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Trailer Å In Focus Chakra Healing PDF by Ë Roberta Vernon Become A Complete Peaceful, Spiritual, Emotional, And Physical Individual With In Focus Chakra Healing This Essential Guide Provides In Depth Summaries About Each Chakra, Followed By Expert Advice From Roberta Vernon On How To Identify And Restore Blocked, Weak, Or Closed Chakras Through Common Holistic Approaches, Such As Crystal Healing, Color Healing, Astrological Healing, Essential Oils, And Magic HealingChakras Are Energy Centers In Our Bodies Whose Flow Monitor Our Internal Functions, Such As Health, State Of Mind, And Body Functions, As Well As Our External Environments, Like Alerting Us When A Place Feels Right For Us Or When It Makes Us Feel Uncomfortable However, The Six Major Chakras Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, And Crown Are Many Times Blocked Or Misaligned, Bringing About A Host Of Negative Ailments, Feelings, And Emotions Thankfully, Chakras Can Be Corrected Through Various Healing Practices Common Ailments Addressed OvereatingDigestive DisordersFatigueAllergiesEmotional StressPhysical StressHeadachesThe In Focus Series Applies A Modern Approach To Teaching The Classic Body, Mind, And Spirit Subjects, Using Expert Authors In Their Respective Fields And Featuring Relevant Visual Material To Smartly And Purposely Illustrate Key Topics Within Each Subject As A Bonus, AnXInch Illustrated Wall Chart Is Packaged Inside To Give Readers A Quick, Go To Reference Guide Containing The Most Important Information On The Subject, For Easy Practice And Retention This book has some good information about the chakras, but is not an in focus presentation as the title would suggest It also includes information on pendulums, reiki, crystals, astrology and the elements and other healing modalities that sometimes were explained in relation to the chakras, and sometimes not I would have preferred a truly In Focus book on chakra healing, as it is a great topic that doesn t need all the fluff and fill that I felt this book supplied Thanks to NetGalley for the review copy The opinions expressed are my own.
An excellent beginner book on chakras, what they are and how, when fully aligned what they can do for you and the way you feel It s full of information, very colourful and easy to understand It s a great book for those wishing to start to learnabout this field Really enjoyable book.

Today I m reviewing In Focus Chakra Healing Your Personal Guide by Roberta Vernon Generally I like to start out with a disclaimer I am an contemporary witch I look for the connection between magic and science without the need to search for a creator I receive no compensation for these reviews and all my links are standardlinks and not affiliate links I am a practicing photo reader and have spent the last 16 years honing my craft I offer personal readings by request and have a strong online history that boasts nearly 400,000 views.
I m going to begin with a review of the physical book My copy was a hard cover copy without a dust jacket that includes an 18 x 24 inch Chakra wall chart It is colorful and informative It tucks nicely into an envelope in the back of the book The cover is bright yellow with a dark black text that bounces off the I was given a free ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This book has such an amazingly awesome eye catching cover that you know if you saw it on a shelf you d be drawn to it This book is a wonderful introduction to chakra healing It starts by going over what the major and minor chakras are, then how to heal them in different ways Perhaps you like reiki That s here Or yourof a crystal type of person That s also in here You can also use colors and essential oils Then there is a chapter on healing emotional pain, followed by meditative chakra techniques There are wonderful illustrations and pops of color throughout the book that really make it engaging and fun to read and learn I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to learnabout this topic 5 out of 5 stars.

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