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[Norma Jean Haynes] Å Make Music! [writing PDF] Ebook Epub Download À Music Is For Everyone No Prior Experience Required Make Music Invites Kids And Families To Celebrate The Joy Of Sound With A Variety Of Inventive Activities, Including Playing Dandelion Trumpets, Conducting Percussion Conversations, And Composing Their Own PiecesMusician And Educator Norma Jean Haynes Brings The Pioneering Work Of Ann Sayre Wiseman And John Langstaff To A New Generation Of Kids AgedAnd Up, Focusing On The Playfulness, Spontaneity, And Creativity Of Music Kids Explore Rhythm With Clapping, Body Drumming, And Intonations They Learn To Create Found Sound With Kitchen Pots And Pans, The Sunday Paper, Or Even The Velcro On Their Sneakers And Step By Step Instructions Show How To MakeDifferent Instruments, From Chimes And Bucket Drums To A Comb Kazoo And A Milk Carton Guitar Working as a Children s Librarian, I have found that school aged children are using the libraryandoften for music education This book is full of useful information, fun photos, and creative learning activities I highly recommend this book for music drama teachers or librarians who want to start running musical programs.
I received this book, for free, in exchange for an honest review.
This book is a good catalyst for creating music projects with your child.
It shows you how to use your body and musical instruments you create to make music.
Some of the projects seemed less than amazingly interesting, but all in all this is a good book for giving you musical ideas.
Note I received an arc of this book from the publisher at ALA Annual 2019.
Make Music A Kid s Guide to Creating Rhythm, Playing with Sound, and Conducting and Composing Music is a fresh edition of this book for a younger audience by Norma Jean Haynes Ann Sayre Wiseman and John Langstaff It is currently scheduled for release on April 30 2019 Music is for everyone no experience required This book invites kids and families to celebrate the joy of sound with a variety of inventive activities, including playing dandelion trumpets, conducting percussion conversations, and composing their own pieces Kids explore rhythm with clapping, body drumming, and intonations They learn to create found sound with kitchen pots and pans, the Sunday paper, or even the Velcro on their sneakers And step by step instructions show how to make 35 different instruments, from chimes and bucket drums to a comb kazoo and a milk carton guitar I am reviewing this book for Haynes, Wiseman and Langstaff, Storey Publishing, and NetGalley who gave me a copy of their book for an honest reviewLiked the section on using your body to make music because sometimes at clubs we don t have instruments to hand etc and these ideas are fantastic who knew there were so many different claps There were also countless examples of instruments you can make yourself.
I can t wait to use some of these ideas with the kids I come into contact with.
This would be a great resource for any primary classroom or adult who is involved in teaching music with young children Full of creative ideas and theory explaining how each creation works there are links with science as well as the basic theory of music With each activity accompanied by instructions and photographs many of these ideas would be simple to implement in the classroom I would not hesitate to use most of these ideas in a classroom to ensure that children are engaged in an exciting and inspiring music curriculum.
Some people think that music is something that requires talent, practice, and expensive instruments While it is true that professional musicians usually need these things, this book points out that music is part of the human experience and you can create it from just about anything, including your own body This is a joyous romp that features instruments you can make yourself, and ways to use common household objects to create music Families will enjoy this, and music teachers should take note Mind you, a few of the instruments would require an adult s assistance, and no safety note are included, but who cares Music is for everyone, and it doesn t have to be expensive.

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