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Trailer Ð Annes Feelings PDF by Ð Kelly Hill I won a board book copy of this book from the publisher through an Early Reader giveaway they had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.
With all the adult KU books I ve been, of which 22 of my last 34 about 65% have been for Christian books, I had forgotten I entered the giveaway for this book, until I received it yesterday 6 11 19 Receiving this book my inner child could once again have a book to enjoy.
The feel of the board pages for the book brought me back to when I d been a very young child around 4 years old, and the very first books my parents had bought me, at a time when I would have easily torn the pages of a regular book The inspiration for this book, Anne of Green Gables , bought me back to when I was in the 4th grade and around 9 10 years old and had been once of the first books I ve read All in all zipping throu This is a lovely oversized board book with fabric illustrations Super cute, and a lovely way to introduce preschoolers to the character of Anne, as well as to talk about feelings I am enjoying this series, though I think this one even than the others requires some adult supplied context for the scenes, such as for the depths of despair.
I have been reading this series to my granddaughter and I was happy to read this book to her Again, she did not understand the Anne of Green Gables connection, but that did not stop her from enjoying the book This book shows scenes from the classic story and matches the feeling They included hopeful, scared, surprised, happy, angry and of course, the depths of despair I liked most of the scenes except, angry, where she is pictures holding a slate over Gilbert s head as if to hit him with it I had to explain to her that she couldn t hit people when she is angry She kept saying that Anne was going to hit him on the head because she was mad and then laughed This was enough for me to take this book down a couple of stars Having said that, I enjoy this series and I can t wait until she is old enough for me to read the early chapter books and the actual novels to and with her The illustratio

This little board book, page by page, takes a close look at the feelings of Anne of Green Gables Anne is hopeful Anne is in the depths of despair The illustrations are beautifully created using fabric and yarn, and give a lovely homespun look to the work Any fan of Anne of Green Gables will want this book on his her shelf.
This little board book is simple, but absolutely adorable It runs through various feelings, everything from the depths of despair to full of wonder , and shows iconic moments from the original Anne of Green Gables novel through unique embroidered illustrations.
Parents reading through this book with their children are likely to get a little out of it than the kids at this point Or maybe they ll just get something different out of it For kids, the takeaway is the various feelings that can be discussed For parents, the fun part is likely to be the nostalgia about the original story But this book could be a great way to introduce kids to the character and spark interest in reading her story perhaps when the See the full review here S FEELINGS features scenes from the iconic ANNE OF GREEN GABLES along with specific feelings, including hopeful, scared, surprised, happy, and excited and, of course, the depths of despair Older fans of the character will enjoy revisiting these scenes depicted through lovely embroidery photographed in the board book Younger characters will enjoy discussing and looking at the scenes and matched feelings The colors and fabrics are chosen so perfectly to create beautiful images.
What I loved The images are amazing, and the scenes are portrayed so well in this book There are also a variety of feelings to discuss and explore from surprise where Anne s hair is green to calm and hopeful Toddlers and adults alike will enjoy looking through the book and re connecting with the character of Anne What left me wanting The scene of Anne being angry shows her raising Anne with an E is my kindred spirit and has been since my mom introduced the books and the 1980s mini series to me My life, oddly, but delightfully, mirrors Anne s in so many ways So it should come as no surprise that, not only do I adore Anne s Feelings and feel delighted to be chosen to view an early copy, but I have also since purchased a hardcopy for myself Myself being an almost 40 year old woman with two sons that do not read board books much any Illustrations can make or break a children s book, and Kelly Hill outdid herself with this sweet series Each image is beautifully appliqued embroidered to tell about the feelings Anne experiences in her time at Green Gablessuch as, Anne feels Hopeful as she sits at the train station awaiting Matthew to pick her up Of the four Anne books by Hill, this one is, by far, my favorite.
This book is an absolute must for any A Must Have Board Book For Anne Of Green Gables Fans, With Charming, Hand Embroidered IllustrationsIconic Moments From The Beloved LM Montgomery Classic Are Celebrated In This Adorable Concept Book Artist Kelly Hill Creates Vignettes That Showcase Anne S Wide Array Of Feelings, Including Happy, Brave And, Of Course, The Depths Of DespairEach Feeling Is Brought To Life Through A Memorable Anne Scene, With Simple Text And Tactile, Gorgeous Works Of Art Created From Cut Fabric And EmbroideryPart Of A Series Of Anne Concept books, Anne S Feelings Is A Perfect Way To Introduce Future Fans To This Winning Character Anne s Feelings is another entry into Kelly Hills gorgeously illustrated picture books based on the Anne of Green Gables stories While previous knowledge of Anne s adventures is helpful, it is not necessary to enjoy this book While the book does a good job of explaining different emotions, it s not perfect I m not sure if young children, the audience for this book, can really grasp the concept of depths of despair Also, the illustration for anger includes Anne about to break her slate over Gilbert s head While this is an integral part of the Anne storyline, it might require an additional discussion with your children about anger and physical violence.
Overall, this is a solid board book The embroidered illustrations are a great touch and I really like the concept of introducing feelings and emotions early on in childhood The beginning was so promising with less common feelings such as hopeful and full of despair, that when the remainder of the book was the usual happy, scared, excited, I was a bit let down It would have been neat to see the entirety of the book use broader feelings, or to have these ones towards the end so that readers are left on a grander scale than when they started reading.

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