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[ Pdf Camouflage: The Hidden Lives of Autistic Women Ò zen PDF ] by Sarah Bargiela Ê I received an e arc in exchange for an honest review, thank you to the publisher, Netgalley and author Camouflage isn t just any graphic novel It is a showcase of results from a qualitative interview based psychological study on women s life with autism As an aspiring psychological researcher myself, I was very impressed and intrigued by this way to illustrate and communicate results The graphic novel was well crafted with beutiful illustrations and the participants were really given a strong voice to communicate their feelings.
However, the scientific information such as the background literature etc was presented too formally and it was quite clear that this book was done by an academic There is nothing wrong in that, but this style that I recognise from my academic side of life felt very out of place in this graphic novel This gave me a huge revelation I Sophie Standing is not a new name to me Having done research on trauma in autobiographical graphic novels, I gathered all kinds of articles and books, including her collaboration with Steve Haines for Trauma is Really Strange, which is an essay on the nature of trauma in, well, comic format The Really Strange series Singing Dragon , also includes volumes on pain, forgiveness, and anxiety, which I recommend you check out Camouflage The Hidden Lives of Autistic Women goes along the same line informative, eye opening, and gorgeously illustrated Since I was already a fan of Sophie s work, I thought I might look into Sarah Bargiela before reading Camouflage , I was surely impressed to find that her research focu Autism In Women And Girls Is Still Not Widely Understood, And Is Often Misrepresented Or Even Overlooked This Graphic Novel Offers An Engaging And Accessible Insight Into The Lives And Minds Of Women With Autism, Using Real Life Case Studies The Charming Illustrations Lead Readers On A Visual Journey Of How Women On The Spectrum Experience Everyday Life, From Metaphors And Masking Behaviours To Communication Online, Dealing With Social Pressures And Managing RelationshipsFun, Sensitive And Informative, This Is A Fantastic Resource For Anyone Who Wishes To Understand How Gender Affects Autism, And How To Create Safer, Accommodating Environments For Women On The Spectrum With the great graphics and bite sized chunks of information, Camouflage can almost be seen as a large pamphlet It s quite short, only around 40 pages, and yet it s packed full of data and firsthand accounts of autistic women Illustrated and well researched, Bargiela introduces us to the differences between men and women with autism and Asperger s I found it informative, eye opening, and to the point She also gives additional reading recommendations at the end which I always find helpful.
Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of CAMOUFLAGE by Sarah Bargiela in exchange for my honest review CAMOUFLAGE is a short, nonfiction, graphic book aimed at distinguishing autism in females vs males.
For years medical science researchers using primarily Caucasian men Doctors were surprised, for instance, that women had different heart attack symptoms than men As knowledge progressed, scientists began to study different races, geographies, economics and other factors in diagnosis and treatment.
We shouldn t be surprised that until recently, autism criteria was developed based on male symptomology Additionally, Aspergers was added as a new diagnosis then encompasses back into Autism Spectrum Disorder in the latest DSM V CAMOUFLAGE identifies differences in symptom presentation girls and women have.
The multicultural i A visual representation of what living with autisms is for women Not bad, between information and biographies, they are very personal facts here and scientific as well The think I didn t like about this book is the constant, something we saw and in modern days, trying to make show the difference between women and men in everything We never talk so much about trying to eliminate the barrier between sexes and at the same time we always underline the fact that everything is so different They re difference that we can t deny and there are also things that are mostly the same A book explaining autism is great, a book explaining autism of women not necessary, a chapter exploring the difference between autism women and men would have been enough, because yes there are differences, but there are similarities Anyway editorial revi See of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsI love reading in order to discover about the world around me and also to discover about myself I often find myself questioning how I would react if I were to experience fictional situations in novels or genuine ones in memoirs and biographies Occasionally, I don t get the chance to ponder though A book will figuratively smack me between the eyes and I ll just know it s talking about me The last book to do that was Susan Cain s Quiet Now Camouflage has had exactly the same effect This is me I chose Camouflage from NetGalley because when I saw it was a graphic novel about autistic women I realised that I couldn t actually think of a single one I recall several novels with male characters on the autism spectrum, but wo I thought this would be an interesting look at how autism affects women, but unfortunately, the book simply promotes and reinforces what appears to be a flawed premise, while simultaneously ignoring the severe end of the autism spectrum, making incorrect assumptions, and disparaging people especially women who don t have autism.
The biggest problem with this book is that it posits that females are underdiagnosed with autism because they don t meet the male based criteria Here s the thing There is no medical test for autism There s no blood test or scan that you can take that will tell you, definitively, if you have the condition So a diagnosis is based solely on observed or reported behaviour This book talks about how women don t tick as many of the symptom boxes as men Logically, it would follow that fewer women would be diagnosed But this book argues that point to a ridicul

This was a really beautifully done comic about autistic women The art is just perfectit s clever and fluid and really nice to look at This is just a 40 page comic graphic novel, so its aim is to introduce you to what women with autism look like It covers some of the differences in male vs female presenting symptoms and why women go undiagnosed so much As an autistic myself, I was really keen to see how it would sum up life as an autistic womanand I think it did well My only caveat is it s just an overview You d really give this to someone who has NO idea what autism is You d give this to the person who says, Aw no you re just shy, not autistic to give them a place to start on understanding it.
I loved how it never pitched autism negatively Thaaaanks Would hi five But it emphasised the whole way through A huge thank you to Amalia Gaveawhose beautiful review of this book made me add it to my shelf Thank you for passing it on and caring so passionately about teaching Camouflage the hidden lives of autistic women is a great introduction into autistic disorder spectrum in women The book is well researched, informative and beautifully illustrated We get a brief overview of what autism is, the prevalence of low and high functioning autism in men and women it is also explained why terms low and high functioning autism may be unhelpful and the reasons why fewer women are diagnosed with autism The book illustrates in a very accessible manner what exactly restricted social communication and interaction, repetitive behaviours, sensory sensitivities and eccentric, special interests are I loved the way differences between autistic men and women are presented through infographics,

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