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☆ Read ☆ Losing Charlotte by Heather Clay Ï Have you ever held a book in your hands and known instinctively that you were going to treasure it Sure, I read the review first, and requested it from the library But when I had to decide which of my six holds to tackle first I knew Losing Charlotte with the running horse blurring amidst a deep green cover.
The heart of this story is one of the what ifs we all ponder What happens when a woman dies after childbirth It is unfathomable and tragic and all too real A young woman grows round, incubates life x2 and then suddenly dies How does her husband care for their two babies while facing an unfathomable reality a reality he never considered And what becomes of the young woman s family The characters in this story are real and nuanced I understood Bruce a child who grew up in NYC with a Jewish mother That Meh I struggled with this book I wanted to like it but it was just boring, jumbled and confusing It had potential, but there were too many things that went wrong The first chapter had nothing at all to do with the remainder of the book and could ve just been left out entirely There were sections where it felt like the author went through and replaced every other word using a thesaurus The wording wasn t easy or smooth, it just felt like someone was working too hard I was glad when I was done reading it.
Raised On Their Parents Kentucky Horse Farm, Charlotte And Knox Bolling Grow Up Steeped In The Cycles Of Breeding, Foaling, Weaning, And Preparation For Sale That The Thoroughbreds Around Them Undergo Each Year As Sisters, They Are As Tightly Connected Within That Vast And Beautiful Landscape As Their Opposing Natures And The Subtly Shifting Allegiances Within Their Close Family AllowWhen Charlotte Leaves Four Corners Farm, Marries Bruce, And Moves To Manhattan S West Village, The Sisters Feelings For Each Other Remain As Intense And Contradictory As Ever, Despite The Distance Between Them But Nothing Will Solder Their Lives Fatefully Than Charlotte S Pregnancy And The Day On Which She Delivers Twin Boys, Then Dies Of Complications Following Their BirthTogether, Knox And Bruce Sister And Brother In Law In Name, But Strangers In Every Other Respect Take Up The Work Of Caring For Charlotte S Two Motherless Boys In Their Mourning, And In The Joy And Desolation That Flood In As Their Love For The Children Deepens, Bruce And Knox Confront The Ways In Which Their Bonds To Charlotte Have Shaped Them And Struggle To Define The Tentative Bond They Are Forming With Each Other As They Navigate Their Exhausting, Emotional Daily Rounds A Gripping, Powerfully Affecting Debut Novel From A Stunning New Writer Losing Charlotte is a book that probably should have touched my heart a little than it did It has all of the components of a real tearjerker, but it really didn t do anything but bore me Maybe it was the writing or maybe I am a cold hearted bitch It could go either way.
Like I said, it was nothing special It had the potential to be a real tearjerker, but for me the inspiration just wasn t there The characters seemed awkward and forced But maybe it was just me.
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I really wanted to like this book I loved the premise, I loved the genre, and I know I shouldn t judge a book by it s cover but I did And I loved the cover But unfortunately this book was confusing, lacked a solid plot, and the character development was justmissing I hate to be so negative but I have to be because this book had so much potential and it didn t live up to even half of what it could have been Luckily I borrowed it from the library so my investment was minimalI hope that others are as fortunate.
Mixed reviews, and I think I have mixed feelings too The concept and the setting were intriguing, but Knox was a little too indecisive, a little too conscientious for me to really root for her did she ever make a move without thinking that she shouldn t, or want ing to do something else instead made me a little crazy And I m not sure why, but I didn t get Charlotte and the golden girl idol worship She seemed kind oflame But I liked Bruce, and I think he s the one that kept me reading The writing was good, a little wandering, but the imagery was beautiful and the settings very vivid.
This is the second time I tried to read this book I just can t get into the story I m sure it s a perfectly great bookjust not for me I am abandoning this second attempt to get into it Heck, at my age, there are just too many books to read and too little time to read them I hate to waste time on one that I have to struggle to concentrate on when reading it I m moving on to another book Sorry, fellow bibliophiles.

This book is a strong 2.
5 stars, but still not a 3 for me I never quite understood the reason for the oddly estranged relationship between the two sisters in the story And, truth be told, I was hoping for description of the truly beautiful countryside that is the Kentucky horse country If you ve never seen it, you should.
slow, difficult to follownot worth the effort Losing Charlotte is a book about a family who must find themselves again after a crushing loss Having plenty of experience on the subject I can say Heather Clay did a good job of taking the reader through the grieving process in the eyes of the family too deeper and the novel would ve been horribly depressing and any lighter and there would ve been no point in the story There were some things left out but those things about sadness and grief could be better suited in a different story Grief is not an easy thing to write about nor is it an easy thing to read about than one during this book I found tears in my eyesHeather is really good about making making her story s real using all human senses in her writing these things make you stop and go Oh me too But she also included alot of minu

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