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[Kirsten Beyer] ð Star Trek [zimbabwe PDF] Ebook Epub Download à A New Adventure Tied Directly To Events From The Second Half Of The Hit CBS All Access Series First Season, Featuring All Your Favorite Characters Or, At Least, Versions Of ThemTen Years Before Kirk And Spock Set Off On Their original Five Year Mission, The Crew Of The USS Discovery Visited The Infamous Mirror Universe, And Didn T Like What They Found Now Journey Deeper Into The Alternate Reality, And Uncover About The Mirror Versions Of Michael, Saru, Ash, Paul, And Sylvia As They Learn That Succession Can Be A Truly Dangerous ConceptCollects The Four Issue Series And The Annual Succession is far superior to the previous Star Trek Discover comic mini series and is one of the best IDW Star Trek comics overall The plotting is very tightly paced and goes in some very surprising places, too It s not surprising at all that one of the creators Kristen Beyer is a writer on the show it truly feels like a natural continuation of the Mirror Universe episodes of season one of Discover The art by Tony Shasteen is a great balance of cartooning with on model character design The visual storytelling is very dynamic, too.
This graphic novel picks up right after the USS Discovery leaves the Mirror Universe, where we get to witness the aftermath of Gabriel Lorca s attempted coup and the interference of the Discovery It shows us just how bloodthirsty Mirror Universe and the Terran Empire really is, so than we have been able to see on any episode of Discovery, TOS, or DS9 I won t give away the twist ending, but let s just say looking back I should have expected it but it did take me by complete surprise when I read it.
I love these Star Trek Discovery comics There are not very many of them, but this one is great because it gives us the events in the mirror universe that season one leaves behind I am really enjoying Discovery and I hope they keep some great comics in the Discovery line This one also contained some great illustrations which is always a bonus I love mirror universe, but I am a beginner when it comes to supplemental Star Trek reading so I am sure there is a lot out there that take place in the mirror universe that I need to get my hands on.
This comic gives us a glimpse of the mirror universe, specifically what s happening with Mirror Burnham Georgiou is gone she s in the prime universe , so people assume she is dead Someone else is, Michael s cousin is on the throne, but there is treachery afoot In typical mirror universe fashion there are lots of twists and turns in the plot and the person who ends up as emperor isunexpected This was a fun read A pair of interesting stories The first details what happens in the Mirror Universe after Discovery s first season, and man, Airiam is stone cold So many people die in that story mostly at Airiam s hands , I m surprised the Terran Empire survives to Kirk s time.
The second story details how Lt Stamets discovered the mycelial network, how he met and got together with Dr Culber, and how he joined Starfleet It s a nice bit of background.
I m surprised how much I enjoyed this The first story, the succession after the death of Emperor Georgiou, was okay, interesting The second story, the discovery of the mycelial network and the staffing if the Discovery, was excellent I was all in Now to go check online to see if it s considered canon.
This is a really well put together comic with two stories from the Disco arc The mirror universe in the first story is great, as this is one of my favourite elements of all of the different Star Trek series I also enjoyed the story of how Stamets and Culber met and fell in love and how Tilly got her place on Discovery.
A vibrant, colourful, violent romp in the Discovery Mirror Universe Succession is special among Discovery comics because it can tell us new things about the characters and Mirror Universe, introducing big surprises that are somewhat limited in the Prime universe Disco comics while the show is ongoing It s great to see some of the secondary Disco characters particularly the women get major play in this plotline, from Mirror L Rell to Mirror Airiam to Mirror Cornwell.
I have never been a fan of the mirror universe in Star Trek, and this graphic novel did nothing to change my opinion on that subject Further, it creates definite canon issues within Star Trek Discovery itself, which is already the most disruptive show to Star Trek canon ever created.

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