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[Peter Kosso] ä Appearance and Reality: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Physics [south-africa PDF] Ebook Epub Download Õ A little too technical for my liking.
Appearance And Reality An Introduction To The Philosophy Of Physics Addresses Quantum Mechanics And Relativity And Their Philosophical Implications, Focusing On Whether These Theories Of Modern Physics Can Help Us Know Nature As It Really Is, Or Only As It Appears To Us The Author Clearly Explains The Foundational Concepts And Principles Of Both Quantum Mechanics And Relativity And Then Uses Them To Argue That We Can Know Than Mere Appearances, And That We Can Know To Some Extent The Way Things Really Are He Argues That Modern Physics Gives Us Reason To Believe That We Can Know Some Things About The Objective, Real World, But He Also Acknowledges That We Cannot Know Everything, Which Results In A Position He Calls Realistic Realism This Book Is Not A Survey Of Possible Philosophical Interpretations Of Modern Physics, Nor Does It Leap From A Caricature Of The Physics To Some Wildly Alarming Metaphysics Instead, It Is Careful With The Physics And True To The Evidence In Arriving At Its Own Realistic Conclusions It Presents The Physics Without Mathematics, And Makes Extensive Use Of Diagrams And Analogies To Explain Important Ideas Engaging And Accessible, Appearance And Reality Serves As An Ideal Introduction For Anyone Interested In The Intersection Of Philosophy And Physics, Including Students In Philosophy Of Physics And Philosophy Of Science Courses Kosso seems to succeed in his goal to provide a response to the skeptical question about what we can know about reality based upon what quantum mechanics and the theories of relativity reveal It does well to distinguish the metaphysical from the epistemological and the subjective from the objective approaches to understanding and answering the question.

I thought this was a great book Practical explaination of modern physics and the philosophy of science.
Appearance and Reality is an excellent book on both philosophy and physics Author Peter Kosso explains how philosophy can help us understand what we can know through physics, as well as what we can t know, due to the unusual nature of quantum reality Kosso analyzes Einstein s theories of relativity and the major theories of the quantum world, all from a philosophical perspective He explains how some aspects of reality are absolute while others are relative, depending on the observers frame of reference He also explains how certain aspects of quantum reality are determinate while others are indeterminate until measured by an observer.
This is one of the best books I have read on both philosophy and physics, and science in general as well If you are at all interested in understanding what can be known about reality through the study of physics, this is the book to r

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