[ Pdf Two thieves and a puma Í rabat PDF ] by John Henry Reese ã nikeairmaxcheapuk.co

[ Pdf Two thieves and a puma Í rabat PDF ] by John Henry Reese ã

The Ad ReadThe One And Only JEFFERSON HEWITT Mr Fix It Himself REPAIRS Household Wares, Pots And Pans, Etc Made Like New, Unique Combination Of Solder And Rivets Finest Cabinet Work And Furniture Restoration Locksmith PORTRAIT ARTIST Your Likeness In Permanent Oil Crayon, Done In The Privacy Of Your Own Home The Ideal Gift For Your Loved Ones HEALING MASSAGE Jefferson Hewitt Treats Stiff Or Painful Rheumatic Joints By Manipulation Painless No Charge Unless You Are Relieved Of Your Agony THE ONE AND ONLY Many Imitations, But Only One JEFFERSON HEWITTJefferson Hewitt Had What It Took To Make A Good Detective Intelligent, Tough And Rootless, He Knew How To Make Useful Friends And Did Not Mind Making EnemiesAlf Whiting And Lionel Hethcutt Were Once Married To A Pair Of Sisters, But There The Similarity Between The Two Ex Soldiers Ends Brevet Brigadier General Hethcutt Is A Diminutive Egomaniac Whose Arrogance Keeps Him From Social Acceptance The Wealthy Owner Of The Lavish Bar H Ranch, He Spends His Time Counting His Money, His Cattle, And His Acres, Which Are Worked By Hired Hands In Contrast, Alf Rises Early To Toil Alone On His Spread, The Flying W The Former Sergeant Ekes Out A Precarious Existence As His Herd Mysteriously Diminishes And His Neighbor Hethcutt S FlourishesWhat Is The Secret That Locks These Two Mortal Enemies In A Deadly Feud Private Detective Jefferson Hewitt Finds The Professional Challenge Of A Lifetime When He Attempts To Unravel This Tangled Intrigue In Whose Shadows Lurk Enigmatic Orientals And An Opium Addicted Puma With A Taste For Blood

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