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[ Pdf Aug 9 - Fog ½ moroccan PDF ] by Kathryn Scanlan ✓ Ever where glare of ice We didn tsleep too good My pep has left me.
D I out to cemetery towardevening Flowers frozen We arealone tonite Kathryn Scanlan s Aug 9 Fog is a rearrangement of sentences taken from a stranger s diary she found at an estate auction 15 years ago Its author is an 86 year old woman whose annals sweep five years 1968 to 1972 and five seasons From what I deduced of the language, the speaker let s call her Joan is a black woman I sensed this from the use of African American English and also because our diction has an arcane, but distinct sound.
In pages of stanzas, we learn Joan, her friends, and loved ones are either unwell or in some state of danger or grief Someone named Emma didn t get home Bayard is caught living in the past Linda had car accident Stella s had things taken, mostly antiques Ruth, fortunately, came thru operation Ligh I picked this up out of curiosity off the new book shelf in the library It s small, has a linen cover, and the title is the same day as today What are the odds The author, Kathryn Scanlan, wrote this book using sentences and phrases from a diary she bought at an estate sale It s one of those five year diaries that has a page for each day divided into five years, with space to write just a few words The diary belonged to an octogenarian in a small Illinois town covering the years 1968 1972 The owner of the diary never says a word about events outside her little town Her world is made of people named Maude, Vern, and D The entries are short sentences like That puzzle a humdinger, Robin on nest today, Sorted plastic containers The book has a stoic tone, but for some reason it intrigued me I wish I knew the name of the owner of the diary, but then again, I probably w A small, quiet experiment about a life lived Day to day, storm to storm, death to death A special artifact I look forward to Scanlan s collection of brilliant short fiction This book just wrecked me Throughout the reading, I found myself jotting down ideas and fragments for my own pieces of flash poetry The ending So minimal and timeless and surreal and moving Makes you want to walk outside and write about the weather Unlike anything I ve read Can t wait to read it again once I have the physical copy Wow.
I m not even really sure how to categorize this It s labeled as fiction, but it s real pieces of an elderly woman s private diary nonfiction Honestly, I would have just preferred her transcribed journal This isn t even really the author s own writing rather than her favorite parts of the mentioned diary.
Glad there s room in the world for something like this Quiet and small, but beautiful A perfectly titled experience.
A Stark, Elegiac Account Of Unexpected Pleasures And The Progress Of SeasonsFifteen Years Ago, Kathryn Scanlan Found A Stranger S Five Year Diary At An Estate Auction In A Small Town In Illinois The Owner Of The Diary Was Eighty Six Years Old When She Began Recording The Details Of Her Life In The Small Book, A Gift From Her Daughter And Son In Law The Diary Was Falling Apart Water Stained And Illegible In Places But Magnetic To Scanlan NonethelessAfter Reading And Rereading The Diary, Studying And Dissecting It, For The Next Fifteen Years She Played With The Sentences That Caught Her Attention, Cutting, Editing, Arranging, And Rearranging Them Into The Composition That Became AugFog She Chose The Title From A Note That Was Tucked Into The Diary Sure Grand Out, The Diarist Writes That Puzzle A Humdinger, She Says, Followed By, A Letter From Lloyd Saying John Died The Th An Entire State Of Mourning Reveals Itself InCanned Hams The Result Of Scanlan S Collaging Is An Utterly Compelling, Deeply Moving Meditation On Life And DeathIn AugFog, Scanlan S Spare, Minimalist Approach Has A Maximal Emotional Effect, Remaining With The Reader Long After The Book Ends It Is An Unclassifiable Work From A Visionary Young Writer And Artist A Singular Portrait Of A Life Revealed By Revision And Restraint A strangely wonderful little treasure.
5 this was such a smart intriguing idea and it was executed somewhat well for me but still left me desiring a littleI think some will find what the book is telling and that s amazing because it truly is a great swift little read but I was personally not a great fan of it, it s so short and compact maybe I ll revisit it in the future Don t be discouraged by my review not all books are for all people I m declining to rate what comes across as an oddity because it isn t enough on its own It took about twenty minutes to read through this diary which was a real five year diary the author found and then manipulated into a year s worth of entries It was a step back in time to when my grandparents would have been about the same age as the diarist So the language is familiar, the illnesses of townsfolk and family sandwiched with how pretty the day might have been or how the snowflakes were falling If this sounds like I didn t like it, that s a wrong impression But it s an artifact of a time before and to me, that s all.

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