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[Lou Dubose] Á Vice: Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency [zen PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¾ Incredible breakdown of the Machiavellian antics and maneuvers made by Dick Cheney, both in and out of the White House.
This was released while he was still V POTUS, and doesn t seem to be connected to the recently released masterpiece, VICE which rightly won Christian Bale a Golden Globe on Sunday night.
This book delves into a lot the movie wasn t able to get to The Iran Contra stuff is enough to blow your mind.
Recommended for poli sci and history geeks only.
quite good written before the Scooter Libby trial was concluded It almost felt good to read this as the history that it is, though certainly not behind id Almost a study in secrecy, huh Not the best written book I ve read in a while, but an some what expose on our Vice President In a nutshell, Cheney is an unhinged paranoid lunatic who hates democracy wrapped up in a body that looks like a mushroom Many people have suspected this already, but this book lays out the proof.
While we Americans have been blissfully unaware, Dick Cheney has spent the last 30 years of his life persistently working to undermine our constitutional system of checks and balances to enhance the power of the executive Cheney has his carefully hidden fingerprints on the sleaziest schemes that have plagued the Ford, Reagan, and Bush administrations Iran Contra, anyone , as well as a key role in destroying the moderate Republican wing He s also created a climate of fear and backstabbing that has Bush, his staff, and the Republican arm of congress forced to do his bidding

If you want to know what makes our current VP the person he is, then this is an excellent book It s amazing how much I learned about the man from reading this book I don t want to judge him here, but I will say the authors are the same people who wrote bushwacked , so that should give you a view into the slant of the book It was a very educational read and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see the true power behind the scenes.
My namesake is a scary control freak I d wanted to see the movie and when I saw the book listed I ordered a copy from the library This book is well documented and has all the information for a good story but unfortunately the authors don t seem aware of narrative nonfiction techniques So many people are mentioned, so many details, why not spend time and create something readable Good narrative nonfiction hooks a reader and pulls her in with story Sadly it s not part of this book I hope the movie is better than the book.
Bit slow, was subjective than I thought it would be initially.
Dick Cheney Is The Most Powerful Yet Most Unpopular Vice President In US History He Has Thrived Alongside A President Who From Day One Had Little Interest In Policy And Limited Experience In The Ways Of Washington Yet Cheney S Quiet, Steady Rise To Prominence Over A Span Of Three Decades Occurred Largely Behind The Scenes Now Veteran Reporters Lou Dubose And Jake Bernstein Reveal The Disturbing Truth About The Man Who Has Successfully Co Opted Executive Control Over The US Government, Serving As The De Facto Shadow President Of The Most Dominant White House In A Generation Cheney Has Always Been An Astute Politician He Survived The Collapse Of The Nixon Presidency, Finding A Position Of Power In The Administration Of Gerald Ford He Was Then Elected To The House Of Representatives, And Later He Earned A Spot In The Cabinet Of The First Bush Presidency But When He Became George W Bush S Running Mate, Cheney Reached A New Level Of Influence From The Engineering Of His Own Selection As Vice President To His Support Of Policies Allowing Torture As A Permissible Weapon In The War On Terror, Cheney Has Steered America Consistently Rightward In Vice, Dubose And Bernstein Uncover Startling Revelations, Including The Extraordinary Intimidation Of CIA Officials By A Vice President Bent On Obtaining Intelligence To Support A Foregone Conclusion The Invasion Of Iraq Details On Cheney S Secret Energy Task Force, Including His Meeting With Enron Chief Ken Lay Months Before Lay Was Indicted And How Cheney Went To Court To Erode The Powers Of Congress How Cheney Helped To Kill Diplomatic Overtures From Iran To Discuss Concessions On Its Nuclear Program Andpolicy Toward Israel Cheney S Role In Engineering Multibillion Dollar Military Contracts In Iraq To Benefit Halliburton, The Company He Once Ran Eyewitness Reports From Prominent Republican And Conservative Sources Who Go On Record For The First Time To Tell The Truth About How Dick Cheney Has Hijacked The American Presidency In The Words Of One Of Cheney S Colleagues From The House Dick Keeps His Own Counsel He S Completely In Control He S Completely Sure Of Himself In Everything He Does It S What Got Him To Where He Is Today The Most Powerful Vice President To Ever Hold Office It S Also What S Bringing About His Downfall In Vice, We Get An Unprecedented Expose Of How Cheney Operates And What His Vice Presidency Will Mean To America Now And In The Future Great read The Vice President is definitely a silent but forceful politician

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