
Well, he chose to put it out here with his name firmly attached and I ve read it just as I said I would But let me say this clearly this book may be erotica, it may be so hot you re going to want a cold shower after reading it, it may be a book you blush just thinking about, however it absolutely 100% is a Roe Horvat narrative.
It is filled with beautiful language, it paints vividly bright pictures of the world being portrayed and the characters living in it, it gives you a romance you re rooting for from the off and irrespective of the heat and sexual content it is absolutely about emotio Re read May 2019As hot as the first time 4.
5 Stars Holy moley, people I mean, holy shit Hands down the most hot non BDSM book I have read this year Pouring eroticism It starts on a bang A big bonus is added to it as soon as it starts unfold and we watch the story line taking form behind all scorching scenes Tagging along with the hotness and a good story line, comes a tad bit of angst, which makes this book stand out from the dozen other hot stories I ve been reading but forgetting in a blink.
Joel was charming, intelligent, confident professional wise but tense, closet, with a chip on his shoulder and a little bit broken.
And Ty Ty has my love forever, his strength, gentleness, loyalty, wit, compassion, charisma and the tenderness which he treated and cared for Joel conquered me.
This is the second book I have It Was Supposed To Be Just Sex Famous Last WordsTyler Doesn T Overthink Pleasure And Avoids Complications He Knows It Might Be Stupid To Get Involved With His Closeted Boss, But The Temptation Is Too Great At First, The Cold And Beautiful Joel Sandstrom Seems To Loathe Tyler S GutsExcept One Late Night At The Office, His Reasons Become Clearand His Control BreaksEvery Time They Touch, Joel S Stony Face Comes Alive, Harsh Lines Smooth Out, And For A Minute, He Looks Serene Happy, Even Just Sex Dirty, Intense, Spectacular SexDuring Their Covert Encounters, Tyler Discovers The Power He Has Over The Lonesome Man, And It S A Heady Feeling What If He Could Set Joel Free And Give Him Peace Of Mind When Tyler Realizes How Much Joel Needs Him, He Doesn T Regret Breaking His Own Rules Gay Erotic Romance Contains Explicit Scenes And Sexual Interactions Between Than Two Partners For Adult Readers Only 4.
5 erotic starsOH MY GAAAAAAWD THIS BOOK IS HOOOOOOTI bent down and caught his upper lip between mine I nipped at it once, then his lower lip, and he opened up for me, his tongue meeting mine The first taste A kiss The longest, deepest, single most erotic kiss of my life It is Erotic It is sweet First of all, don t ignore the warnings, if they put you off, don t go in, if you can handle all that Then by all means, read THIS BOOKI unzipped swiftly and took my hard cock out, stroking it, rolling my foreskin back with my fingers Joel watched, mouth open He tried to lean closer, but I held him by his hair Fuck, he muttered Oh, Joel, you cock hungry slut, I said That is only a tiny glimpse of it.
The writing is very solid and really good, it flows from page to page and was hooked from the moment i read the first chapter, couldn t stop, and didn This book is quite the topic on Goodreads and it isn t even out yet I have seen friends left and right raving about how good it is and of course, I had to read it for myself and see I am glad to say that they were NOT wrong Most of all this book is extremely HOT Be prepared and approach with cautionyour underwear might disintegrateNow there is a warning at the beginning of this book and it states that this is a gay romance and that there are scenes with sexual interactions between than two partners This is not a lie There is some awesome foursome heh action in this one If you are all into the one on one dealyou should skip this one But you will be missing out on some HOT but also very loving scenes.
I myself am not a huge fan of short reads and I am not gonna lieI could have done with a bit , I am just greedy like that But honestly, it s actually 4 Steamy Stars Is it hot in here I think it s hot in here.
No one has lied to you that this is one erotic piece of writing, but rest assured it also has a plot To be honest, I feel it s kinda rare to find a book so riddled with quality good stuff and I for one, appreciate such You already knew that though wink So, if too much of said good stuff isn t your thing, then this book is probably not for you because there s a lot I also feel confident that if you haven t read Horvat s other works, they will surely than suffice regarding romance, love, and feels minus all the extra yumminess I d say you d be missing out, but it s still a win win situation with whatever you choose to read from this author 4.
5 StarsI absolutely devoured this story Not only was this one of the most erotically charged M M books I ve ever read, but it also seriously delivered on an emotional depth level, too At the onset, I ll admit I had my reservations because of the popularly talked about foursome action within, but I needn t have worried, because even though such themes and romance dynamics aren t ones I d normally seek out or enjoy in my reading, I was wildly impressed with how such was handled here Plus, it was SMOKIN HOT, just sayin I continue to find Roe Horvat s writing to be utterly exquisite and at this point I really doubt there isn t a book they could release that I wouldn t immediately one click, regardless of the themes or premise I m all in.
Highly recommended 3

And all I felt was deep joy a basic, soul warming happinessI finished this amazing book hours ago and I still find myself re reading my highlights I feel like re reading this whole book because for me, it was PERFECTION It might sound crazy, but I feel like this story comes right from my most hidden fantasies This author put into words exactly what I wanted in a book It s exactly what makes my heart skip a beat Or ten It s everything I finished this book so many hours ago and I remember the loss I felt when it ended To say I didn t want it to end, is an understatement Again I feel the need to mention English is not my native language and lately I struggled while writing my reviews Now I do too because I m afraid I can t do it justice I just can t This book was SO good I feel like re reading it just so that I can get another dose of happiness And hotness I wanted to worship him.
Firstly,for those who don t normally read the Author s note at the beginning I advise you to read it here.
This is hot,I mean seriously hot BUT it s not just gratuitous sexit s important to the story.
As the Author states physical pleasure shouldn t be wrong and who you love experience love with is your choice.
Starting a new book by this Author is like Christmas.
The anticipation,the excitement,the knowledge you re going to get something pretty special and when you unwrap that present and it s everything you hoped for.
Tyler and Joel couldn t be different.
Tyler is out,comfortable with who he is and hallelujah for a parent who is supportive and pretty damn special in his mother I loved her.
Joel is just the opposite,deeply in the closest,for reasons which are explained.
It s not just his sexuality he s hidden but who the man he is 4.
5 All the glowing reviews for this novel are true This book is a bombshell explosive, intense, and sexy as fuck.
Told solely from Tyler s POV, The Other Book has kinky edges and tender moments, not to mention a delicious enemies to lovers theme and a workplace romance Tyler is a designer and contracts with Joel s marketing advertising company.
I m not usually a fan of MCs having sex with other people on page In fact, I hate it But Horvat created such an appealing couple in Adam and Christoffer, Tyler s friends, I found I didn t mind, not one bit That foursome is forever branded on my brain Holy Fucking Hotness.
While there is a lot of sex in this book, and the sex is anything but vanilla, it didn t feel gratuitous at least to me if you prefer subtle steam or limited sexual content, this is decidedly not the book for you The men s sexual connection is

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